Trudeau sentences 2000 N. Koreans to DEATH


Not really, it’s just that I’m more concerned with what’s going on in America, for what should be obvious reasons.


Monte, I to am concerned about what happens here,but when I see a leader say all are welcome and won’t divulge what they lied about is a bigger liar.
If you have proof of what they lied about ,show me.I see accepting these people as being defiant and giving Lil Kim the finger and not having them return to NK and face certain death. That is what a HUMANITARIAN is.
Maybe they made honest mistakes on the application and needed help. I don’t know. Stop being evasive about what I am asking.


Like I said yesterday, I don’t believe that the prime minister of Canada owes an American an explanation for anything he does.


No he doesn’t, but he is a LIAR and discriminating.against these people and shows how much his word is worth.They don’t deserve to be treated this way.I hope they have a home in a civilized country


But you don’t know that. Btw, I showed you earlier that North Koreans have been being deported since 2013, and North Koreans have been reticent to vote for conservatives due to their history of deporting North Koreans. It’s been a bipartisan effort.


You haven’t produced any evidence of what they lied about not has the Canadian Government that I’m aware of. If shown the evidence of what they lied about,I comments as a matter of HONOR


I’m an American down here. How am I going to produce anything that the Canadian government has. I showed you yesterday that the Canadian government since before Trudeau has deported North Koreans. It’s been a bipartisan effort.


If the Canucks are that open minded ,what are they trying to hide about the applications . Is there really a" Reformed.terrorist ??? Who else who trust an Arab Network. There’s about as much chance of a "Reformed “Terrorist” as there is a " Reformed " HRC.


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Who said they’re hiding anything.


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