Trump celebrates tax reform victory


Complaining about partisanship while calling the president TIC. :thinking:


Johnny is nothing but a shill for the left and a pretend independent.


It’s a respect thing … but then again I could be accused of calling Obama, Obummer… but that wasn’t until he had enough time to prove his incompetence…


Obama earned the scorn after all the hope and change we were supposed to get. I started really disliking him after the Gates scandal. He pulled the race card and inserted himself into a local law enforcement dispute because of a personal relationship. The writing was on the wall for me about how he would behave at that point.


Some times you tire of the disrespect and respond in kind as I do with el president Bamboozala. But then again we were bamboozled for 8 very long years.


Do you know what that acronym represents??? And to me, Obama was a warmonger, escalating what Bush had begun when he promised as candidate to do the opposite. And the very illegal predator drone program begun by Bush, Obama injected with steroids, MUCH TO MY DISMAY. I’ve been highly critical of the Obama foreign policy.


Hmmm, actually you are partially correct - his tax rate isn’t fourty times higher- let’s see- if the average ‘working Joe’ makes under 41k per year - he pays nothing- so the guys tax rate is infinitely higher, but let’s say Joe makes 65k - he is taxed on that 65k, at a very low rate (which decreased substantially as of 1/1/18. The lawyer on the other hand pays 37.6 plus, 15 Social Security, plus Medicare, etc, etc, etc.

When we were in Commiefornia, we paid all those plus 13.8% State income tax. Altogether we were well over 50%.

Perhaps because the affluent live in neighborhoods where people behave like civilized humans rather than feral predators. The affluent buy nicer cars because they can; they haven’t pissed away every nickel they’ve made on partying.

I’ve been poor; I never blamed the wealthy for my poverty, it would have been undignified, and childish.

Contemplate that next time you buy another shiny thing from Apple- late of the “Western Isles”.

So how much of the total taxes should the top 20% pay? They already pay 84% Oh, all of it you say? This is the part the left always ignores.


What I find odd… and you have relayed similarly your experience on other more liberal forums about how much you are misunderstood… now if everyone here reads you wrong… and everyone there reads you wrong… are you standing up and saying that the problem resides with… everyone else? My son use to blame that teachers, the neighbors, his parents… the police etc, etc, etc… and then one day a light bulb came on and he started taking responsibility for all of those misunderstandings…


Whe does that come from???

Perhaps you should take time to read it. A bit lengthy but worth the time as you will never understand it if you read the media reports. The same applied to the ACA which I spent weeks reading only to come away shaking my head saying it was a horrible framework law that allowed unelected government employees to populate the law with their preferences for coverage. Not to mention it would obviously fail for all the reasons we see today.

Not to mention, how does it feel to have a law crammed down your throat. It’s how many felt about the ACA.

As you haven’t read the law your stuck with the sources you choose which are probably all partisan to your liking, the lens of partisanship.


Well of course, I’ll give you that. So did Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan…That’s pretty much a given.


When did you like Obama???


Yes, sometimes presidents do that. It’s usually only a problem however if you don’t like the president, or what it is he has asserted himself into. We can think of things that Trump has inserted himself into that have some scratching their heads. That’s just patronizing Americans following human nature.


Examples? I don’t recall that he has called out local police or sent out the DOJ to inject themselves into an investigation that wasn’t even complete… He hasn’t put troops on the streets or even called for troops on the street to thump the ANTIFA terrorists. He has used his positon as the President to use the bully pullpit to state his opinions on what is or is not patriotic or respectful of the country and constitution that gives people the freedom to act like asshats…


Who would have thought???

The final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed by both the House and the Senate, will reduce taxes for nearly every household, according to an analysis from the Tax Foundation.

“To help provide a sense of how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would impact real taxpayers, we’ve run the taxes of eight example households,” the foundation explains. “Our results indicate a reduction in tax liability for every scenario we estimated, with some of the largest changes in after-tax income accruing to moderate-income families with children.”

The foundation says each type of family it scored had realistic characteristics so it could show how the bill’s individual income tax provisions would impact various types of families with different incomes.

