Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds


Right, he didn’t have his body cam on?


Humm… now I wonder which political ideology has pushed for decades the concept of ‘Relative Moralism’… :roll_eyes:


If you mean by virtue of the fact that they voted for Trump to begin with, I’d point out that we’ve never had two more sorry front runner candidates ever. And the 41% independents still haven’t figured out how to vote accordingly.


You certainly share the same trait.

Except he’s probably a nicer person.

The hatred spews from you unabated. Will you ever get over it?
I suspect not as it takes a person of character fat azz


Personal attacks and name calling forum members is a violation of forum rules even if there is no moderation.


You get respect when you give respect.

Knock off the fat ass crap and grow up.


Forum rules buddy, if you can’t follow them get the hell out of here. Elected figures are fair game, perhaps you should visit with Patriot and educate yourself.


And no doubt a distinct possibility.


And of course your partisan eyes are blinded to the gerrymandering that republicans have done. :roll_eyes:


Boy this guy really is a moron. :roll_eyes:


You would stifle free speech?

Take a hike, your input if that’s what it is, is nothing but partisan nonsense.

You constantly repeat yourself and add nothing to the conversation.

Grow up drop the name calling and and something of value for a change.


That wouldn’t be a good precedent.


And there may be, even if you haven’t seen it.


You are right of course that you can sling around your disrespect for a politician and the people who voted for them… it is also true that disrespect will visit you in a multitude of ways… Yes, you are playing inside the rules but that doesn’t mean your are a respected member of the community. Some people are just bitter enough at the world that they don’t care what people think about their opinions…


You think FAUX news does a good job at that.


Lol, no that’s why he blasts off his twitter tyraids so angry at everybody with typos and spelling errors. Such a laughing stock. Better keep your guns under lock and key too Freedom or the TIC will confiscate them without due process.


Your new bestest line I see… as with other popular ones you will run like a bad advertisement


Have you got a hidy hole for your guns? Looks like the TIC’s a bigger threat to you then LP’s.


He certainly has your panties in a wad.

Lighten up Francis.


Perhaps it’s getting time to rally the people and NFL Johnny.