Trudeau Says Canada Will Take Refugees banned in US


So not only has Trump made America great again, he’s made Canada worse.

Truly these are the best of days.




Trudeau has an end game…Trudeau actually is the mastermind behind a grandiose plan to save the Western world. Trudeau has recognized how dangerous Cultural Marxism is and has gone into overdrive to allow it to destroy Canada in 10-20 years. With Canada, a once extremely prosperous and resource-rich country crumbling the left cannot deny that it is none other than socialism and that the importation of incompatible third worlders will lead to the global downfall of nations. If Trudeau didn’t accelerate things in Canada the whole west would crumble simultaneously, but instead he is taking one for the team.

Or, he is just an idiot.


Ha ha, I go with “he is just an idiot”.


Trudeau can take them all in and learn what others Countries have learned about them , hide your women ! :laughing:


I second @BobCz888 - just an idiot.


Trudeau is just doing what he does best. The guy is literally the definition of what it means to be a cuck.


Trudeau is behaving as a true leader should. We as Americans should be proud to have such a fearless progressive as a neighbor to show us all how to behave in a global civilized world.


So says a communist who hates America.


If you let your enemies into your country, you win.


He is showing more leadership than our president.


: )


Apparently the people of Quebec do not agree.


Yeah this is either a false flag or another Muslim did this. Trudeau is going to try to use this as political rhetoric regardless of who the shooter was.


so sad.

and so unacceptable that anyone today does not possess the mental capacity to understand the need to support all beliefs.

i don’t even know you understand what you posted…



Wow ! And a day later violence ! Who would ever imagine something like that would happen when you extend your hand to them ? :laughing:


What a difference 8 months make…




LOL… The other souther border…

I can see the next Canadian election… A candidate emerges with the motto… “Build That Wall”…:rofl:


We have about 22 MILLION here illegally he can take them all when we deport their sorry asses !!!


Canada has deployed soldiers to erect tents near the U.S. border to temporarily house hundreds of asylum seekers crossing from New York state, officials said on Wednesday, an influx of mostly Haitians prompted by fear of deportation by the U.S. government.

Around 250 asylum seekers are arriving each day in Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s mainly French-speaking Quebec province. Quebec has opened its Olympic Stadium, a former hospital and a school among other places to house people.

Nonetheless, refugee advocates say the government is essentially encouraging people to come into the country — and to bypass the treaty — by setting up processing centers at popular illegal crossing points, and arranging for shelter.

On a recent visit to the border crossing in Champlain, N.Y., taxicabs arrived at the dead end of Roxham Road practically every 15 minutes, stopping a few feet from a ditch that separates the United States and Canada. The passengers clutched their luggage, ignored a “no pedestrians” sign and made the short walk into Quebec.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers are supposed to warn those arriving here that they will be arrested for breaking international law by crossing illegally. But one officer instead greeted the migrants with a simple question: “Are you from Haiti?”

Around 1,500 asylum seekers crossed into Quebec in July, up from 781 in June, Quebec officials said. Over 200 are now arriving every day, according to the Canada Border Services Agency, which said many were American children accompanying their undocumented parents.

But Jean-Pierre Fortin, president of the Customs and Immigration Union, which represents Canadian border service agents, said agents had told him that the number of people crossing was much higher than the government’s figures.