Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds



Yeah, an I saw your ‘ideological center of the Democratic Party’ as being far, far to the left of anything put forth by JFK and I would suggest the even FDR for a conservative compared to the far right of the very socialist minded democratic party of today… Well, perhaps I shouldn’t go that far, FDR was highly praised by the likes of Hitler and Mussolini. I find it funny that you feel ‘pushed to radical activism’ when it is in fact the left who have spent decades shutting down reasoned debate on just about every subject their is. Political Correctness took a whole host of subjects off the table and you guys get offended when someone says ‘Hold on here, I have something to say’?

What you see through the prism of your rather dirty rose colored glasses is not a direction that people embrace but is in fact the ‘push to radical activism’ in a fight against the liberal progressivism that, in a good many peoples eyes, have created the societal problems we are dealing with today. The left, has created this problem and true to history, the left has only one answer when they are questioned… violence. The left have never been tolerant and have always shown in their policies and the kinds of laws that they push through that they are in fact the purveyors of every hateful name the shout at others… but they live so tightly wrapped in their ideological bubble, they just can’t see it.


I was a hard left anarchist for 20 years.


Very interesting comment @Dani. I find myself in absolute agreement with regard to perspective on the centrist mentality and indeed compromise in general… we are however 180 degrees out of phase on the social and political legislation and exactly who does the compromising.

Make no mistake progressivism has been on the march from the early days of the 20th century. If we are honest, progressivism does not like much of what is written in the US Constitution. Unable to change the constitution through normal Article V means because they just don’t have the support, the use strategically placed judges to perform ‘judicial review’ in things that are traditionally none of the courts business and of course ‘judicial deference’ when they chose to turn a blind eye to the ‘supreme law of the land’. The Supreme Court has and continues to hand down judgements that control populations such as Plessy v Ferguson and when it is finally repealed and actually created ‘equal justice under the law, they create, through a rather twisted view of the constitutions ‘commerce clause’, Articles II and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act… the absolute antithesis of Plessy. The left are the purveyor of legal precedence to push forth its agenda… precedence of course, seeks to supersede that which came before without actually nullifying it as the constitution demands. Again, because they could not convince We The People of ‘their vision’ of America they created legal loopholes and of course the use of agency regulation to create new law that was neither allowed by the constitution nor supported by the legislature.

Your summary of the left being forced to compromise would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. The progressive left is a very patient and stalwart bunch. If the left want 100million for a project and the right says ‘we don’t believe that the project is good or even constitutional’ and votes for zero funding, the left immediately yell… ‘Compromise’. And there are enough centrist elements on the right that throw away their principles and say ‘fine, we will give you 50million’… and the left grins and says ‘OK’. Two things happened… the left got half the funding they were after and by compromising on the issue itself, the right just gave it legitimacy. The next year, the left is back at the trough, this time wanting the other 50 million and a ‘cost of living adjustment’… They get 25 million and a cost of living bump and they are 3/4ths of the way to their goal in two years and now have a guaranteed unfunded liability to boot. The left has operated this way for the last one hundred years.

I will agree that the right (with the exception of GWBush’s Medicare Part D) wants money for defence. One part of that is enshrined in the constitution… ‘Provide for the common defense’. The left attempts to let the left off the hook with respect to defense spending. The Monroe doctrine was the first deviation away from the principle that we ‘defend’ our borders to a broader ‘strategic interest’ definition The Monroe doctrine has been invoked by Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan and has since the bright idea of the creation of the League of Nations broadened its definition to the rest of the world and added some new criteria… ‘The Spread of Democracy’. No longer was the US the beacon on the hill to be seen, admired and replicated… It was the lightning bolt that would shove democracy down the throats of people who did not want it. That, I am afraid, is a goal that democrats could never say ‘no’ to… and with their newly created ‘neocons’ moulded from the clay of Trotsky, they had an ally on the right. Occupation is indeed the preview of the Trotsky right… The socialist need to be universal is not lost on the elitist neocon but is pushed and supported by the progressive left who have like minded goals.

In your last sentence you paint the Trump supporter as somehow being ideologically locked and unchangeable… I would suggest that progressivism is a far greater disease. I supported much of the supreme court direction with respect to sodomy laws and indeed the right of an appropriately distressed women to have access to a clean, safe abortion. While I still am astonished that Article II and VII of the 1964 civil rights act actually exist, I supported much of the goals in making the government truly universal in providing equal justice under the law. The left have taken those few advancements and flaws to kill, mostly for convenience 60million Americans, some of whom would no doubt achieve great things… for the convenience of a life without responsibility and of course a cheap imported housekeeper. The left seem to have a duplitous attitude about the ability of a company to hire and serve who it chooses… It seems to be quite happy when someone who doesn’t share the liberal view is fired or customers are turned away because they don’t believe the progressive ideology. If their are people who seem to be locked into a rather anti American… Anti Constitution… anti law and order mindset… it is those who reside on the left (and a good number who will compromise for compromises sake)



And not 1 case has been reviewed by the SCOTUS.


