Trudeau sentences 2000 N. Koreans to DEATH


In January, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that those fleeing “persecution, terror & war, Canada will welcome you regardless of faith,” but a recent report indicated that his country has been deporting North Korean asylum seekers.
Canada has kicked out nearly 2,000 North Korean asylum seekers. These immigrants—who reportedly lied on their application forms—call the deportation notice a death warrant.
So this BS liberal that claimed to be tolerant, and professes open borders was a grandstanding bull$hit artist !!


Where is our reporting on this???


Does NOT fit their agenda !!! :roll_eyes:


Bc Best Korea is their latest adoration


What’s there to report, they were allowed in and LIED on their applications, shrug.


This guy defines the term virtue signaling. He tells these people to show up, they risk life and limb to escape North Korea…then Trudeau says just kidding: You Have To Go Back. He should have been honest. He didn’t want more Asians. Canada has enough. He wanted more Muslims.


I remember when the majority of “immigrants” that came to Canada were Swedes/Finns/Russians/Czechs trying to play in the NHL. No more.


Very odd that Trudeau is being criticized for deporting people who came into his country illegally given the rights own thoughts about that. :roll_eyes:


At least they filled out an application and didn’t jump over a fence !! :roll_eyes: So you feel they and ALL others that entered the Country under false pretenses must be deported then ??? :thinking:


This is rich watching the hate party anti immigrants feign concern about North Korean immigrants of all people. What a joke. Keep it going for the entertainment factor.


Trudeau is a bull$hit artist ! He claims he is willing to take ALL until they arrive ! Trudeau is making all that noise about Trump wanting to deport illegals and he IS deporting !! shrug :roll_eyes:


There you go again with the same old mime… where you attempt to connect the dislike for illegal immigration and the concern for over immigration with the goal of controlled, effective and efficient immigration. You still use the same old words even though it cost you the election in 2016… people are tired of the party of intolerance and division calling other people names…


What’s there to report again. People lied on their immigration papers and are being deported. When trump does this he’s great. CLEARLY this is just another hypocritical cheap shot at a liberal.


Very odd that the lunatic left lets Trudeau get away with it. In this country the President gets obstructed by activist judges for doing the exact same thing.


We’re discussing Canada. People lied on their immigration papers. You’d have no problem with the fat ass TIC deporting them, why the stink eye at Trudeau besides another partisan opportunity to jab a liberal hypocritically, hmm?


Some people are everyday pompom wavers for ‘Dreamers’ … I.E. Illegal Aliens who couldn’t even be bothered to register for the illegal program created out of whole cloth by Obama… shrug


So Trudeau sends immigrants packing that lied on immigration papers, and right wingers are upset, snicker.


The ones Trump is deporting NEVER bothered to fill out ANY papers !! shrug :roll_eyes:


Well not so fast Wild Bill… Yes, they lied on their applications… It would appear that the reason eludes the generous heart of Trudeau. If they had admitted that they had defected to S. Korea, they would have been sent back to S. Korea because according to those with enlightened wisdom see S. Korea as a safe haven but ‘anecdotal evidence’ says that N. Korea has… a presence in SKorea and were they found residing in that country, the families still residing in the north would be killed… so to insure that they did not remain in SKorea to be found out, they lied and said they came from China… a country that would persecute them. Not quite the economic migrants that we seem to be dealing with in the US. Perhaps you could point me to some information where the Trump administration has deported bonified asylum seekers into harms way?


The article says they"Reportedly " lied on their application. Where is the evidence???
These people have a Valid reason to leave NK.
I would support bringing them here because they will assimilate into our society unlike most of the Spanish speaking illegals and won’t be dependent.on taxpayers "Entitlements"
It also gives the Finger to Lil Kim who wouldn’t care anyway.