True Collusion - Uranium One


The problem here is that the electorate are looking a the affects of these ‘free trade’ agreements and think that it was just an accident of policy that caused these bad results…


That is the point Americans don’t have the luxury of choosing between American made and made in China consumables !
The deck is fixed it’s buy what we the importers want to sell you or don’t buy at all !
So what is made in the U.S.A. these days?
This is from a 2009 post but not much has changed .

The United States sold more than $200 billion worth of aircraft, missiles and space-related equipment in 2007, and $80 billion worth of autos and auto parts. Deere, best known for its bright green and yellow tractors, sold $16.5 billion worth of farming equipment last year, much of it to the rest of the world.

Then there are energy products like gas turbines for power plants made by General Electric, computer chips from Intel and fighter jets from Lockheed Martin. Household names like GE, General Motors, International Business Machines, Boeing and Hewlett-Packard are among the largest manufacturers by revenue.

The United States makes things that other countries cannot. Today, “Made in U.S.A.” is more likely to be stamped on heavy equipment or the circuits that go inside other products than the televisions, toys, clothes and other items found on store shelves.

U.S. companies have shifted toward high-end manufacturing as the production of low-value goods has moved overseas. This has resulted in lower prices for shoppers and higher profits for companies.

About 12.7 million U.S. workers, or 8 percent of the labor force, still held manufacturing jobs as of last month. Fifty years ago, 14.6 million people, or 28 percent of all U.S. workers, were employed in factories. The numbers - though painful to those who lost jobs - show how companies are making more with less.


Americans in general are no longer able to see the impact of decisions made today.

Critical thinking skills no longer exist in the masses as it’s all about me.

Government decided it was better to pass our manufacturing to other countries to assist in stabilizing their governments, i.e. China and creating a service economy in the US. Little did the realize that the cheap imports would be cheaper to buy new than repair. Did hey understand the open borders would cause wage inequality with the flood of entry level labor? Did they realize endless supply of labor would include brick layers, construction workers, all willing to work for less than US, etc.? The decisions on healthcare made carelessly with the ACA so little thought the th impact.

The new tax plan, cuts in taxes with little done to cut pending ensuring future increases in taxes in the future, clearly not well thought out as they pat each other on the backs.

Did the Fed realize their stimulus would destroy savings of the middle class with ZIRP while the wealthy invested more in the market?

Just a few of the actions in the US. So much done so little thought to the impact to the country.


The problem is we are trying to compete with Countries that pay $2.00 per hour worked , and could care less about pollution , the environment or their work force . We on the other hand are burden with hundreds of regulations and agencies that hinder production . And then there is the big push to continually raise the minimum wage . All of which makes it impossible to overcome all those obstacles ! Those on fixed incomes want very cheap product and could care less about the 10 year old Chinese girl force to work long hours . And our politicians don’t get a shit either , liberals pretend to care about human rights but are fully aware what their " FREE" TRADE really costs !


Been doing that every election cycle for years.


So have I, to include Ron Paul and Ross Perot… but regardless of what, Ron Paul and were I old enough at the time Berry Goldwater would have had an ‘R’ by their names… Ralph Nader never got a look in and neither did Johnson. So I guess you pick people who are independent that look more like ‘D’s’ or in the case of Sanders as ‘Super D’ and I like the more ‘R’ variety. I would suggest that the ‘R’ variety is closer to the constitutional values that I look for, although the word ‘Constitution’ comes up less and less in party platforms…


I would suggest that we have created our own problems in some respect. Of course we want clean air and water… it requires at some level, regulation but we are indeed vastly over regulated, not only from the environmental standpoint but from the worker safety standpoint. Wages, asset and commodity prices in the US are very artificially manipulated. A home for instance costs considerably more because of Federal Reserve Actions. These prices that have been push up artificially are not allowed to drop as would happen in a normal market. The change of asset pricing method after 2008 from ‘mark to market’ to the ‘mark to fantasy’ method made sure that mortgage companies that foreclosed on delinquent buyers would not suffer for their poor loan decisions and as a result held housing prices up and out of the reach of lower income but qualified buyers.

