True Collusion - Uranium One


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Mueller is up to his nose in this mess !

Well, you and Bannonites (the BOD’s) may believe that, but even the presidents chief White House counsel trying to defend him has high praise for Mueller and his team.

Cobb’s guidance, the White House posture has been full cooperation with the investigation. He also praised the investigative team itself.

“I think it’s been highly professionally done. And I think they have moved with an alacrity that they’re proud of and that the American people can be proud of,” said Cobb.

Well, objective Americans may be proud of Mueller, those interested in justice anyway.


Typical for a hard hitting investigative reporter with a slant to the left .
Half truths , Lies , innuendo , and extremist left options given as facts !


Lol… moving with determination and speed says nothing of the ethics or purpose. Mueller might not be wasting any tax payer money by malingering but what he is looking at might be considered outside the scope and wasteful…


Bills one half of a MILLION Dollar pay day cannot be disputed !

Hillary Clinton sought to tamp down reports about her opposition to Russia sanctions that coincided with a speech her husband gave in Moscow that landed him half a million dollars.

Hillary Clinton opposed Russia sanctions in 2010 when her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was paid to give a speech at the Russian bank Renaissance Capital, Fox News reports.

The bank was connected to the fraud case that led to the sanctions posed by the Magnitsky Act, and after the former president gave the speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin called him to say thanks.

This story did not receive much attention while President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were pursuing their Russian “reset,” but Hillary Clinton’s campaign took pains to prevent the story of Bill’s speech from getting out. In 2015, campaign operatives were able to prevent a mainstream media outlet from reporting on it.

“With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow,” Jesse Lehrich, who was part of Hillary For America’s Rapid Response Communications team, said on May 21, 2015.

As far as pay to play the Clinton’s have never turned down a buck !
The facts cannot be disputed !

The principal Uranium One donor to the Clinton Foundation was Frank Giustra, an investor who had divested himself of a stake in the company three years before the sale. The New York Times reported that in 2010 a Russian bank paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 to address a conference in Moscow and that Ian Telfer, another Uranium One investor, donated $1.3 million to $5.6 million to the Clinton Foundation during and after the interagency review.

All told, $145 million went to the Clinton Foundation from those linked to Uranium One and UrAsia, but it went to the charity organization and not the Clinton family. Furthermore, most of those donations occurred before and during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, according to The Post.

Assessment: Yes, the foundation received money and Bill Clinton was paid to give a speech, but there’s no evidence the Clintons were paid by Russians to push through the uranium deal.


These are the things the left bites at and clings on to. They know if they give up the narrative to truth, not only will their party come apart… many of its ‘leaders’ will end up in jail…


Giustra has since committed more than $100 million to the work of the Clinton Foundation, becoming one of the largest individual donors to the family’s charities. The Uranium One chairman, Ian Telfer, used his family charity, the Fernwood Foundation, to make his donations to the partnership.
The Times reported that the $31.3 million donation came after Mr. Clinton accompanied Mr. Giustra to a dinner with the president of Kazakhstan; days after that dinner Mr. Giustra finalized a lucrative uranium mining deal in the Central Asian republic. Aides to former President Bill Clinton helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation, despite a pledge of transparency when Hillary Rodham Clinton became secretary of state.
The foundation said the arrangement conformed with Canadian law. But it also opened a way for anonymous donors, including foreign executives with business pending before the Hillary Clinton-led State Department, to direct money to the Clinton Foundation.
Following the deal, Giustra’s new company, UrAsia, was considered one of Canada’s hottest new mining ventures. The next year, Giustra made a $32.7 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.
In 2007, Giustra sold UrAsia to a company called Uranium One, chaired by an old friend, Ian Telfer. Giustra, who had retained stock in the company, sold nearly all of his interests shortly after that. Still, Giustra and Telfer are a focus of the soon-to-be-released book “Clinton Cash” because of their role in the firm, which several years later was sold to a Russian state-owned company.
The sale gave the Russians control of uranium deposits around the world, including several mines in the United States.


@imjimo you’re “kicking at the pricks” dude. There will be no prosecutions! As noted in the Menendez trial, quid pro quo’s are an exceedingly hard thing to prove. The GOP is in control of both houses of congress and the White House, if the senior leadership were concerned about this, they would be doing something, that little pimple faced freshman can scream and yell all he wants, this is a nothing. If the GOP really wanted to put Hillary Clinton in prison, it would be for things like Benghazi, Tripoli and Kiev. Perhaps her cheating the primary system in 2016.


