Trump cites 'shithole countries' as he rejects bipartisan deal


Graham is on record saying that he got heated. This morning he sat down with Dana Bash and said that he objected to what the president had to say at the time it was said, but wasn’t going to come out and confirm it because he has to talk to him.

Well everyone knows how immature the TIC is and that he can’t take criticism.

Graham also told DB that Trump has to be liked, if you don’t like him, he doesn’t care if you’re the Pope, he’s going to attack you. Now unless somebody explains that to the TIC, he’ll see that and believe that Graham was complimenting him. :joy::joy::joy:


Louman,you’re way beyond the"Outer Limits " of our Solar System. You talk like a Fascist!!!
Yes 160 billion dollars is way too much money to spend on illegals. By enforcing the laws we have and deporting "ALL VIOLENT " criminal illegals ,getting those receiving taxpayers “Entitlements” and others working off the books, to the back of the line for citizenship or Legal Residency. we.could reduce the 160 billion dollars.
The cost to go house to house would cost alot more. It would be similar to the Nazis rounding up the Jews to send them to the Extermination Camps which is what you’d probably be in favor of .
Don’t forget this is an election.year.for yh9 House and part of the Senate and alot of the natives are restless.


Louman, I will not argue that the Illegals coming here do not have MBAs or PhDs, however,alot of them work in the fields picking the fruit and vegetables we eat. This is hard work that alot of people won’t do.If you think it’s easy,try it!!!
As a moderate,I don’t agree with the"Christian Right"which is neither.I believe in equal rights for all regardless of race,sexual orientation, age or gender.I supported Sen Ted Cruz in the primary and I’m not afraid to disagree with President Trump,when in my.opinion,he’s wrong.


Ever hear of the rule of law?

If they illegals get a free pass, what’s to stop the 3rd wave or 4th wave?

As a side note do you claim wage/wealth stagnation as a problem? Illegals are a prime reason for both.

Do you hav a child that could not get a part time job in HS? I did as employers preferred illegals to teens. A great way to build job responsibility for our children.

A great reward for entering the US illegally:
A great reward for working in the US illegally.
A great reward for working under the table while claiming entitlements.
A great reward, they get to stay in the US while those in line have to wait forever to get to the US.

Just go the back of the line and everything is great.

p.s. The illegals here in the west do not work in agriculture. We have very little agriculture, the same for New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada.They work in commercial construction, residential construction, brick laying, electrician, plumbers, road construction, at the local Walmarts/Aces/grocery stores, etc.
Not to mention maid services, fast food, major restaurants, landscaping services, roofing, painting, etc.



I never said anything about a Free Pass for Illegals .By going to the back of the line,they’ll have to earn their legal status by being proficient in reading,writing and speaking English without translators.
Where I live Mexicans aren’t.the problem,it’s the "Lazy Ass"Spicaricans.Here the Mexicans are very hard workers especially when mowing grass and putting down mulch.It’s hard to get the Ricans out of bed before noon.


My experience too!!!


Here where I live, the Dominicans work harder than the Spicaricans. They own alot of bodegas,small supermarkets which are clean and convenience stores.I live a 1/2 mile from a 7-11 which is Dominican owned . The workers are polite,attractive and have a very clean store.The same people are there sometimes 7 days a week.


Do you know what ‘going to the back of the line’ means to a person who applies for residence in the US? … you apply from outside the country and you submit paperwork outside the country and you get police reports outside the country and you take medical exams outside the country… That is the back of the line…


And yet you harp on about how the US government has let down the people of Puerto Rico… Either they are hard working industrious people who push their local government to be the best… or they seek the path of least resistance and assistance…


Going to the back of the line means going behind those that have LEGALLY applied for citizenship and wait their turn.
I have only talked about those Puerto Ricans etc that I come in contact with. I know these are a small part of them ,but I haven’t.seen the middle class Puerto Ricans which could be good people.


They wait their turn while residing in their home countries while illegals bask in entitlements in he US.


As far as Puerto Rico’s financial problems go, that is their problem to correct. The US is not a bottomless pit of money to reward those for mismanagement.I would rather they become a country than a state so they would receive less US taxpayers money.


While those illegals here are at the back of the line must be working and not receiving Entitlements, all others will be processed ahead of them and must meet requirements that I’ve previously stated. Read my posts!!!
I’m not ignorant!!! I’m only being reasonable!!!–


While those waiting in line must stay in their home countries.

See the problem???


Better get use to it as our cities and some states are in much the same state of financial ruin.


Yes Louman , I live in one, Reading Pa. Check it out !!!


No it’s not. The criticism isn’t one sided as Puerto Rican’s injured themselves and the FED’s had policies in place that were injurious as well. And maybe a little advantage levering by Wall Street at times.


And the majority of them are doing.


A a past resident of Detroit then Chicago, I know what corruption looks like.