Trump celebrates tax reform victory


Sorry, but you’ve never seen me claim that ALL our financial problems are due to military spending. Could you please find just one out of those million where I make that claim. To listen to you guys on the right here, all of our financial problems are due to social spending, shrug.


You tend to use the word ‘gratuitous’ a lot… While I will agree with you that the USFP has far exceeded the actual defensive requirements of the US Constitution we have found far to many gratuitous ways to force money away from people who earn it and non of them have to do with war… unless we are talking about war on drugs, war on crime, war on poverty … etc, etc, etc. Gratuitous is most definitely in the eye of the beholder and this beholder sees spending for things that aren’t even a concept in the plain reading of the Constitution…


Man - you need to listen to what people are saying to you.

Here is what we agree on:

  • Iraq war was unnecessary military spending
  • Obama spent more money than any President before him
  • Bush also spent a ton of money (but not as much as Obama - which was crippling)
  • Unnecessary spending needs to be cut

Here is what we disagree on:

  • Military spending is the source of all of our economic problems
  • Trump’s tax plan - your only argument is that polls and the MSM say unnamed people don’t like it


Well, I will tell you this. When the United States government got into the business of running USA Inc. the focus and reason for raising taxes changed as did our engagement with the rest of the world… This is a government that you want… actions have consequences…


Everybody, even amongst democrats agree spending cuts must accompany tax reform, there’s just no clear consensus on where those cuts come from. You people want it to come from social programs, I have no problem with cutting waste fraud and abuse, which exists in all government programs, but my chief complaint is in the TRILLIONS wasted on wars that have had ZERO benefit to Americans save the rich and wealthy that make up the MIC, and have been devastating to the innocent civilians in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc., who had meager lives already. Hundreds of thousands dead, millions upon millions of refugees who you guys then bitch about coming into western countries. :roll_eyes:


Sorry, but you can’t quote me having said that, shrug.


Had we seized all of the oil when we went in, there would have been a big benefit to Americans. Unfortunately, our former ‘leaders’ were cowards who handed over the oil to radical Islamists and failed governments.


Another untruth. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center tells me that I will be a disproportionate beneficiary of it and my fellow Americans beneath me in the middle class will bear the burden.


Well there’s the problem, we had no business going in.


No… You are right but I’m not so sure I could fine a whole lot that you have said about anything else…:rofl:


Well we did go in. That can’t be undone. We should have at least compensated ourselves for the trouble and expense. Instead, ISIS took control of many of the oil fields. We could have even gave whatever puppet government we stood up an allowance for good behavior. If you want to live in a fantasy land where war never happens…go look for it and tell me when you find it.


You’re only looking at US interference in the ME over the past couple decades.


Yes, that was your point wasn’t it?

Now you are editing posts after I replied. Ok, that’s deceptive.

You were posting about the ‘military adventurism’ that you claimed to lead to our current deficit. We had a surplus after Clinton. So yes, based on the context of your comments and the deficit I was referring to the past couple of decades.

If you want to talk about the history of US interventionism then make a thread on that.


Such allegations of tax-hiking now fill our headlines, with the crucial caveat buried somewhere in the text:
CNN Money: “One-Third of Middle Class Families Could End Up Paying More Under the GOP Tax Plan”
New York Times: “Paul Ryan’s Middle-Class Tax Hike”
Powered by Washington Post: “Senate tax bill would cut taxes of wealthy and increase taxes on families earning less than $75,000 by 2027”
Newsweek: “Tax Reform: In the Long Run the Middle Class Will Be Taxed More”

And there is no bias in the media, ROTFLMAO. Does speak to the 15 second sound bytes Americans believe in doesn’t it.

Read more at:


I can’t help that you’re posting on my heels. Not that that’s bad but understand that we do get five minutes to edit our posts.


No, again, I’ve said a million times (according to one poster that’s counting) that trillions of dollars are wasted with regularity on military adventurism and the right never brings it up and doesn’t care. It’s social spending that gets your knickers all knotted. Our hegemony and military adventurism is a contributor to our national debt. That is what I’ve always said. You can’t quote me pointing to it as “thee” cause of our national debt.


What the left always fails to acknowledge is that it was a republican congress and their approved budgets that largely contributed to the near balancing of the budget.

As a side note, that surplus was based on the surplus in funds collected and transferred to the treasury.

Yes a surplus sort of.


Now that’s a neat trick as the defense budget has been under a trillion forever. Over exaggerate often? Sorry, you exaggerate on military spending often.


The TIC, has repeated what I’ve said. And this doesn’t account for the 600 Billion annual Pentagon budget.


Any you don’t like him either… :roll_eyes: