Trump Immigration Plan Released


The White House’s immigration plan will offer a path to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants living in the country illegally, according to details shared by administration officials on a call for allies that Axios listened to. The administration proposal will be shared with Congress today, the officials said.

The White House’s plan also includes…

  • An end to the visa lottery program and chain migration.

  • A “$25 billion dollar trust fund for the wall system.”

  • “Historic investment in northern border security.”

  • “An appropriation for filling personnel deficiencies” in border patrol and at the Department of Homeland Security.

  • “Same treatment of illegal aliens, regardless of country of origin.”

  • “Closing loopholes in the system that make it almost impossible to deport illegal immigrants,” such as the court backlog or the “catch and release” policy through which immigrants are released while awaiting a hearing.



Not one single mention of E-Verify. The House better re-work this.


I guess all of you hateful bigots will have to accept that Trump is going to give the dreamers amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. How does that salt taste now?


I guess all of you braindead libtards will have to accept DACA being tied to funding the wall and ending chain migration. You guys are so easily distracted by the shiny object. Schumer backed himself into a corner and now he gets to do it again. Trump just offered him DACA on a silver platter and he’s not gonna take it. Just watch.

Dems will eat the bullet over this. Can’t wait.


The ACLU didn’t waste any time in condemning it. Trump can now say he offered DACA but the Democrats didn’t want it.


Lol, are you giving the TIC credit for offering amnesty to 2 million illegals to the minority party. :joy::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy:


Imagine if it passes and watching those cucked libtards act like they’re happy about 1.8 million being naturalized. It’s fucking hilarious to me. Trump always wins.


2 million tacos isn’t even that much if we get the wall. Hell I’m for it.


Lol, the TIC isn’t going to be worrying about Mexicans as Mueller has his fat ass by the short hairs. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, you roll over and play dead too. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Soy boys are salty as hell right now.



Lmao, 2 million more illegals let in and you’re celebrating. Bwahahahaha!!!


If you don’t see what’s happening I’m not explaining it to you. Read the tweets from your fellow liberals who are a bit quicker on putting the pieces together than you are.


Hell yeah - those tacos won’t be able to fill out the paperwork to even start the process. It’ll be too complicated. There are also caveats for the tacos which would probably cut the number in half anyway. Who gives a shit. It’s a low number comparatively and now the Dems have to eat it. They have DACA from the President now do something with it.


The Republicans can’t add 2 million to the voter rolls that fast, ever. The TIC is a globalist. Follow the money, look at where that fat ass has all his merchandise manufactured, and look at the HB-1’s that service his properties. You’ve been screwed. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


TIL @Montecresto1 has never stood face to face with another man and negotiated for something. I’d love to play a game of poker with you Monte - cash money only.


The American Southwest is going back to its original owners. Deal with it. :wink:


Where do you live???


Carlin, Nevada - you probably never heard of it.