True Collusion - Uranium One


So far. But who knows (here anyway) what else Mueller’s compiling.


ALL roads lead to Hillary and the dems ! It is inescapable ALL the compiling of FACTS will show a corrupt FBI , corrupt Obama cartel and a GULITY Hillary !!! There are 145,000,000 reasons why … quack ,quack …


Just in …Sessions directs prosecutors to ‘evaluate certain issues’ involving Uranium One and Clinton, leaves door open on special counsel
Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate “certain issues” requested by the House Judiciary Committee, involving the sale of Uranium One, alleged unlawful dealings related to the Clinton Foundation and the FBI, leaving the door open for an appointment of a special counsel


The House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the attorney general demanding that he appoint a special counsel to investigate alleged wrongdoing by Clinton in the controversial sale of a uranium company to Russia


So what!! That was state department business executed according to established state department protocols. Now you may not like it, you may think it was stupid for the US to allow a hostile nation to acquire a company with uranium assets in the US, but it’s not illegal. Furthermore, while the Bannon wing of the White House may apply sufficient pressure to get an investigation underway, it will be tepid at best and it WILL NOT lead to prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

CNN) During the presidential campaign, President-elect Donald Trump pledged to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, would join crowds of his supporters in chants of “lock her up!” and said to her face during a debate that if he were president, “you’d be in jail.”

But now that he actually will be president, Trump says he won’t recommend prosecution of Clinton, who he told New York Times reporters has “suffered greatly.”

Oh, and Fox News’s Shep Smith tells it right!

“The accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale,” Smith said. “She did not. A committee of nine evaluated the sale, the president approved the sale, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and others had to offer permits, and none of the uranium was exported for use by the U.S. to Russia. That is Uranium One.”


Shepard Smith the CNN plant ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Rosatom’s 2010 purchase had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. That committee, known as CFIUS, is made up of officials from nine federal agencies, including the State Department, which [Secretary] Clinton ran at the time.”
The FBI had evidence that Russia had used bribery and extortion to expand Moscow’s atomic energy footprint in the United States.
The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions,"
Before Bill Clinton traveled to Russia to give a $500,000 speech in the summer of 2010, he asked for permission to meet a key Russian nuclear industry official, WHY ??
Bill Clinton met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at Putin’s private estate , WHY ?
The Obama administration approved the purchase of Uranium One roughly four months after Bill Clinton’s trip to Russia. It did so despite the FBI having substantial evidence of a massive bribery, extortion, kickback, and money laundering scheme against the U.S. nuclear industry, WHY ??


Looks like Fox News viewers have their knickers knotted up. They’re not use to such plain talk and facts as Shep gave them. :joy::joy::joy:

Shep Smith commits an act of journalism on uranium ‘scandal,’ and Fox News viewers are outraged

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith debunked what his own network has called the Hillary Clinton uranium “scandal,” infuriating Fox viewers, some of whom suggested that he ought to work for CNN or MSNBC.

Smith’s critique, which called President Trump’s accusations against Clinton “inaccurate,” was triggered by renewed calls from Republicans on Capitol Hill for a special counsel to investigate Clinton.


There’s no story here and HRC DOES NOT GET PROSECUTED for this, period. Why not take her on for the real crimes like Benghazi (the real crime committed their not Trey Gowdy’s wet dream) and the crimes in Syria and Ukraine??


The fact that the sale was legal says nothing about the $500000.00 speaking fee or the $145 million in donations to the foundation ? Can you say pay to play or bribery ?

The Clinton Foundation continues to be the subject of a great deal of controversy long after Hillary Clinton lost her election to Donald Trump.

The most recent stems from the Obama administration’s controversial approval of a Russian company’s purchase of Uranium One. That purchase gave Russia control of 20% of the uranium in the United States.

While that deal was under consideration, however, the Justice Department was investigating a series of criminal acts inside the U.S. committed by Russian nuclear officials, including bribery, extortion and racketeering.

In addition, they uncovered evidence that Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, creating the appearance, at least of a conflict of interest, since Hillary Clinton, who was then Secretary of State, signed off on the Uranium One purchase.

When Hillary Clinton agreed to be Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term, she promised her distance from the Clinton Foundation. The foundation also agreed to limit foreign donations.

Both agreements were for good reasons. Foreign officials and governments were big donors to the Clintons’ family foundation, and there were concerns in the Obama administration about conflicts of interest between the foundation and Hillary Clinton’s work at Secretary of State.