As far as wages go, the push from the bottom in the form of minimum wage isn’t the only pressure. We have had considerable upward pressure on wages from unions. Their are a lot of reasons that this happened and a lot of excuses too but government involvement in business has been the number one contributor to compensation packages of the fortune 500 businesses. Were in not for that crony association, CEO pay packages would not be what they are.

While you rightly point out our labor law differences with other countries, our free trade agreements and not insisting on a level playing field has done us considerable damage. China insists two things of any foreign business that wants to operate in China… 1) The foreign business MUST be partnered with a local company and 2) Technology must be shared with the state. Given that currently the service industry that was suppose to sustain our manufacturing decline has been copied and reverse engineered, we don’t have many products left to sell… Ever see China’s modern military equipment… it looks a lot like our top line equipment…

P.S… Those on fixed income are hard pressed to earn a steady ROI that competes with inflation by carrying simple bank deposits… courtesy the FED…

Their is a lot of pressure on lower wage workers made worse by unchecked immigration policy…


The Bernie Bot lives.


It simply boils down to free trade is NOT free and stocking shelves doesn’t take much skill and doesn’t command $15 an hour !
Other Countries like Japan blatantly tell us we have those produces so we need NOT buy them from YOU . Many of our so-called trading partners have their government subsidize their businesses , we tax our businesses at the very high rate .And we want to pay employees we little to NO skills at a very high rate . When trying to compete with a Country paying $2 an hour while we pay $15 we lose every time . If Countries want to sell their produces here they in turn have to buy as much as they sell period .


They are very dedicated people and knew exactly what their actions would achieve .
All of these actions have benefited a minute portion of the American / world population !
We have a global oligarchy new world order for lack of a better name corrupting governments exploiting labor on a scale not seen since the east India company .


The FBI had obtained eyewitness accounts and physical documents, indicating that Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars as a “donation” to the Clinton Foundation.
Beginning in 2009 and up to 2015. Extensively. Documented. Through secret recordings. Email intercepts. Documents that he was able to get ahold of or copy. That there was massive bribery. Extortion and racketeering. Kick backs involved. With the Russian nuclear industry. Uranium one and here comes Hillary and Bill Clinton. In particular here is what happened. Using yellow envelopes stuffed with cash. Literally suitcases. Laundered with the money stuffed with cash. Wire transfers. In that about talking millions of dollars in fact tens of millions of dollars. From places like Latvia secret bank accounts I Cyprus Switzerland. They were able to buy off the entire board of uranium one.


According to the filing, the three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known for reporting on “Russia issues relevant to [the committee’s] investigation.” They were paid to plant fake news stories to facilitate an investigation into Russian collusion and allow VISA warrants . A bombshell report recently revealed that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the FBI paid more than $10 million to fund the dossier.
The smear Firm Also Brokered Meetings Between Dossier Author Christopher Steele and ‘At Least Five Major Media Outlets, Including Yahoo News’ . .


Just more exposure to the underbelly of the democratic party and just how much effort they have put into diverting the entire ‘collusion’ thing away from their own corrupt ideology and on to an innocent bystander. While Trump might not be perfect, he isn’t the problem with the ‘russia thang’…


The Clinton’s have been up to no good for 30 years and no one cares .


Chill, paid shills are off on holidays.


Obama / Clinton actively tried to undermine the US, unbelievable …


Sound familiar ??? quack ,quack … Flynn

Comey and the FBI colluded to protect Clinton in the FBI interview.
The FBI subverted itself in the investigation. Among the many scores of agents that supposedly worked on this investigation, not one has stepped forward, despite this fundamental abuse of the agency is perhaps more disturbing than Comey’s own dishonesty. It suggests that the entire agency is corrupted


Slowly more and more get revealed about how corrupt the FBI and Hillary were , it took many attempts to get the FBI to release documents that surely show the massive collusion to keep Hillary out of prison .


One would think the government would begin an investigation with a special prosecutor. But no, this is a democrat that would be investigated.