True Collusion - Uranium One


Well it is a fact that the entire 7th floor of FBI is anti-Trump and is more a political tool than an law enforcement agency ! The FBI has become a very integral part of the swamp and all that smells ! The Obama cartel made the IRS , CIA , and the FBI political tools to be used against ALL that see things different .


Lol, what about British imperialism that dwarfed anything by the Dutch??



Tick tock …FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to hand over classified documents to the House Judiciary Committee, despite the fact that the committee has primary oversight authority over the Justice Department, the FBI and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. McCabe now claims a scheduling “problem” and can’t testify , so he says …tick tock …McCabe’s testimony was likely to, at least in part, focus on Peter Strzok’s role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation . tick tock … McCabe has an Ohr problem too !
One congressional source said. Bruce Ohr was demoted amid an investigation into his contacts with Fusion GPS-tied figures. tick tock … Ohr met during the 2016 campaign with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the “dossier.” tick tock … Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016 . tick tock … shattering the house of glass … :wink:


Singer Moby claimed his friends in the CIA asked him to spread the word that President Trump has ties to Russia because he has a larger social media following than the government agency.
Moby, whose birth name is Richard Melville Hall, told Kentucky radio station WFPK in an interview this week that he has friends in the CIA who asked him for his help.
The subject came up after the host, Kyle Meredith, asked the electronic singer about his cryptic Facebook post he wrote in 2017. The post stated that after he spent time with friends who “work in D.C.” he could “accurately post” that the Fusion GPS Dossier was “100% real. He’s being blackmailed by the Russian government.” The post also claimed Trump has colluded “with the Russian government, and has been since day one,” wants to go to war and there are “right-wing plans to get rid of Trump.”


Maryland executive indicted in Uranium One deal ! Tick tock Stevie John tick tock !:laughing::laughing::laughing:


What is the problem he bribed the Russians and the Russians bribed the Clinton’s ?


Well , hell if the Clinton’s were involved then move along , nothing to see here ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Did they… or would it be more appropriate to say that the Clinton’s extorted money from the Russians…:joy:


That would depend on what side of the table you sit on .
Clintin’s thinking extorting Russians thinking bribing .


And democrats thinking business as usual ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Is this currently under investigation?


I’ll bet the FBI are texting like madmen as we speak ! And the CIA will find others to plant fake Russian news too ! :laughing::laughing::laughing: What a group Stevie John loves so much .:laughing: quack ,quack :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well we just don’t know do we… If Mueller is doing his job in finding the ties than bind Russia to US politics, then it should be on his radar… I guess as Trump says from time to time… “We Will See”.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: perfect !! " we’ll see " and now we see why Trump uses “we’ll see” so often because we know exactly what he wants to say ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Not if hillary had won !


Ok, and she didn’t, but how does that speak to what I said?


TICK TOCK …TICK TOCK … What ya gonna do when the FBI comes for YOU ? :laughing:


No, we are talking about democrats/liberals/progressives not a GOP’er.


This is why NOTHING ever gets fixed. The left blames everything on the right, and the right blames everything on the left. Ridiculous