The once mighty peoples party is a shill today !
A shill for both main stream and fringe special interest !
Deeply indebted wall street and elitist globalist W.T.O efforts and bathroom monitors .
Introduced by Bill Clinton when he proudly proclaimed that America was to become a service industry !


True enough, and Bill Clinton facilitated the end of Glass Stegal that resulted in the biggest recession since the Great Depression. And George Bush did nothing to prevent the giant sucking sound East after China joined the WTO in 2001.

Between 2001 and 2009 the U.S. lost 42,400 factories and manufacturing employment dropped to 11.7 million, a loss of 32 percent of all manufacturing jobs. The last time fewer than 12 million people worked in the manufacturing sector was in 1941.


Really is that why CHuckie can block anything and everything he chooses?


It’s about TAXES stupid !
Ireland has benefited from $277bn (£182bn) of US direct foreign investment in the past two decades – gaining more from American firms than Brazil, Russia, India and China combined. Over 800 US businesses moved to Ireland because of the 12% tax rate .


And what party might that be. Americans have had two parties to choose from for almost ever, shrug.


It is interesting when it comes to party affiliations… some people like to claim impartiality as if neither party matters to them … well, until those parties challenge the direction away from the socialist Utopia that they dream about… then parties matter. I think that identifying party affiliation on ads and ballots should be outlawed… let people start listening to the words and remembering who said them, than just looking for the ‘D’ or ‘R’ to define their political alignment.


Bill Clinton was part of the problem to be sure wasn’t he. But he has been gone nearly 20 years and Trump is at the helm now, with both houses of congress. Now we can’t help the fact that he’s not a uniter, but a divider, that it doesn’t bode well when you openly/publically attack the senate majority leader, your AG, you’re SOS, and virtually any other republican that doesn’t kiss your ass. Its no secret that the GOP doesn’t like Trump, but they’re trying to move an agenda and he’s all they’ve got. So they tolerate his tweets, his amateurish ways, his school yard tactics and mouthiness. l mean, what else can they do?


Of course some people will gladly lay the entire problem at Trumps feet coming up with idiotic comments like ’ He’s suppose to be a uniter’… Of course he and the deplorable’s who elected him are the antithesis of the people including those who oppose him in his own party, who created most of the problems we have in foreign policy, trade, debt, budget and just about every other thing. He has of course been held responsible for allegations that have yet been unproven but hamper his conversation with the wider public… the press do not give him favorable press regardless of what he says and regardless of what he says… those swamp creatures are their to insure that he fails… of course its his fault. :roll_eyes:
I wonder why he felt the reason to publicly attack all of those people… perhaps they just weren’t cooperating… I will concede that some of his twitter commentary is unnecessary but when you have an openly hostile press… What Ya Gonna Do…


Stop talking about Breitbart that way. :blush:


Startling Report Finds Evidence Democrats May Have Attempted To Influence 2016 Election

WASHINGTON—Revealing that newly discovered ads and online articles could have been part of a coordinated campaign, a startling new report released Friday found evidence that Democrats may have attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election. “Although it’s unclear if the efforts had any impact, it seems plausible that a loosely connected series of social media posts and grassroots word-of-mouth campaigns about the 2016 election could have originated in the Democratic Party,” said report author Michelle Lipkin, citing several clandestine pro-Clinton ad buys on Facebook and a small-scale, mostly ineffectual anti-Trump research endeavor that was indirectly traced back to several DNC donors. “It’s shocking in the least to discover the DNC dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars to shape the American democratic process; however, we are confident this hidden attempt at influencing the election had little to no effect on the final vote totals.” Lipkin also warned it was entirely possible that the Democrats might attempt to interfere in the 2020 election as well.


When I read that, I took it as satirical of course but when you put it together with their connection with Fussion, The Clinton Foundation, a collaborative effort by the media and of course Obama’s Organize For Action who had to have its fingers in the mix… it gets less political and much more sinister…


Sometimes the satirical hits to close to home.


Well we ALL know Stevie John is 100% PHONY ! Stevie John is quick to point out failures on those on the right BUT chooses to ignore the mountain of failures and illegal acts of the left , a true blue hypocrite !