Trump Hasn't Instigated The Obamacare Apocalypse


Executive order, part one: Association health plans

The idea of association health plans has been around for a long time. George W. Bush included them in his 2007 health-reform proposal. The concept is that individuals could get insurance from voluntary associations, like the Sierra Club or a church group, and receive the same tax benefit that people get for obtaining their coverage through their employers.

The Trump executive order claims to legalize association health plans, but in reality is much more limited. The order allows small businesses—but not voluntary associations—to pool together to buy insurance in bulk.

The thing is, the order is even more modest than that. Small businesses already have the ability to pool together to buy insurance and other benefits, through professional employer organizations, or PEOs. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) enables these “multiple employer welfare arrangements,” whereby the PEO becomes the “employer” for purposes of providing health coverage and other fringe benefits. Millions of Americans get their health insurance this way already.

Hence, the likely policy impact of this part of the executive order is minimal to zero.


I’m wondering if Trump is testing the waters to see what liberal lunatics come out of the woodwork to file lawsuits against this in the ninth circuit. By issuing an executive order that effectively does nothing, he has nothing to lose…but can get valuable insight.


The court already said it was not constitutional so Trump is acting on the decision.


Deleted post was stepped on.


It is about time we stop illegally subsidizing insurance companies to prop up a failing healthcare bill so the dems can rake in the gifts and contributions to their campaigns . The last 7 years were the most profitable years for the insurance companies . Obamacare never allowed for negotiating drug pricing so Merck , Pfizer , Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Big pharmaceuticals sell the very same drugs to Countries like Canada for up to 90% LESS than they sell to the USA under Obamacare . ALL at taxpayer expense !!!


The lawsuit alleges that five drug companies won contracts with the Iraqi government during the 2003 peak of the war with knowledge that free drugs and medical devices would end up in the hands of a Shiite militia.
That militia would then sell the drugs and devices to the black market to fund its operations against the U.S., the New York Times reported.


Lol, EO’s because with the White House and both houses of congress the GOP and the TIC are impotent.


No! The EO did nothing but support the court ruling.


Can you elaborate on that?



Thank you. Why doesn’t that just put an end to the ACA then??


Great question… US government! The home of unfunded liabilities!