Trudeau sentences 2000 N. Koreans to DEATH


I’m not satisfied that Trudeau has to provide that, particularly to the anti immigration party that would defend the fat ass TIC if he committed murder on fifth avenue in broad daylight, let alone if he deported immigrants that lied on their immigration papers. Nope, this is NOTHING but a continuing attack on people of a different political persuasion. And anyway, it’s Canada and we haven’t a dog in the hunt. Don’t you think that we’ve got our hands full here Freedom?


We do but they have a real reason to come here. Freedom or Death. The Asians out perform most groups educationally and own alot of Mom and Pop Liqueur stores that are robbed and sometimes killed by Scum in the Hood.
If he said they lied ,let’s see the evidence of the accusations or is he in favor of taking in more Muslims where there could be terrorists or to be PC.
I’ll take 100 N Koreans over 1000 Muslims any day.


That’s just two of 24 ASAIAN GANGS authorities follow.


Oh but you are satisfied when Trump is blocked from kicking filthy illegal aliens out of the country. You seem very passionate about this issue but don’t give a fuck when non-Hispanics get kicked. Are you an illegal Monte?


Well when you get elected Prime Minister of Canada I bet you could do that.


SmartAss, MonteI wouldn’t be full of BS or PC like he is.


Why do you try to use the word immigrant as a replacement for Asylum seeker?


Are you really going to compare Asians with illegal Mexicans ??? 59% of Asians in America have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher . Their median household incomes are more than $85,000 . Despite the language disadvantage they quickly assimilate and are productive members of society . While illegals rarely finish high school 62% are at a ninth grade level or lower ,their median household incomes are less than $15,000 and almost all receive some type of assistance from our government . And best of ALL we never have to press 2 for Chinese !!! shrug :roll_eyes:


I’m just criticizing the notion that Trudeau is a bad guy for deporting people who lied on their immigration papers by a bunch of people who supported the TIC when he declared that he’d destroy a country of 25 million North Koreans. So you can stop pretending to care.


AND ONLY after lil kim threaten to nuke ALL of America , South Korea , Japan hundreds of times !!! Why do you think South and North Korea are talking now ?? When was the last time they talked ? shrug :roll_eyes:


But it’s Canada, I don’t understand the obsession.


We just love it when liberal asshole$ make fools of themselves by saying stupid PC BS and claim to be willing to take everyone into their Country when we ALL know they are full of $hit ! Trudeau said “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” he tweeted. What a load of bull$hit !!! Don’t you liberals get tired of making a$$e$ of yourselves ? Your good for a hardy chuckle ! :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Monte when will you admit Treaudeau lied .What is so take in.those NK.s Why are.Muslims.and others.prefered.over them .Is he afraid Lil Kim will threaten to send a missile into Vancouver??? Almost anything to give the finger to NK is preferred.


When will you admit that you don’t care about North Korean immigrants??

The report said a lawyer has met with officials in the country to appeal to the Minister of Immigration to allow these immigrants stay on compassionate grounds. There has, so far, been no reply.

Global News reported in November that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada sent out 150 letters to North Koreans in the country. The letter reportedly explained that the government had concerns about their applications.


Do you see the date in this?

Al Jazeera reported Sunday that since 2013, Canada has kicked out nearly 2,000 North Korean asylum seekers. These immigrants—who reportedly lied on their application forms—call the deportation notice a death warrant.

Canadians of Korean origin may be leery of voting Conservative since under that party’s rule, the government cracked down on a number of North Korean refugee claimants and deported them.

Trudeau became PM in 2015.


Btw Freedom, the UN doesn’t recognize North Korean refugee status due to the fact that South Korea recognizes their citizenship and they are allowed free immigration to South Korea.


Who cares what the UN recognizes or doesn’t recognize ,these people are seeking refuge from an Oppressive Communist govt and all countries should allow them in.
If Tredeau was any type of leader, he should allow them to reapply for residence status. By deporting them ,he is scoring points with NK and UNDERMINING President Trump actions towards Lil Kim
which is typical of Liberal govt to BACKSTAB the US.


Countries do what is in their own interests. For the most part the world leaders don’t care for Trump and are in no hurry to help him do anything. Fleeing North Koreans should head south not west.


You are evading about Trudeau Welcoming everyone to Canada, what they lied about on the application and if there is any evidence that maybe suppressed.
.President Trump has the courage to go his own whether anyone.likes it or not.They may not like him , but they’ll Kiss His Ass when they need his help.


Yeah yeah, we need ass kissers here.