And where was the compromise on the ACA?

And where was the compromise on judges Obama nominated?

And where was the compromise on DACA the left screams about?

And where was the compromise on the Porkulus package?

And where was the compromise when the left relied on Continuing resolutions for years for government spending?

Your idea of compromise is the right says yes to everything the left wanted and today the right is using the same standard on the left. Are you surprised?


Paul Ryan was a member of the House Budget Committee pushing through deficit-exploding tax cuts and health care legislation when the U.S. Government was spending down the surplus from the Clinton/Gingrich years.

Anyone surprised by his hollow rhetoric and regurgitated policy bullshit is either very young or not paying attention.


As a point of interest, one person doesn’t pass tax cuts, spending packages or budgets.

It takes a village of idiots to get were we are today and they all have R’s and D’s behind their names.

We didn’t get her in 4 years, 8 years but over decades. We got here because our politicians spend more than we pay in taxes. we got here because our politicians were catering to the masses with medicare, medicaid, welfare, the ACA, SS, Disability, so much that 60% of Americans get something from the Federal Government and half the population pays nothing for their government.


And where was the compromise on the ACA?

And where was the compromise on judges Obama nominated?

And where was the compromise on DACA the left screams about?

And where was the compromise on the Porkulus package?

And where was the compromise when the left relied on Continuing resolutions for years for government spending?

Your idea of compromise is the right says yes to everything the left wanted and today the right is using the same standard on the left. Are you surprised?

Amazing how 1 person can run the entire country bypassing the congress and the president, past and president.


I enjoy reading your posts @Scott but things are getting radical on both sides.

The Republicans today who are considered “moderate” would have made 1980 Dick Cheney blush. It’s not simply about ideology. In my opinion, the GOP has become the pander party. They promise impossible things to their followers—and the more impossible the better, because an unmet goal is a spur which won’t go away. As long as there is a Democratic party to blame for failure to reach goals, this can continue for quite a while. I believe the first issue where Republicans realized the value of this approach was abortion, which has become a model for later “commitments”.
We see an aspect of this mentality in the debate over arming teachers.

This idea is absolutely crazy, and yet now it is impossible not to discuss.

Next—and I kid you not—there will be “fundamental” research put out by conservative think tanks, showing that deficit spending under the GOP is fundamentally different, and better, than deficit spending under the Democrats.


As to deficit spending that is unlikely to ever change.
2/3rds of spending is mandated by law and would require congress to change the laws.

It no longer matters as 20T in debt requires low interest rates or we will have trillion dollar deficits. A recession major or minor will result in trillion dollar deficits.

Both parties are in denial and ignore the hole they dumped this country into.


Like paying off the national debt in eight years, balancing the budget and locking her up.


I do believe you cannot seem tp grasp the reality.

The debt will never be cut not today, not in a year not in 8 years not in 100 years.

The debt will finally be solved when the congress finally cuts spending and that will not happen until the PEOPLE hole CONGRESS responsible.

Obama said that increasing the debt was UNAMERICAN. OBAMA doubled the debt in his 8 years. And the reality is CONGRESS passed every Spending package.

OBAMA promised 2500 to every person who purchased insurance. HE LIED.

OBAMA promised you could keep your insurance HE LIED.

OBAMA promised you could keep your doctor, HE LIED.

CONGRESS, the democrats passed the ACA and they LIED.

SO MONTE, get it through your head the debt will never be paid down until CONGRESS QUITS SPENDING MORE THAN THEY COLLECT IN TAXES.

The debt will never be paid down until we as a people pass a balanced budget amendment. CONGRESS will never do it.

Quit with the hate speech and contribute something useful.


Wasn’t he the one that said “deficits don’t matter”.


Still the same old garbage posted over and over again. Your just like the media in your attempts to brainwash people.


Every American ought to be legally compelled to conceal carry.


I hope the ‘enjoyment’ you speak of doesn’t translate to humorous entertainment but if that be the case… what can I say…

While politics in the US is a spectrum, we can see on here among those who have put up an ‘ideology tag’ and profess to be on the right, a fair divergence in what it means to be on the right. This of course is the same with independents and liberals. A fair number of people who align themselves with the right and left could actually be classed as independents though the preponderance of their positions sits on one side or the other.

The left blame the right and the right blame the left but to me the real fundamental differences are twofold.

