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Save/John is an independent.

He supports bernie and his endeavors who is an independent.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: NICE TRY !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Bernies an independent, John is a Bernie supporter making him a pseudo independent.


And we all know how dumb Bernie was , six coin flips in a row … :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Bill Clinton was a shill for the global oligarchy . The same global oligarchy that have corrupted our congress for sixty years !

Wake up hasen’t a boss at some point in your working life chewed on your ass for doing something that displeased him or her ?


You describe the near entirety of the Democratic and Republican parties. 400K factories left the United States during the Bush administration. Stop being so partisan about it. They all are fucking us over. Do you REALLY want something different??? Do something different!!!


Yet another ‘strategic’ leak…???


And what do you think Trumps up to here???


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Look who is preaching about being partisan !!! :laughing::laughing:
Actually we lost over 800 PLUS factories to Ireland alone because of , wait for it …wait for it …TAXES !!! QUACK ,QUACK …IT’S ALL ABOUT TAXES STUPID ! :wink:


Shining the searchlight of truth on a corrupted justice department !


You know that I am not partisan !
But what are you ? Republican , Democrat , Socialist , Communist , Anarchist , pick a side , a person , a platform and stand for something . At this point you appear to be against everything and for nothing . Just picking apart and not offering a different or better way forward .


B I N G O … ! We have a winner !!!


Why must one do that. Being independent reigns. Independent candidates present the way forward, something new, one only needs to get behind them. Do you not pic apart the Democratic Party. What do you promote as new or the way forward, the Republican Party, that’s been half the problem all this time? :joy::joy::joy:


Stevie rather pick a LOSER like him , then he can whine , and whine and whine , booooo hoooooooo ! :laughing::laughing:


OK you are a Independent pick a candidate and then a policy or platform and stand with it them .
All I have seen from you is a plethora of anti American / GOP and some Democratic past policy’s .


You can’t pin down a snake that easy ! Stevie John loves to pot shot . :laughing::laughing:


Pretty amazing that people just so happen always buy the cheapest junk, made in China vs. made in the USA.

And you believe Bush was responsible or possibly could it have been American consumers???


In 1965, manufacturing accounted for 53 percent of the economy. By 1988 it only accounted for 39 percent, and in 2004, it accounted for just 9 percent. Thank you NAFTA and Slick Willie !


It’s congress, both parties that have enabled the fee trade agreements to move forward.


Trump, relative to the republican party is an ‘independent’… Join me in voting for his agenda again in 2020? I didn’t think so…