Trump fires Tillerson


Top diplomat now gone

Unprecedented turnover during an administrations first 13 months. He was fired the day he pointed out that Trump is a fucking moron, it just took Trump sometime to announce it.


Great move by President Trump. Tillerson sucked. He did nothing but shuffle around and occasionally make offensive statements about Russia.

I don’t know about Pompeo, he probably sucks too, but it’d be hard to beat Tillerson. Sessions needs to go next.


So drain the swamp turns out to be the TICS own cabinet and staff??


In business, people fire those who don’t perform or who fail to meet the demands of leadership. It’s called being a professional and having a job. Good move by Trump. Long overdue.


Tillerson was Trumps pick, as was Sessions and all the others he humiliates publicly on a regular bases. Tillerson says he did not speak to the president and is unaware of why he was fired while in Africa.


Trump’s giving us a great education regarding how corrupt and worthless deep state employees are. He’s trying to find someone to work with that system from that system.

So far, they’ve been universally dog shit.

Drain the swamp?

That’s a good start. We need to then slash and burn it, and till it with salt.


Lol, Tillerson was CEO of Exxon Mobile. So the TIC’s own pick was part of the swamp, lol.


I’m sure you were fired several times , when you under perform and are unable to meet a specified standard ,you hit the bricks , something you have done many times . :wink:


But all Trumps picks, shrug.


Then why is the TIC picking another guy that sucks???


What Tillerson said about the poisoning hoax is unforgivable. Its so obviously a set up to cause trouble for Russia and thereby Trump. Bye Rex.


Lol, and standing on the White House lawn moments ago the TIC answered a question from the press about that and he said that PM May will be phoning him today to discuss this and he acknowledged that all evidence points to RUSSIA!!


When you are NOT a politician and you take them at their word about carrying out their duties to the highest standards , and a great businessmen will hold you accountable ! YOUR FIRED !!!


LOL Montecresto1 thinks WaPo is a valid news source. All the crazy opinions—explained.


Are you suggesting that Tillerson hasn’t been fired, lol. Maybe you could comment on that, hmm?


Tillerson has publicly butted heads with Trump on far to many occasions… he is their to execute the policies of the administration and not create them himself…

We always know that with limited political experience he would have to draw his talent from the prevailing pool… it was green and slimy when he got their. Trump is his own man, he makes his own decisions and Tillerson is a prime example of what Trump meant when he asked Comey for his loyalty… it wasn’t nefarious… it was just a simple: ’ this is who I am and what I want in this administration… are you with me or not?’


Regardless, Tellerson set a policy course that obviously at the time was in contradiction to his boss… besides, Trump has been looking for a good place for Pomoeo for a while… We will see if their is wisdom in putting a spook in charge of the State Dept…


Seems that people working for the president forget the one important thing, they work at the pleasure of the president.

Apparently Rex chose what he wanted over what the president wanted. Clearly a great reason for Rex to leave.


The TIC lacked the backbone to look Rex in the eye to fire him. :roll_eyes:


Sessions is doing all right. The recusal thing was dumb, but he’s been doing a lot of good things under the radar. If he started announcing he’s investigating all these people, documents are getting destroyed and bodies are dropping. Remember when the media was coming for him constantly, to the point he couldn’t do his job. Now that Trump posts angry tweets occasionally about him, they backed off.