True Collusion - Uranium One


Probably true about the partisan left just as the partisan right want desperately to talk about uranium one instead of Trump’s collusion with the Russians. I get that when your party is more precious to you than your country.

But I want all crimes prosecuted, I don’t give a damn what party you belong to. So, let’s have Mueller and the DOJ investigate and then if discoveries warrant, prosecute Clinton and Trump.

But I know, that’s only in the perfect world.


Both republicans and democrats??


We have been talking about the ‘collusion’ thing since it first came up and no one has yet to tie Trump… The president, to anything of the sort. You bring something credible, unlike that tripe you threw out as fake news and we will have a good discussion about it. I don’t know what Flynn and Manfort know but one day we will find out… but neither of them are in the administration, but one thing that is becoming pretty obvious is that every time a button gets pushed some Obama or Clinton operative jumps out of their hole. I’m still waiting to find out how much damage has actually been done by DWS and friends…


More update from dick morris


The patronizing left will continue to point at Trump/Russian collusion while the patronizing right continues to point at Uranium One. This is because party loyalty outweighs what’s good for America. Why must you be so partisan. Let’s wait till Mueller says he’s completed the investigations and delivers the findings before we claim who’s acquitted and who’s convicted. But let’s conduct the investigations! Show me with citation where the right was raising hell when the GOP had iteration after iteration of investigations into Benghazi with nothing, NOTHING prosecuted. Just huge sums of wasted money. But I know… that was republicans spending.


So nonpartisan of you, illliterate bernie bot.

One has not produced evident in almost a year, while the other is littered with evident? There is 104 replies in this thread alone, if you can read.


Well when the dominos fall the dems will head for cover . The true collusion has legs and will be at marathon speed in a blink ! :laughing::laughing: Remove that BS gag order and get to the truth !!!:roll_eyes:


And what has Stevie John been pointing to lately ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing: Quack ,quack ,quack …:laughing:



Were all of you raised by wolves? Can you have a conversation with me without personally attacking me, or do you need to be thrown into the pile along with the other uncivils, hmm?


Play the victim again while refusing to read. Just try, maybe ill reconsider.


Your choice sir. Join the others who lack any civility.


There is the personal attack

Didnt watch he summary i posted right above your post? Mueller is in on this scandal as well, you hyper partisan bernie bot.


Um no it’s not…but nice try

a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.
synonyms: supporter, follower, adherent, devotee, champion;

None of that is character assasination?

So put another way, why must you be such a strong supporter of one party??

So much so that you’ll look the other way, excuse or deny it when it’s apparent in your own. Nobody’s right or wrong all the time.

A none partisan American is willing to lock criminals up period, we don’t care what letter they have behind their name.


What letter is in front of bernie? F for free?


a strong supporter of a cause, or person.

Bernie and of course your cause medicare for all.

synonyms: supporter, follower, adherent, devotee, champion;

Supporter, devotee, follower of BERNIE

Own it, wear it, you already live it.


How in the hell do you know that people on here support just one party? It is your very own comments that draw personal attacks because you make stupid comments.(Understand that ‘stupid comments’ doesn’t say ‘stupid person’)

I have some very strong views about very specific subjects. If the majority of people who agree with me also vote for a primarily republican candidate where does my ‘partisanship’ lay?.. with the republican party or the issue which seems to be opposed by the other party. You love to sit and talk about how the ‘republican’ party is tearing itself apart and yet you can’t see the irony in that statement while calling everyone ‘partisan’.

If you want to debate people on here, put some issues out instead of your stupid prodding about partisanship. If you continue ‘debating’ the way YOU do, you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a generalized reject button. I have not EVER to this point flagged anyones comments no matter who they are… I engage them instead… but I just might start. If you want to consider this a ‘personal attack’, by all means, do… because it is… because you don’t talk positions, you just shitstir and then yell foul…

Correction: After thinking about it I ‘think’ I did flag one post for being overtly racists…


Wow , snowflakes melt so quickly these days ! :laughing:
Quack ,quack ,quack …



Snowflakes are so sensitive as they flag others

Obviously yet other leftist who can not engage


Muller was head of the FBI when uranium one happened ! He has a dog in this fight and should step down !


Not to mention the comey relationship