Trump Has Officially Flip-Flopped on Illegal Immigration


Lmao, another keyboard warrior. Your vision of America is dead dude.


That was a good well thought bitch out if impossible to execute.


Where’d ya go big boy???!!!


I’ll have you know I’m King Kong lmao. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


So… You once said that you offered to take people in from Katrina… just how many people would you have taken before you closed your doors? The country was populated from sea to shining sea (that gets your hackles up don’t it :grin:) with people who would help make America self supporting… it wasn’t a charity, it wasn’t a dumping ground and that little poem on the statue of Liberty, while showing a compassionate people, did not make America a open to any and all. When you have more working age people than jobs, that should be a signal… I do however understand the motivation for successive age groups from older boomers down to seek someone to take care of them because they were just to busy to have children and raise families of their own