  1. How we interpret the constitution and by extension, whether we even believe that document is the ‘supreme law of the land’.

The former allows for some real and honest debate;(something that doesn’t happen, in my opinion, out of fear that clarity will destroy the major divisions in society and goldmine of the ‘career politician’). Because clarifying precisely what the constitution allows for can if the US is truly a nation of laws, be only one way or the other.

The later is a slippery slope to the implosion of the US as the federalist republic it was suppose to be… where ‘law’ is made up as we go along and becomes the rule of man, in ways that leave the original law in place only to be ignored. I am sure you can think of examples but the most pressing slight of governmental hand was Obama’s creation of DACA. There is nothing what so ever in the constitution that allows him to make law, but that is what he did.

  1. The second is the fundamental belief about our existence on this earth. This also comes in two parts. Whether we believe ourselves to be the omnificent creatures some believe us to be or one created by some supreme intellect far beyond our comprehension and guided by a set of rules that ‘should not’ allow for human tinkering and the other is just who we are as creatures of these planet. Are we individuals or are is our birth nothing but a tally mark in the ledger of a slave owner to raise and use as they see fit.

To me, the constitution does not allow for many of the actions of the federal government today. Plan and simple… it either allows for it or it doesn’t. People want to make a hash out of what the 2nd amendment means but background writings of several people who created it were clear. Those ancillary documents are meaningless, some say, but in the same breath they will conjure the words ‘Implied Powers’ which do not exist in the Constitution one person professed their existence in his writings. I can guarantee that ‘implied powers’, ‘general welfare, and the grotesque ways the commerce clause has been use have led us much farther down the road to ruin than the 2nd amendment ever has.

Most of our political problems would go away if we could decide on whether we were a federal representative republic or skipping down the trail of the kind of democracy that history has warned about time and again. Some people want to see the pure democracy concept in practice but do not have the friends and supporters enough to change the constitution to reflect that premise via amendment in the basic law so, though judicial deference, judicial review and precedence we just ignore previous law that is too difficult to muster enough interest in seeing it changed. Regardless of what side of a question you are on, that process should scare you because one day some group just might legislatively pull the law out from under your world.

We also play a serious ideological game that translates to a society that, in my opinion, has lost its way. Abortion for instance… We know and we reject the idea that we are governed by a theocracy. People with deep religious conviction have a seat at the table and their views affect our laws but we are not ruled by biblical edict. Personal conviction tells me abortion is wrong… Period, full stop, but I also realise that in our country not everyone holds that conviction, so I see the civic approach is to say that a woman should have a right to abortion. I mentally limit that to rape, incest and life of the mother (note I didn’t say quality of life for the mother). Since Roe we have seen some 60 million young minds extinguished because of, when you get down to it, selfishness and a total disregard for the sanctity of human life. My daddy told me and he meant it, ‘If you create a child son you WILL take care of it’. There was no equivocation about being unemployed or ruining my college prospects or having to work multiple jobs… ‘You WILL take care of that child you brought into this world’. So the debate over abortion and why it gets so ugly is that there is a general lack of moral underpinning in ‘taking the life’. Of course when we stop seeing the creation of a life as an amazing miracle and stop seeing the people who created it as anything other than a ‘hookup’, the moral grounding slips away and so does part of the foundations for a grounded society.

The discussion over the 2nd amendment is an interesting one… You bring up the ‘insane’ discussion of whether we should arm our teachers to keep our children safe. I agree with you; our teachers should never have to be saddled with the responsibility of lethal force. Mass shootings and indeed wholesale violence is a relatively new occurrence in our society and except for government interventions like prohibition, have little historical reference, at least not in the US. Some will point to the way we treated the Indians and indeed blacks in the US and I would again point to the governance their lack of ability to clearly read the constitution and declare that our federal government will enforce equal justice under the law. After the 14th amendment states no longer had the shelter of ‘states’ rights’ with respect to basic human rights under the US Constitution.
People are focused on guns and some on the words ‘mental health’ but I just want to know why no one is interested in the fact that we are the most psychotically drugged nation on the planet (it seems that much of our opioid problem comes straight from misprescribed drugs), why we are the most obese nation on the planet, why sperm count among western males has dropped 50% in the last 40 years… why we are so compelled by our own personal gratifications that we have killed 60 million of our prodigy since Roe…


But killing 60 million of the unborn has made room for more refugees, immigrants and illegals. People don’t have to be responsible for thei actions. In addition it has alleviated the responsibility for raising children. Alleviated the cost of raising children and the cost of college.

Guess it all works out in the end.

Sarcasm off!


Yet another individual mandate I presume… caught without it on your person and they will hit you with a hefty ‘tax’…


In fairness they blame each other as neither accomplishes anything of value.