Trump Has Officially Flip-Flopped on Illegal Immigration


Told who what??? Throughout his entire campaign, he promised Americans that he would make Mexico pay for the Wall lmao. Sure is a lot of buyers remorse these days.


I seem to recall you boasting quite a bit about Trump. I also seem to recall you asking me if I was “salty” about the election every time I posted something objectively critical of Trump after he won.

Now let me ask you, are you feeling a little salty sweetie?



Steve Bannon says Donald Trump’s presidency is ‘over’ as he returns to far-right outlet Breitbart


Manifest destiny is not the unique providence of the US. It has been the route of colonization and conquering throughout history. Latinos of most central and South American countries can count in their genes a clear line to Europe and a high percentage of ‘Latinos’ in the US southwest have a preponderance of native American blood and a high percentage have a very high mix of African blood… so in historical terms… who invaded whom? Who know, in one… two … three hundred years perhaps everyone in north America will speak Spanish… or perhaps mandarin an live under a the Chinese star… right now, the US is the US and a good lot of people would like to see it stay that way… After all, one in twenty men in the world have genes from Genghis Khan… talk about your manifest destiny…


I am getting the feeling that something else is going on. Trump knows that his hardest core of supporters is at about 12%, the ones who actually believed and continue to believe that there is going to be a wall. Something like 80% of the voting public believes that the Dreamers should be allowed to stay and the wall is ridiculous. By working with “Chuck and Nancy” Trump is getting the best of both worlds. He is getting to give the finger to the establishment - in this case Republicans - in exchange for appearing reasonable to a large swath of the voting public. Most of his supporters really only care about giving someone the finger, and they don’t care who, or really why. They care that he “says what he thinks.” (OK, he doesn’t actually think, but never mind…)


"The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.

“We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

Of course he was talking about the deliberate and sustained purge of those who opposed the establishment. With those people not having the presidents ear and those tailoring the message the president gets… it could never hope to be the same…


Wow, Donald John’s got new friends in congress and the alt right here is pissed and you can see the smoke coming off their keyboards as the name calling begins.


Do you have a citation for that?

As far as what trump supporters want… and interesting thing to banter about because the msm has had little success in figuring out Trumps win and the true left leaning blogs have no clue at all. While the general reading of your comment is correct, the nuance is a bit different. I don’t think that any of Trumps supporters want to waste the money on a hideous barrier on the border, but they do know, particularly after Obama, just how tenuous ‘enforcement’ can be… From amnesty and its many exemptions from 1986, we are looking at between 11 and 40 million people who came here specifically because they knew that that could. The wall is a permanent obstacle to folks like Obama who believe that the laws passed by congress do not need judicious enforcement and an E-verify system that is still voluntary…

As for the dreamers… Muh… their is some sympathy for their plight but the extended family benefits, particularly to the parents who entered the US illegally in the first place is a red line too far… a path to citizenship should only become available from the other side of the border like everyone else…

So, with those two things in mind, you might say that people don’t want the wall… and they are accepting of people brought to the US as children… but then you have to sort out all of the 15 to 30 year olds that came here under Obamas watch…


Only if you think what a candidate says doesn’t matter… seems to be the case with many voters as long as entitlements aren’t touched…


If Trump’s actions were part of a larger plan, I would have expected less equivocation about whether or not there was a deal, and a better plan for getting a deal through Congress.

If I were to take the most cynical position in relation to Trump’s understanding of government, it would be that his debt limit “deal” convinced him that everything he has been told is wrong, and that if he cuts a deal then Congress will somehow pass his desired legislation even if his own party is largely opposed. While that may underestimate Trump, as he can extent DACA without legislation, if he keeps pushing back the deadline he looks like he’s equivocating and he also keeps the issue at the front and center going into the midterms.

I think that most of the followers who want to see Trump give somebody the finger are also sharply partisan – so they may not mind Trump’s giving the finger to Congressional leadership that they see as weak, but they will mind his doing so by working with the ‘enemy’ as we have seen from their reactions here and on other threads.


Yep, you can see it already just on the pages of this forum.


Trump is not an ideologue, he’s a DEAL MAKER. He doesn’t care what the deal is as long as legislation reaches his desk to sign. He hates loosing and losers and the GOP has failed him, with control of both houses of congress and multiple attempts to kill ACA they failed and he doesn’t like failure. Lmao


Look at it the other way. What must-haves should be tied to DACA?

Tax cuts, funding the wall, ending birthright citizenship, stringent requirements for “Dreamers,” including extreme vetting, deportation for any crime, no welfare, English proficiency … would this be acceptable?


A lot at stake in this election. People who have wanted limited government and strong borders have been working towards this election since 2010… and they aren’t in any kind of accommodative mode over some things. Trump ran on some pretty straight forward points… points that most people want addressed. I think that they are less pissed at Trump then they are with congress… they elected most republicans based on trumps message and it was a message that many of them willingly parroted…


Would this be acceptable to who?


To the people here who put Trump into power and are ready to disrupt the entire electoral system. We were pissed enough to get Trump in and utterly destroy the campaign of Hillary and every establishment Republican shill through effective memetic warfare. You think little district-wide elections are going to stop us? Trump will do as we say.


Lmao, sure looks that way.


Yeah, just like the polling data had HRC with a 91% chance of winning. We aren’t finished, we are just getting started with what Steve Bannon put into motion. We are legion.


Well you get an A for positive thinking at least. But no, you’re wrong, watch and see! Those who think as you are a slim minority, and America is not going backwards, which the fat majority view your “make America hate again” vision to be.