Trump fires Tillerson


North Korea, Iran, the Paris Climate accord, all things that the TIC could have asked Tillerson about in their first meeting/interview. Clearly as Tillerson declared himself, Trumps a f-ing moron.


For telling the truth?.. and you know that how?

Fact is, this is not the first run around the block between Tillerson and his BOSS… and just because Rex had ‘every intention of staying’ does not mean that his desire aligned with ‘Serves at the pleasure of the president’. As far as trumsters going down with the ship… I am on board with what Trump proclaimed to be his postions, not Trump. As long as Trump is working in the direction of fulfilling those positions and if that requires bring fresh blood and more aligned positions, so be it.


John McEntee was fired and escorted off the White House grounds on Monday. They’re dropping like flies over there.


The escort out and mailing of his personal effects makes me wonder if McEntee wasn’t operating as a cancerous mole, feeding Wapoo Huffpoo and others with juicy gossip to undermine the administration.

I would surmise he was also determined to be a security risk, or they would have let him clean out his own desk.


Nope, none of that. Trump just brought the swamp with him to Washington and it’s getting drained.


The “entire” United States Congress?

The “deal” barely became law:

And the House of Representatives (which I always thought was a part of the Congress) was not nearly even that enthusiastic about the deal:

As for Iran’s behavior, there is really no way to be certain that they are complying with the terms of the deal. That is why anytime, anywhere inspections–i.e. “snap” inspections, by the US–would be critical here.


He went back to work for the 2020 campaign. I doubt seriously that Trump would allow him in that capacity if he were a liability.


:rofl::rofl: and through the continued… acquiescence to Korea, they haven’t been a problem either… One day the agreement will be wrapped up and Iran will have 10 years worth of research and ‘friendly’ help to make up for lost time

As stated above, this was hardly a unanimous declaration of approval.


The point being that the UK, Russia, China, France and Germany all agree with the deal, not just the US, and inspections are taking place. But more important than anything is that these countries are acquiring nukes as a deterrent as learned by Hussein, Gaddaffi Assad and Kim Jung Un. They aren’t offensive weapons.


He’s under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes. I guess it’s not surprising that the TIC would keep him on for his re-election campaign. He hasn’t surrounded himself with folks of very good integrity and character.


Trump is unique unlike any past president.
Once you realize that, you have 3 options:

  1. Spend a great deal of time being totally outraged, pretending you know the very substance of the man and showing he’s completely deranged, a very uncaring person. We see that in some people posting here.

  2. Spend a great deal of time trying to explain, rationalize with the outraged people of the left.

  3. And finally the last choice, take a break step away from the hatred and watch the tug of war between the outraged and the people trying to help the outraged to better understand where we are today. In any case note the unhelpful patterns on either side.

I’ve tried to help explain, I’ve tried to return the hatred. I’m not a rabid Trump supporter nor do I rage with the fever of hatred.

And now I use the dismiss feature to lose the posters who are strictly here to agitate. So it seems the left is comprised of rage filled f-ing morons as john so aptly used the words.


No, the entire United Nations Security Council. (Permanent members plus Germany)


For years… (long before desert storm and libya) … the Iranians were professing that all of their nuclear research was for domestic energy production…

How naive are you… Iran has regional ambitions and have stated time and time again the ‘offensive’ goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth.


Which shows how Iran like NK how naive they really are. As if they would not cease to exist should they drop a nuclear or 2.

A glass parking lot come to mind as the sand in Iran is fused to glass.


Blustery talk aside, nuclear weapons development is for deterrent purposes. In the 70 plus years that they’ve existed, one nation has used them on their enemy, in an offensive manner, on two completely civilian targets. Iran may talk of whiping Israel off the map, as North Korea talks about doing the same to the US but it’s just blustery talk, suicidal talk if attempted, nothing more.


I’m really happy when I see people like you who think that, because he continually beats everyone who dismisses him like that, and none of us our getting tired of all this winning. You’ve already lost. :joy: And you have no idea, and you’re dismissing me right now as I inform you. It’s hilarious! :rofl:


What does that have to do with the fact that the TIC could have weeded Tillerson out the first time he met with him had he asked him how he felt about the Iran deal, the Paris Accord and North Korea?


Doesn’t matter what anyone agreed to. It was a rush job to stick the incoming President with it…forgetting that the President could just rip it up and walk away. Which is what should be done. Iran is a terrorist state.


Lol. Shaking like a leaf on a tree. There’s lots of states that have engaged in terrorism and use it through proxies. You know that the US is on that list. Trump even pissed off republicans for essentially acknowledging as much when he was candidate.


Oh please, you have to get to know someone to find out if you’ll get along. Trump gave it a year, even though people were calling Tillerson weak early on. There were either too many things on his plate or he was quite lenient here, giving Tillerson every chance to pick up his game. I’m not saying hiring Tillerson was the right choice when it clearly turned out to be the wrong choice. I just love that your summary is Trump is a moron. So Tillerson, who has run a mega corporation, is a moron too? He’s the one who failed at his job, further evidenced by how the State Dept. didn’t respect him. It not all Trump’s fault, partially granted for hiring him, but Tillerson failed all by himself and got fired.