Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds


Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds

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This kind of commentary is really sad. Too bad Americans are so damn partisan that they can only see the faults in the party they oppose. There is no hope for anything getting better.


Try again:
Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds

And this is the topic.


Or a third option. Their party is paramount to the country.


Trump’s polls are leveling off around medium-shitty, because the general public doesn’t really have a moral barometer or a compass. They’re tired of defending their sanity against bullshit like this:

Trump On Shooting Response: ‘I Really Believe I’d Run In There’ Even Without Gun

A trained deputy had reason to sit it out, instead of shooting into the crowd.

Now we’re in the zone where we’re arming teachers so more people can shoot into the crowd at a school. That’s going to seem normal soon. And the tax break is only a break for people earning about twice the median income and people who only think they have income- your take-home pay probably went down. Mass insanity is the republican party, and the noise machine has blended it in with the noise of reality.

Imagine: The only reason for this week’s dip in the approval rating for Psychopath is the gun nut community. The single-issue gun fuckers are cross with him for saying aloud that bump stocks are a problem.

We have to keep the light on at the end of the tunnel, and remember that the people who want more people shooting into the crowd at schools are only interested in killing (bad guys, etc.). There aren’t very many of them. They just yell all the time while reasonable people are too busy thinking to win elections. Stop thinking and vote against the republican.


Trump’s demographic is gradually narrowing itself to Fox News viewers. :rofl:

Say it with me now!



You do know that the DNC is going into midterms on a platform of immigration and gun rights, yeah? Is that the hill you want to die on?


[quote=“GIZO, post:45, topic:7053”]
Trump’s polls are leveling off around medium-shitty,

[/quote]Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds

Are you one of those losing their minds?

Maybe you can share with everyone what possible reason the deputy had sitting had sitting to out while kids were being shot? Cowardice??

Clearly you have never been trained in the use of a firearm.


Isn’t that special.

They don’t lock up Hillary or Bill.

They don’t lock up Lois Lerner.

Yet you want to lock up Trump.

What’s that word? Oh yeah, hypocrite.


The five deferment TIC. Yeah right.


Nah, they want to lock up Lerner and Clinton but not Trump. What’s the word, oh yeah…


It’s also quite the departure watching the fringe right attacking law enforcement, whether it’s the DOJ, the FBI or even the local county. Oh, and taking up for Russia, ha. The fat ass tic really has his goslings confused.


If Trump is proven to have committed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ then he should be impeached, and if serious enough tried. Lerner has admitted to abuse of her office in the IRS, Clinton has admitted to destroying evidence- why do you think they should get a pass?


I’ve never said that they should get a pass. I’ve stated repeatedly and shall do so for you again just now. One of two promises the TIC made if I voted for him was to lock her up. Unfortunately the month after he was elected he told a crowd that he didn’t care about that anymore and they cheered, hahahaha, I’m telling you I’ve never seen such confusion.


He’ll be done by the time that could happen, A and 2, he owns both houses of congress who wouldn’t care if he committed murder, fifth ave, broad daylight. He said so and its NEVER been denied.


Did you catch the latest… Trumps approval rating is up to 51% and is 7 points higher than Obama at this point in his presidency … but you and your friends continue to tell yourselves that your message (whatever it is) is the one people want to hear and Trumps support is somehow shrinking…

Its not hard to see that the devoted have worked their tails off to divert the discussion but it is funny as hell when it becomes obvious to the most that you are even fooling yourselves…

The louder the squeals from the left all around the world… the more I can see the worry wrinkles on your foreheads…



And clearly you miss the point as always.

It’s called a double standard.

It’s pretty much proven that both Lerner and Clinton are guilty.

Still waiting for Trump’s indictment or was always would you like to go with guilty until proven innocent???


Not just that but back ground checks and age limits.


Mueller isn’t done with the TIC, you’ve got to have indictments and prosecutions. I suppose the same should be said of Clinton.


As far as Clinton goes… well, for their to be indictments you would first need to have an honest investigation… something that seems to have eluded the Obama FBI…