Trump cites 'shithole countries' as he rejects bipartisan deal


Another example where the US government reversed on a treaty that gave the land forever to the native Americans.


What way is that kemosabe? What way would you vote… you are a bit slack on details in that regard… I think that you have a personal mission to destroy the 2 party system which isn’t a bad idea in and of itself …but what you advocate for afterwards is a puzzlement… care to share?


So… your an open borders kind of Commie … No?


I guess that’s why we never have Republican presidents in America.


I thought they were all the same … do make up your mind… :roll_eyes: Santa Trump doesn’t seem to be pandering to the status quo Santa theorem…


Monte,you keep misunderstanding what I’m saying. It’s Real Simple!!! The illegals came across the border like a tsunami no travel agent made arrangements for them .I’m not going to get tied up in your historical debate.Illegals have their reparations, abusing taxpayer paid programs . I understand why people want to come here , but we can’t accept everyone . We have to set limits !!!-
Again as I have said before, you want them, you may have them , take care of them with Your Money not mine!!!The same goes for all the Follywood Elites.


President Trump isn’t Santa Claus. He wants people to be productive members of our country. To give them a helping hand towards self reliance, not burden the taxpayers.


I know but it doesn’t work that way. You’re pro war and have no issues with our bloated Pentagon budget, in fact you probably agree with Trumps nonsense that Obama gutted the military and you likely support the 100+ Billion dollar a year increase that congress just gave the Pentagon. I can’t put into words for you here the anger that that brings me without just being nasty. But I’d love to tell you to use your money on that and not mine.


Well no, I wouldn’t think you’d want to. Kind of difficult to call Mexicans illegals when there land was stolen from them. Americans are all too often conveniently ignorant of these histories and woefully unwilling to acknowledge them and own them. I’m indifferent about immigrants from Mexico largely because of that, but also because it just doesn’t piss me off like our gratuitous bullshit wars do that are killing people every fucking day. My damn tax dollars are being used to destroy life and property of people I don’t know and don’t have a quarrel with.


I’m not completely unsympathetic to the Illegals. When you come here without any documentation, you are here Illegally, no questions asked.You’re a criminal just like someone who would commit an assault.
I am in favor of deporting All Violent Illegals that are in prison or after being arrested.
Any other Illegals must go to the back of the line to be allowed to stay here, be able to speak English without a translator and be gainfully employed. No preferences for in state college tuition over U S citizens.I agree there are too many to deport,but we have to set limits on immigration.


The msm tried to spin it so hard into a racism issue when even the nephew of MLK disagrees.


MLK’s niece came out and said that MLK would have found Trump an allies in the immigration issue…


[citation needed]

Sorry Scott.


My mistake… she said that he was not a racist…

It was the preponderence of evedence from MLK’s record, his alignment with Ceaser Chavas and is successor Reverend Ralph Anthony who would have found Trumps immigration stance correct and proper for the citizens of the United States…

Thanks for catching my error… I mixed the comments of two articles…


If Obama called the Israel’s PM a “chicken shit”, does it mean Obama is a racist and an anti-semite? Is Obama literally Hitler?




Your out there

Are you really a US citizen


Well, that notion, no deportations and tightened limits on immigration might find more common ground across the country.


Illegals cost taxpayers 160 billion a year

How much more before you say maybe we should deport all here illegally

Limits like ending chain migration
Limits like accepting only those that benefit the US citizens
Limits like a wall to end the unlimited supply of uneducated illegals


See… thats how progressives play that game… Someone says “I agree that their are too many to deport” and the progressive ill immediately come back with ‘No Deportations’… Kind of like the right grudgingly accepting a need for abortion in limited cases and the left immediately crying for more money for Planned Parenthood. And of course their is and has been a huge difference in definition for the works ‘Tightened Limits’… some on the left would say that means nothing at all…


Most of the fringe right do not even want a line. They have wet dreams about the TIC’s mythical big beautiful wall that doubles as a solar collector with the TIC’s name upon it every hundred yards, to block them all out. Ban all Muslims too, and people from all the shithole countries. The fringe element on the right are fighting something that dwarfs them. Globalization, a given, their resistance not withstanding.