Trump fires Tillerson


Well sure, why get in the way of the TIC when he’s undermining his own AG. Snicker.


Besides Pence, Boy Wonder and daughter who in T’s inner circle has been In the WH since the first 30 days?


According to the Post, Trump’s language is

"I am proud to nominate the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, to be our new Secretary of State,” Trump said.

So he said nominate, not appoint. But I am not an expert on this.


Nominate as he must be approved by the senate.

I’m sure Shumer will make it as difficult as possible.


I ‘think’ that both he and his replacement at the CIA will both need to be confirmed to those positions.


He can move one head to another under the vacancies act, but that has a lifespan of 210 days I believe before that head has to be confirmed by the Senate…


Don’t forget Stephen Miller… He has been quietly pursuing the job and narrative of Bannon with respect to immigration… besides Bannon could have never gone to Italy as he did as a staff member of the US president. :astonished: Its not about quantity, its about quality… besides, if Trump thrives on chaos then he is running his office the way he likes it…


Like I said—Explained. One day when you put on your big boy pants you won’t get WaPo’s perspective on breaking news, or any news for that matter.


The Washington Post aka the Personal Daily Blog of Jeff Bezos.


Tillerson didn’t even know he was fired. He found out over Twitter. So much for Trump being a brilliant business leader. I didn’t know brilliant corporate executives fired their top people over Twitter. It’s ok though the experts are beginning to confirm what the majority of Americans already know. Trump is the worst President in US history.


Their seem to be some contrary reports about the ‘tweeter’ story… as far as Tillerson ‘not knowing’… I would suggest that he has crossed swords enough times with his boss that if he doesn’t understand his position in the administration, perhaps it was time for him to hit the road anyway… Someone that unaware should not be the Sec. of State.


I certainly have no animus against Rex Tillerson. But Mike Pompeo, according to my understanding, will probably be more aggressive toward Iran–for instance, he will likely suggest tearing up the JCPOA (or “Iran Nuclear Agreement,” as it is commonly known)–and I, too, believe that the US should strongly confront the Iranian leadership, and never–never, under any circumstances–appease it.


That chart is interesting… it sure does like Teddy and Franklin as well as Woodrow too…:blush:


You Trumptards are going down with the ship. What happens when Mnuchin and Mad Dog walk out?

Trump also fired a senior State Department official for telling the truth and hurting his feelings.


He fired Tillerson loyalists who were acting like jerks. Things getting political in politics. Who knew?!?


I didn’t speak to WaPo’s perspective. Would you feel better if I posted the firing of Rex Tillerson using a Fox or Infowars link. What does it matter. The TIC’s administration is melting down, 40% turnover already and all you’ve got is a personal attack on me and a criticism of the source. Whatever dude.


The entire UNSC agreed to the Iran deal. And Iran isn’t causing any problems.


Certainly from a left/progressive perspective he is.

The rest of the country would likely laugh in your face.


Dropping like flies, a complete meltdown.


Certainly in your mind yet the world continues on as well as this government.