True Collusion - Uranium One


Time will tell but if I were Bill and Hillary I’d be moving my stuff to Russia where their treason will be heralded .


Well… That is certainly what I have suspected and probably why he took such exception to my calling him the reviled name of ‘libtard’ when I called out his constant use of the word ‘independent’ and his love affair for all things Bernie… I just thought that in fairness to discussion and to alleviate any misunderstandings that my have arisen from our rather partisan take on what he says that I would offer him the opportunity to… set the record straight


The giveaway, medicare for all.


But look at the upside… you will never have to be confused about your deodorant preference again… unless you are a trans-something… then you will probably demand from the state and no doubt get a special blend just for ‘unique’ protected category…


Coming from a professional snowflake Stevie John , quack ,quack ,quack . :laughing:


Independent my butt , Stevie John is as liberal as they come ! quack , quack ,quack :laughing:



Her time clock is ticking faster than ever before !!! Tick tock , tick tock , …



Why the need to “threatened with reprisal” by the Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch when he tried to “come forward” in 2016. Is this the way innocent people act ??? " Oh what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive. " Quack ,quack ,quack . :laughing:



Why, are you saying that Trump will order the AG to prosecute her and lock her up??? Somebody was bragging with a thread about Trumps kept campaign promises, lol.


Because the clock is ticking …TICK TOCK …:wink::wink::wink:




Who was the nitwit that said if you make threats , you must be charged ? Does that BS you were preaching still apply to the black moron illiterate “congresswomen” ??? Time to backpedal:laughing::laughing::laughing: Quack , quack ,quack .



The investigation into the Uranium One deal is underway it is just a matter of time until she and he are wearing matching orange jump suites !


Well that would be nice. Maybe her and the TIC can share the same cell.


Lots of posts today…

Seems pretty painfully obvious that the Democrats, media and globalists are terrified about the ramifications of Uranium One and are desperate, utterly desperate, to talk about ANYTHING else

I wonder why.

I mean, I don’t wonder. At all.


Every day that Hillary walks free is another Congressman who needs to be tried for treason.

Start with the retired ones first and the ones who have had more than 3 terms as a starting point.


The left is panicking and are in full hate mode.


Yes, HRC should be locked up, and in his second debate with her, the TIC PROMISED, that if he became president he would.


Yeah… Maybe… They might find something to convict Trump on… I mean 4 different investigations and a cadre of Obama people planting stories… as for Hillary, you would actually need to have a real investigation first… :roll_eyes:


OMG- that means Obama was illegitimately elected, OMG OMG OMG #resistafteritstoolate. Golly wonder why this never saw the light of day until now…


Do you find it interesting that no one knows how much Mueller and team has cost the tax payers to date???