Trump Announces Brad Parscale As His 2020 Campaign Manager


Makes earlly announcement history by topping Obama’s record by 398 days before the election


Mueller will now indict Parscale for a Russian bot liking one of his Facebook posts during the campaign. Collusion. Election overthrown.


Only if he worked with Russian Bots to help his candidate win.


Some people might make that link anyway and no doubt harp on it for the next three years… :roll_eyes:


Give it a rest with your constant outrage. Why aren’t you calling out Hillary Clinton for her role in FusionGPS? Why aren’t you calling out David Brock for employing a shill army to promote Hillary Clinton on social media. If she had won there wouldn’t be an investigation into any of her wrongdoings - and the investigations that took place for all of her actual crimes went nowhere thanks to all of her friends in high places.

Why do you hate Trump so much anyway? Has he done something to you personally? Have you not benefited in any way from him being in office?

Or are you in this country illegally and afraid of deportation?


I’ll give you his pat answer… “She’s not in office, he is… where is YOUR outrage at the TIC?”


The media is acting like a president never ran for a second term before.


I’ve been calling out Hillary Clinton for years, and I’ve stated on THIS forum repeatedly that one of two promises that the fat ass TIC made me if I voted for him was to lock her up. Then, as soon as he became president elect, he said, ha fooled ya, I don’t care about that anymore. Now tell me, why doesn’t that piss you off, hmm?


Some how I don’t really hear your impassioned pleas to ‘lock her up’ or anyone else for that matter with the same … passion and gusto that you seem to have for Trump and anyone connected to him, regardless of his actually having done anything wrong…


Why is it so many of you here are outraged with progressive liberalism and never give that a rest, hmm?


Trump is a caustic individual tweeting out misspelled texts name calling everybody he disagrees with like a narcissistic teenager, and a pathological liar. There’s literally nothing likable about that man to me, shrug.


Because regardless of the issue those ‘progressives’ are less than engaging when confronted with the reality of the world that they by and large created…


No, I have not…


She lost and there isn’t. Once Trump got your vote he didn’t care about that anymore. :joy::joy:


Of course we were told rather sternly that the president must leave he FBI and to a lesser extent the DOJ the autonomy to do they work that they feel is proper to enforce the law… That the FBI isn’t the presidents private police force… that if Trump fired sessions because he wouldn’t follow trumps wishes, that the democrats would seek impeachment… I think Trump let here off the active hook because she had lost but he had no idea that she and her many friends were coming for him… that was the part of politics he didn’t understand.


Well, just the TIC anyway.



For those who like MAGA pink:


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