Clinton Global Initiative to shut down, lays off 22 as donations dry up
The Clinton Global Initiative has terminated 22 employees and will soon become another casualty of the 2016 election season.

CGI, which opened in 2005, will officially close April 15, 2017. Paperwork filed with the New York Department of Labor Jan. 12 confirmed the “discontinuation,” along with the termination of 22 employees. The Jan. 12 filing makes permanent plans issued Aug. 22 by former President Bill Clinton as the family attempted to extricate itself from any conflicts of interest.
CGI was criticized prior to the Nov. 8, 2016, election when stolen emails belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta detailed some of the group’s inner workings. WikiLeaks documents revealed Teneo co-founder Douglas Band discussing ways his consulting firm secured lucrative deals for Mr. Clinton.

“There is no way under any circumstance that The Clinton Foundation should be operating if she is elected president,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said during an Oct. 27, 2016, interview on The Steve Cochran Show. “I don’t see how they can keep that going. I just don’t.”
Clinton Foundation umbrella (including the Clinton Health Access Initiative, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Development Initiative, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative). The CGI is not the same thing as the Foundation itself,

The email server is a crime unto it’s self !


None of this is going anywhere. Distractions from the Trump campaign investigations is all that is. And on another planet where this could land HRC in hot water, IT STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MUELLER’s INVESTIGATION INTO the TRUMP CAMPAIGN. That still marches on.


Mueller is up to his nose in this mess !
He was head of the FBI during the Obama / Clinton fleecing of America Great Wall Street cover up !


Yeah, nobody believes that. Sorry but republicans have had mostly high praise for Mueller and were approving of his pic for the job. And they are concerned enough by the impetuosity of the TIC to have created two bipartisan pieces of legislation to protect Mueller from him. :wink:

The Special Counsel Independence Protection Act introduced in August by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, and Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse would require a panel of federal judges to review any executive decision to terminate a special counsel.

The Special Counsel Integrity Act, introduced around the same time by North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, would create a similar review process to ensure that the special counsel was only removed for “good cause.” For those who think it’s unconscionably far-fetched to imagine Trump ordering Mueller’s removal, Trump sure didn’t seem pleased that Tillis was introducing this bill.



I like the way the left deflect… and they always say that anything but their deflection is in fact the diversion from the real problem… We will find that Fusion GPS is operating as a foreign agent and they received direct payments for not only the DNC but the Clinton campaign and Obama. Their is one joker on this forum who arm-waves consistently about the corruption that permeates Washington and both parties but defends them to the end as long as they are singing his progressive song…

It’s like this thing with Moore… It is obvious to least intuitive on this forum that the ‘year book’ stunt was a fraud and rather than demanding the fraudsters head on a stick… they hang in there with their most partisan of positions… Too Funny… (Snicker)…


Yea establishment politicians covering their collective asses !
Hillary was suppose to win now the shit is in the wind !


Shrug, imagine if the left were as outraged at Bill Clinton for the things he did, maybe jus a littl indignation. Yet not a word.


No no, Hillary was never suppose to win, and aside from the fact that I’m stuck for the time being with the TIC, I’m delighted that she didn’t.


Seems that Shepard Smith’s monologue has been well picked apart as being … short on relevant facts … FOX News is changing and the people who have watched it in the past need to be aware that the younger Murdochs see things differently than their father…


No, you cannot. That hasn’t been proven and it WILL NOT be proven. Only under increasing pressure from crybabies in the GOP did sessions agree to look at this, but he’s placating loud voices in the GOP pissed about the progress (and therefore threat) of the Mueller investigation.


First of all, it’s not as though this is uranium setting on our shelves that’s now tagged Russian. This isn’t even mined uranium, it’s still deep in the earth. Furthermore NO permits have been issued (and unless Trump does his buddy Putin a favor, none will be) for exportation of uranium for Russia. So the uranium stays in the ground unless Russia wants to sell it to the United States. Further, the Canadian company that sold out to Russia had many more assets in five countries around the world including Kazakhstan which is Russia’s chief interest in the acquisition.

There is no story here! And brietbart fact checking a story that their own chief editor cashed in on in “Clinton Cash” is well…laughable.

For all your desperation. There WILL NOT BE ANY PROSECUTION HERE!!!


Mueller investigation, ROTFLMAO.

Next up, ham sandwich indictment any day now.

One would think any person that views a witch hunt as a investigation certainly is a partisan hack. Indicting people for issues 10 years ago trying to force them to lie to get a break certainly should be of concern but for the left, maybe not.