For example, a single individual who earns $30,000 with no children currently pays $4,331 in taxes. Under the revised tax plan, this individual would see her taxes decline by 9 percent and would pay $3,953. After taxes, this individual would see income rise by 1.26 percent.

A single individual earning a higher salary of $75,000 with no children will see his taxes reduced by 11 percent and after-tax income would grow by 2.37 percent. Under current law, this individual pays $16,104 in taxes, which would be reduced to $14,327 under the newly amended tax bill.

Another single individual with two children and earning $52,000 will see a 36 percent reduction in taxes and a 3.64 increase in after-tax income. This individual would pay $5,198 currently, but would pay $3,306 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

A family with two children earning a single income of $85,000 would save 20 percent on their tax liability, seeing their taxes decline from $11,035 to $8,782.

Another family with two children earning two salaries totaling a combined $165,000 will see their taxes decline by 8 percent and their after-tax incomes would rise by 1.35 percent.

A high-earning married couple with two children earning $2 million who have a $2.5 million home will see their taxes decline by 3 percent and their after-tax income would rise by 0.95 percent.

“All of our sample filers receive a tax cut, but the size of that reduction varies,” the analysis explains. “The significantly higher standard deduction, combined with lower marginal rates and a more generous (and more broadly available) child tax credit, drives the reductions in tax liability for low- and middle- income filers.”

“A reduction in itemized deductions limits reductions in tax liability for upper-income earners, though these filers benefit from the modified alternative minimum tax and lower top marginal rates,” the report said. "As these sample taxpayers demonstrate, most taxpayers across the spectrum experience lower tax bills under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, albeit temporarily."


There will be lower and middle class tax cuts in 2018 and 2019 and that the GOPers and their propaganda arms at Fox & right wing media will be blasting out the “good” news that Joe Blow’s taxes are lower. With McConnell signaling that entitlements won’t get addressed in 2018, the average voter (especially the tRump voter) will not know how bad this tax bill is or will become. I believe the GOP bill writers very strategically crafted the bill so that whatever bad happens comes after mid-terms and perhaps after 2020. Maybe the GOPers can sell it to the dupes before midterms.

We need to shape the political playing field by constantly reminding others that the $1.5T +/- deficit this tax scam produces is intentional so that Ryan, et. al., can get their rocks off slashing SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other safety net program he can wrangle into the sacrificial corral. Gotta cut the deficit talk is already here in GOP land, with no mention that the GOP caused the deficit increase.

Perhaps with 13 million losing medical coverage and health insurance premiums increasing sooner than later, we can add that to our arsenal of facts to rout the GOP in the midterms. Assuming facts matter enough!


Are you aware of the reconciliation rules that were required as the demoRATs vote 100% against anything proposed by the right? Hence the expiration of some of the cuts. But then again, the Bush tax cuts had an expiration date and your deal leader mad them permanent as will the president in office when the expiration date nears.

Why is it that every leftist is so uninformed???


True. Michael Steele and Rick Unger were talking about that yesterday. What’s going to be interesting is to see the ND at 2020. The TIC constantly criticized Obama over it and nobody here wants to look at the NDC in real time, but it didn’t slow down just because he became president. It’s still spinning out of control.


Perhaps we shape the political playing field by forcing the left to confront not only the debt but the debilitating dependency created by the design and implementation of these ‘safety net’ programs. I am still waiting for @Montecresto1 to tell us how we extricate ourselves from our foreign policy without creating a black hole in to which the rest of the world collapse… and no one addresses the end of life conundrum where mortality meets the socialist quest for the ultimate safety net… regardless the cost.


No one is losing medical coverage or their healthcare, they will CHOOSE to not pay to play the ACA ponzi scheme.

There will be 13 million people which is more than are enrolled in the welfare programs called the ACA which is 8.8 million people.

Which is bigger? The 13 million voters who chose not to waste money for insurance that does nothing for them or the 8.8 million voters getting a welfare benefit?

Only to a progressive is free choice a bad thing.


Fox News
.@IvankaTrump: “I’m really looking forward to doing a lot of traveling in April when people realize the effect that this has… The vast majority will be [doing their taxes] on a single postcard.”

Lmao, I’m looking forward to that too. Apparently miss trump doesn’t realize when the tax scheme kicks in. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: