Trump cites 'shithole countries' as he rejects bipartisan deal


Monte and others,I hope that you can understand that I’m a moderate politically .I attempt to look at both sides of an issue.
For those on the Far Right, its unrealistic to deport all illegals, so we have to come to an agreement. Let those illegals that are working and are productive,go to the back of the line for citizenship.They must be able to read,write and speak English without an translator and repay any taxes owed.
All "Violent Illegal Criminals must be deported immediately upon completion of their sentence,no questions asked .If their home country won’t take them back,put them on a C 130 with a parachute and push them out when over their Airspace.


Yes, I see that…


Hummmm… most of the fringe right. I wonder just how big that massive group is? Your last comment is the crux of the deal… the fringe left and anyone with very deep pockets wants globalization… and then their is the delirious group that actually think that the world population can be homogenized into one happy family… So… are you part of the fringe left… someone with very deep pockets… or are you just delirious…


That’s a broad (and inaccurate) brush there. As a moderate who looks at all angles, you should be aware of the education of people coming from some of these countries as well as contributions that they make once here. They are not all on welfare as the fringe insists. Also, globalization is the chief driver of migration and it’s about economics, and not so much ideology. And money being the universal language, it knows no political boundaries. Maybe to uneducated people, it’s something that only the left promotes. But that’s simply not true. Republicans are pro business which often translates into pro globalization.


Scott,you’re getting close to the “Outer Limits” of our Solar System. How can anyone think of deporting nearly 20 million people.You want to pay higher taxes for that!!
In my opinion, giving them a path to either citizenship or legal resident status.and getting them off taxpayers" Entitlements"is a better option and commonsense.


Oh, I most certainly recognize the logistical problem that exists. This ‘problem’ was contrived and set up the minute the ink dried on the 1986 immigration reform act. The reason of course that we are talking now about 20 million is that our Representatives played the deaf ear to constituents and the law and of course a certain president who saw an opportunity to break the system entirely. Some would say that I am being morally bankrupt for believing that the citizens of this country deserve a government that will enforce the damn law. As far as costing taxpayers to export these people, I would contend that wages would rise and thus tax revenues.

As far as the discussion over the entire immigration issue… the first thing that gets fixed is Border and enforcement… any talk of creating an amnesty 7 times larger than that last one can come later and those discussion come with DACA, not after.

One thing the progressive left and for that matter big business who pay off our politicians count on is creating these problems over years and then expecting the population to just roll over for the easy fix… If we keep going down that road, we will not have a sovereign nation.

I noticed above where you said that you were ‘moderate politically’… what does that mean exactly. I hear far to often about the ‘centrist’ being willing to ‘compromise’… sometimes the resolution to an issue is not a ‘split down the middle’ compromise… sometimes the right thing to do is a very hard choice… we already had this discussion in 1986.

We also know that the people on the ‘give everyone amnesty’ side of this issue have two real motives only and neither of them are compassion. Money and power… nothing more. I am sorry that these illegals allowed themselves to be sucked into this progressive game but we are not the worlds keeper…


CNN are proven liars.


We pay 160 billion a year for our illegals

Imagine after deporting them what you could do with the money


11 million
20 million

Both made up numbers probably closer to 30 or 40 million


If they are not Shit hole countries or as the left says hell holes, why don’t they go home?
Why do they still come here??


Why is no one talking Kirstjen Nielsen’s testimony in all of this? Nielsen was eager to spread the blame and say Trump was not the only one to use profanity. I believe she specifically said Lindsay Graham did so. I wonder if anyone knows what exactly Graham said–specifically, I wonder if perhaps his “profanity” consisted of saying to Trump, “You shouldn’t say shithole.” If so, this was incredibly misleading on her part. I mean, obviously she was being misleading/lying throughout, but it would be interesting to know if this was one particular trick she engaged in.


Durbin asked her a question implying that that was what she was doing and she went off on one of her tangents.

She’s a piece of work. I wonder why she thinks any non white supremacist would ever want to have anything to do with her department again. They may succeed in deporting a bunch of kids but the cost to our nation’s security will be high.


Exactly what does that mean??

p.s. Kids???
The average age of dreamers is 24 years old.


KN is a piece of work alright. Lindsay Graham is the key to all of this and has been successful in not having to tell the world what Trump actually said or what he had to say. KN says she did not here the term “shithole countries” but that there was a lot of tough language being used because everyone was so passionate about this issue. I was waiting for someone to ask why the other 3 lying assholes where there in this meeting. We know Tom Cotton’s radical right wing position and the truth does not matter and he now cannot recall or hear. Senator Perdue is another lying bastard that cannot recall or hear and then we have Rep. Bob Goodlatte another good old white man and probably deaf and dumb as well, of which all three were getting Trump all riled up to blow up this agreement that Durbin and Graham where coming to present to him. I have stated this many times here on the Hive, that this infection and sickness of lying by the republican party is totally out of control and any thinking person should be able to sort this out. Graham was right when he stated that this “S” Shitshow needs to be straightened out and move forward. Advice to the republicans, “Ignore Trump and put your plan on the floor and vote on the damned plan”. If it is a shitty plan and does not pass so be it.


Thee is no plan just a proposal by 6 similar thinking idiots in congress. They represent themselves and the progressive movement not either party nor the American people


Other we are a nation of laws or we are not.
Either we are a nation with a sovereign border or we are not.
Apparently the 160 billion wasted on illegals every year isn’t enough for you.
Apparently you like the stagnate wages mass migration of illegals has brought us.
Apparently the thousands of citizens killed by illegals isn’t enough for you.
Apparently we can learn nothing from the mass migration of Europe.

How can they pay taxes owed for money made under the table?

Go to the back of the line and let them say in the US when others around the world wait years for the opportunity to com to the US.

Deporting illegals is as easy as letting them stay in this country. We now have 11-40 million illegals as no one cares. We have 11-40 million illegals because th American people were compassionate in 1986 and let 1.5 million illegals stay granted them citizenship and it turnout out to be close to 4 million.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is beyond stupid not to mention insane as Einstein once said.


Correct, but just in case someone misunderstands, like the man deported on MLK day, not even close to all of them are on “taxpayers entitlements”.


Some people just do not entertain the simple concept of the ‘Rule of Law’. It is quite possible that President Trump might be the single greatest purveyor of American success in the last 100 year but if he is found to have colluded with a foreign government to put himself in office, regardless of any successes to that point, I hope he goes to jail.

If a bank robber steals millions and builds a hospital for the indigent should he be given a pass because he built the hospital. We went through this entire moral argument in 1986… people bent to the amnesty as the ‘right thing to do’ but did so with the expectation that this would not occur again. Of course some of the people at the table had no desire or intention of fulfilling the commitments to border security and enforcement of immigration laws…

You want me to be moral… the for once in your life, be honorable…


That’s exactly what Dick Durbin said happened and that he was heartened that Trump was corrected by one of his own.


Thats right… Dick Durbin said it happened (though it seems no one else heard it) and then by golly… he confirmed it !!! This is a guy who has already been caught out and shamed for doing the very same kind of word play before…