Trudeau Says Canada Will Take Refugees banned in US


I’m sure they will all be too busy moose hunting ! :laughing:


US needs to seriously look at a Northern border wall.

Instead of policing our borders, our military is setting up tent cities and assisting illegals in crossing into Canada.

Canadian taxpayers funding people that bypass the system.


Hey, you Canadians elected that pussy Trudeau. Only you can stop his foolhardiness. YOU build a damned wall! Not our problem!


Starting to feel like a world class gated community…


Beach… Beach… Beach… 'They don’t give me enough…:fu:


Stories like this really make me smile. Trudeau acted so holier than thou - welcoming everyone into Canada because “Trump” and “immigration enforcement” were so terrible that he had to be their leftist savior. Well…enjoy the consequences of being a virtue signaling media whore Trudeau. If he backs out now, he tarnishes his left wing image. If he let’s it continue he looks like an ineffective leader. So how the policies of the left work?


A socialist with a will to survive or someone who just got ‘woke’…