Trump Has Officially Flip-Flopped on Illegal Immigration


A valuable lesson has been learned. Never trust any politician who says they are going to do something. Even if it is as simple as enforcing the laws that we already have on immigration. They won’t do it. Let us now be governed by Ivanka and Jared. Who wants to start a countdown clock until we can get this fucker out of office.


I’m not clear on the decision making here. This will crush his base. Not a wise move since his base put him into office. He should have held out until after the primaries.


I have never felt that he was far away from some sort of exemption for ‘dreamers’ and I don’t know that I don’t have sympathy for them as well… where I will take grave exception is if this leads to a pathway without first exiting the country and joining the cue and just what family members will get a free ride because of the exemption carved out for this specific group of people.

Dems most certainly see this as a complete win because if those covered under DACA are given a relatively easy path to citizenship, they will not have to give up their jobs and their families will, by extension get amnesty as well… This will destroy any support for Trump as his relative capitulation over the ACA when he scolded the Freedom Caucus and not the establishment republicans will not be quickly forgotten.


Could Trump be so pissed at the party for NOT repealing Obamacare that he is willing to work with the dems in order to get something done and piss them off in return ?


If he is… I would have to say, I really don’t know what his game is… at this rate dems are going to nominate him next time around…


That very well maybe the end game . :expressionless:


I wouldn’t have called myself a die-hard Trump supporter during the primaries. I liked Rand Paul and Ted Cruz better, but as the campaign wore on Trump did accurately address the things that I truly cared about:

  • Economy
  • Immigration
  • Law and Order
  • Cutting government

For me this change in position is really troubling. It is not aligned to the core issues that need to be addressed within immigration and criminal justice. It’s also a slap in the face for all new Americans who came here legally and obtained citizenship and to those working through the process now.

I’m actually in disbelief this morning.


I’m still holding my breath but… blue is not a good color…:rofl:

GAWD… I do humor myself sometimes… sorry… I’ll see myself out now…


You haven’t been paying attention.

I think this is an exchange to get the wall built. It also hurts Republicans badly. Don’t give up hope yet. This was done intentionally.


Only…only… if he gets the wall… I am still holding my breath because unless this actually frightens establishment republicans to endorse something that neither they or dems really want to see come into existence, it will be a wash for Trump… again, the way the president handled the ACA was to me… deplorable. Of course I guess that is still in the game as well… its clock is still ticking…


Politically, this was a dangerous move. Trump does not have much political capital to forfeit, because he didn’t go to DC with any to begin with. What he has put into jeopardy is the hardcore support of his base. If he fails to deliver, he can wave good bye to them. They will throw him out as quickly as they put him in.


The unfortunate thing is that he would appear to be a once in a generation game changer… I see no one with character to pull off what he did and I doubt if the could, … once bitten twice shy might be the operative. Rand Paul really disappointed me… he totally lost his voice, I can only imagine his fortitude should he be in trumps position now. …


Stefan is pissed.


Lol, most of Trumps life he was a democrat and the lions share of his political donations supported liberal ideology. The “basket of deplorables” was duped apparently. Trump just wants to make a deal, he’s craving legislation be placed on his desk to sign, he doesn’t care what it is as he’s not the ideologue that he was mistaken for.


If giving amnesty to 4 million illegals didn’t kill America, I wonder why Stefan thinks that providing conditional and necessarily renewable legal residency to 800K will??? The ‘never Trump’ conservatives are beside themselves…again.


Daddy please let all the poor little brown kids stay in the country and become citizens!

Okay sweetie I’ll go make a deal with Nancy and Chuck

Feeling that #MAGA yet?


I am so pissed off about this. I went to the mat for this guy with friends and family, many of them won’t even speak to me now. It was simple. All he had to do is direct ICE to enforce the law and deport these people. Why the FUCK is that so hard? These fucking pieces of shit come to this country and get free tuition and good jobs and we don’t get a fucking thing. Too bad there isn’t another Western country to move to. Apparently we need to get cucked by fucking minorities everywhere.


Told you guys…


There it is right there dude!!!


Wow. Do you know anything about Manifest Destiny, Westward Expansion, and who was displaced by it. It’s little wonder that history repeats itself. And your hatred and bigotry is off the chart!!!