Trump Effect? UK threatens to withhold United Nations funding


Could it be that Trump is helping other countries grow balls?


The UN is a failure.

The US should expel them from the US and let it move to Germany or Sweden,


Nahhhhhhh. The south pole!


Perhaps Mars with Cher.


That money could be put to much better use !


Yes it could. It could help with Brit-EX or take care of some of their immigration issues… The UN is part of the problem, not the solution.


Trump, for all his imperfections, is one of the few politicians in the world that I see as being broadly on my side on at least some issues. Meanwhile, Sharia May endlessly virtue signals to impress people who’d never vote for her anyway.


Theresa May banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering the UK because they said “mean things” (ie the truth) about Islam. We should have banned her from the UN because of her rejection of free speech in the UK.


You can’t broad brush 1.5 billion Muslims around the world that live and work and go to bed in peace every night, just because there are radical extremists from them committing hate crimes. Just like it wouldn’t be fair to define a slightly smaller number of Christians around the world by those whacked out extremists within their midsts. Doing so radicalizes more. Mrs. May was correct.


But white people who do the same can be painted with nearly every broad brush they have. Globally, whites are a minority but are the only group that must have multiculturalism.


Not everybody feels that way. You only quoted half of what I said. And this may just be the consequences of centuries of conquest, imperialism and exploitation of non whites the world over by that minority. One doesn’t have to like and welcome such, just because it’s pointed out.


You’ll never see anyone asked to apologize for anti-White statements. It’s sanctioned by TV, film, school, and media outlets.


We shouldn’t forget that there was a time that the British bragged that the sun never set on their empire that was built by conquest and imperialism that brought the suffering of millions of humans around the world as they and the natural resources of their lands were exploited. It has taken a long time for them fighting to regain their independence, but these things aren’t readily forgotten.