True Collusion - Uranium One


Democrats and their “meetings”.


True Russian collusion !!!


That’s different as they are not republicans.


True collusion …Samantha Power, “unmasking” of U.S. citizens’ names she requested in hundreds of foreign intelligence intercepts by the National Security Agency, has raised new questions about how the sensitive information was ordered up, and subsequently handled. The sheer volume of such requests submitted to U.S. intelligence is CRIMINAL ! The Obama signature is all over this !
Democrats ,the FBI, and Fusion GPS have tried to obstruct every effort to get the facts about the compilation of the Steele dossier and who paid for it . The document was PURPOSELY circulated among journalists in 2016 . The FBI sealed the corrupt deal by making it the main topic of an Intelligence briefing and leak to the liberal media . Now everyone is taking the fifth !!! Does any of this sound like COLLUSION ???


Oh the Obama pass thingy again . :laughing::laughing::laughing:


The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal !
Obama ran on a change platform but in reality he was just another elitist politician taking the American tax payer for a ride !

The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal !

Let’s put the Uranium One scandal in perspective: The cool half-million bucks the Putin regime funneled to Bill Clinton was five times the amount it spent on those Facebook ads — the ones the media-Democrat complex ludicrously suggests swung the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump .

The Facebook-ad buy, which started in June 2015 — before Donald Trump entered the race — was more left-wing agitprop (ads pushing hysteria on racism, immigration, guns, etc.) than electioneering. The Clintons’ own long-time political strategist Mark Penn estimates that just $6,500 went to actual electioneering. (You read that right: 65 hundred dollars.) By contrast, the staggering $500,000 payday from a Kremlin-tied Russian bank for a single speech was part of a multi-million-dollar influence-peddling scheme to enrich the former president and his wife, then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton. At the time, Russia was plotting — successfully — to secure U.S. government approval for its acquisition of Uranium One, and with it, tens of billions of dollars in U.S. uranium reserves.

The Clintons were just doing what the Clintons do: cashing in on their “public service.” The Obama administration, with Secretary Clinton at the forefront but hardly alone, was knowingly compromising American national-security interests. The administration green-lighted the transfer of control over one-fifth of American uranium-mining capacity to Russia, a hostile regime — and specifically to Russia’s state-controlled nuclear-energy conglomerate, Rosatom. Worse, at the time the administration approved the transfer, it knew that Rosatom’s American subsidiary was engaged in a lucrative racketeering enterprise that had already committed felony extortion, fraud, and money-laundering offenses.

The Obama administration also knew that congressional Republicans were trying to stop the transfer. Consequently, the Justice Department concealed what it knew. DOJ allowed the racketeering enterprise to continue compromising the American uranium industry rather than commencing a prosecution that would have scotched the transfer. Prosecutors waited four years before quietly pleading the case out for a song, in violation of Justice Department charging guidelines. Meanwhile, the administration stonewalled Congress, reportedly threatening an informant who wanted to go public.

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Trending now the leaker that tried to shed the light on the corruption involved in the slimy deal was under a GAG ORDER by Holder and Lynch he was threaten by both in order to cover up the corruption . This collusion and corruption flows deep !


How long will it take for Mueller’s team to action in the TRUE Russian collusion case ? Will the dems sweep this under that dirty rug with the assistance the Obama Intel plants ? Will witnesses commit suicide like so many Clinton witnesses ?
There is explosive new evidence on what is becoming the biggest scandal – or at least one of them – in American history. And the Clintons benefited to the tune of nearly $145 million. in 2009, the FBI, they started gathering evidence, including recordings and emails and witnesses that they talked to showing that the Russian nuclear industry officials used bribes, kickbacks, money laundering and other illegal tactics to expand Russia’s influence over America’s uranium market.

An FBI informant who reportedly helped the U.S. uncover a corruption and bribery scheme by Russian nuclear officials but allegedly was “threatened” by the Obama administration to stay quiet. He was“threatened by the Loretta Lynch Justice Department” when he pursued a civil action in which he reportedly sought to disclose some information about the case.


Stevie John have Mueller investigate this …quack ,quack ,quack :wink::wink::wink:


If you think there’s a crime here, then why isn’t “lock her up” Trump directing his crony Sessions to prosecute it, lmao.


It doesn’t matter what Stevie John or I think , it up to the DOJ and this has legs NOW ! Cover-ups and gag orders and threats go so far then the hammer drops ! :wink::wink::wink: quack , quack ,quack .


As with the arm forces the Trump justice department will see this through and at last justice will be done !


What kind of system allows mobsters like the Bushes and Clintons to operate their scams with impunity? One that is deeply corrupt.


This story is cracking open. It’s huge!


Actually we are a fool to think that Russia ever stopped its active measures to mold the opinions of US citizens. The attitude however seems to be very similar to China. After the fall of the Soviet Union many in the US jumped on the engagement bandwagon… I.E. If we treat them like any other western country, they will develop a thriving democracy and a vibrant free market economy… Rather than do that, we just gave them more access to our societies to continue doing what they have always done… convince our soft minded liberals that socialism is what raised the standards of living around the world and not enterprise.

The hype is about Russia… they have always been part of US politics. Who does anyone think that the USA Communist party takes their orders from? Can anyone ever recall a time when they supported anyone other than a Democrat for president? They have been in our schools, our business and most seriously in our government since the end of WWII. The people of this country are slow to wake… I just hope they get the sleep out of their eyes before the next Clinton or Bush or Sanders is elected.


Um, nope… won’t happen. He’s a snowflake of the GOP. :joy::kissing_heart::joy:


So are you going to continue the same old, or vote independent?


Might be the one that permanently cripples Hillary, here is a picture of her speaking at an ivy league college last week


My question is, with all these “bombshells” hitting the msm, why is she still held in high regard among some people. Look at this reaction of the S. Korean people


So… why don’t you do us all a favor and define precisely what you consider to be an independent. You have been long in using the word but hold its definition very close to your chest. Some people here, hear you say ‘independent’ and they thing that you are doubtless talking about someone to the left of Hillary Clinton. Care to clarify…


John’s idea of independent is voting for the independent Bernie.

Look a his posts, look at Sanders platform.