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Tripe pure and simple nothing there ! Where is the beef ?


When the left is being investigated it’s a witch hunt and when the right is being investigated it’s a witch hunt. I’m so sick of my fellow Americans left and right impeding justice!!!


But we must coerce, threaten prosecution for anything and offer a dal which could result in lie to get anyone to say anything so they can continue to waste tax payer dollars. Isn’t the judicial system wonderful? The FBI can lie to you but you cannot lie to them without being prosecuted.


Who is actually impeding justice with respect to this administration? We have no less than 4 separate investigations going on simultaneously. Now when we look a a lot of things that went on in the Obama administration, their appears to be a lot of people willing to just ignore the many things that should be looked at.

The one thing I would think that you would find disturbing but because of what appears to be a blind and totally colored opinion of Trump, you can’t see that part of the push to ‘seek justice’ is little more that an effort by the establishment machine to overturn an election that they did not like and at the same time working tirelessly to prevent their own house of cards from collapsing on their heads… Those people seem to be rather embedded in the very system that you say you would like to see the back of … whats up with that?


Who are you kidding you sleep with the progressive side on most things .


No I don’t, it’s just that this forum is overwhelmingly fringe right and I don’t sing to the choir. If I was a partisan lefty, I’d not call for HRC to be locked up, nor would I criticize Obama’s disastrous foreign policy, or bitch about the DNC’s unethical behavior, or all the balless Democrats that looked the other way when Obama was violating international law in Libya and Ukraine. Sorry bro, but unlike you, I want ALL corruption stopped, not just corruption in one party!!!


I would say… to be fair, that you have made comments from time to time about all of those things but the gusto to pursue them is… lacking. As far as the partisan lefty comment, the left has become fractured just like the right. Whatever Hillary represents to the Democratic party, she is not a Bernie Sanders so one can be very partisan to the far left of the democratic party and still not relate to another part. You however seem to not see that in the people on here who would be considered right of center. Their are Christian Fundamentalists who I might agree with in personal moral behavior but find no place for it in government… Our options on the constitution in some areas would be chalk and cheese… Like I said at the beginning, you may want all corruption to end but some corruption is less important to you than others and I would say that it falls pretty much on party lines…


Not sure what you mean or are asking there??


You seem at home using left wing progressive phrasing “overwhelmingly fringe right” I don’t know if you have noticed the extremist on left have begun eating their own after the election and now the party is ready to bury the Clinton’s ?


And poor little Stevie John is the ONLY non- partisan poster . :wink::laughing::laughing::wink: quack ,quack …



There’s an overwhelmingly fringe left too!!! And right now, both parties are eating their own. Graham, Steele, Corker, McCain, Bush et al. Have all been hugely critical of Trump, they all have questioned in one fashion or another Trumps ability to serve his office. And what does the BOD’s do, those people that would look the other way if Trump murdered someone on fifth avenue, they tear them to shreds and eat them. All of you here have said horrible things about them. Why, because the “god emperor” MUST NOT be questioned.

Look, if this investigation of Mueller’s uncovers crimes committed by democrats as well, then by all means, let’s prosecute them too!! If Donna Brazil, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Hillary Clinton go to prison for crimes they committed, I’m rejoicing that justice has been served. And my hope will be renewed that we’re finally going to confront our corruption.

And if Manafort, Sessions and Jr. go to prison as a result of the investigations conclusions and prosecuted so, then I’m also rejoicing the same. Because unlike you, I want all corruption in America confronted wherever it exists. I’m sick of watching it go ignored in both parties my entire life now.


It is overtly clear that you aren’t a great fan of keeping up you news on the other side of the isle except when sites like the Daily Kos and Slate alert you to a talking point with which to claim superiority but those folks you have mentioned that caught hell for trashing Trump… they have all been on the radar of some for far longer than trumps candidacy…
Corker was instrumental in getting Obama’s Iran deal threw… and it didn’t make him very popular with a large number on the right. Graham and McCain have been known Rinos for years. Don’t lay their lack of popularity off on the disrespect they show this president, they haven’t been particularly liked by anyone for a long time. Plenty of people were critical of Bush’s incursion into Iraq and kind of understood his constitutional compass over the Patriot Act and Medicare part D… but perhaps you didn’t read that paper.


As if Mueller would ever venture into that area. Not likely.


Well he doesn’t have to look very far ! The real problem with that is HE is involved in the very collusion he is investigating ! It appears ALL the dirt is slowly coming out and the democratic party is eating their own these days ! Surely even little Stevie John can see that fact ! :laughing::wink::laughing: quack ,quack …



How could he , he is part of the collusion !


Comey covered up the gross negligence in Hillary email case .


And being ‘Grossly Negligent’ by reason of stupidity or laziness or inattention is not a get out of jail free card. The statute is pretty clear… you can’t make it go away because you had a dizzy spell one day…



If Mueller actually had any clear evidence of ‘collusion’ he would not be wasting time and taxpayer money by ‘squeezing’ people to say something just to save their own backsides… Seems a lot of prosecutors operate that way… and eventually new … real … evidence comes up to implicate the poor practices of the prosecutor. Do you hate Trump so much that you will settle for coerced testimony to eject him from office?..


This seem to be the norm all most everyone involved in this probe failed to file the paper work . Podesta , Manafort
The evidence relates to Flynn’s lobbying work throughout the latter half of 2016 — while he was a top Trump campaign surrogate — for a businessman with ties to the Turkish government. Flynn did not register with the US Justice Department as a foreign agent until March 2017.