Trump Immigration Plan Released


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I’d prefer to deport them all, but the “concession” plan does keep citizenship at bay for at least 10-12 years, should they bother to apply. Hopefully they’ll all be deported for crimes in the next 2-3 years so that will be moot.


Dems are actually complaining about this deal. Unreal. Do they really expect a better deal? How could it possibly get better for them without Trump’s supporters calling for his impeachment?


The left and the media are going to have a problem with anything Trump does. He could grant amnesty to every border jumper and they would still find something wrong with it.


This, by me is a horrible deal. Granted I never knew how you would deal with some 20 million plus illegals other than a forced round up and deportation but this ‘deal’ gives away a lot as an opener.

1.8 million is far higher than the 650K that is the base number or even the 800K bantered around or even the extremely broad 1.4million which supposedly took in the wave created by Obama. Given that also allows parents and siblings one might expect the number to rise to 4 million and then dealing with chain migration pro actively no doubt will perhaps double that number. So right out of the gate we are looking at some 6-8million.

No mention of plugging the real economic hole with mandatory E-Verify is a real disappointment. This is not a ‘phase 2’ issue as DACA was THE negotiating chip and it is the key to ending the economic pull to the US for illegal labor.

Because their is no specific definition for the re-purposing of ‘lottery visas’ one can easily imagine them going going to H2 visas.

This leaves us with no real interior enforcement and another 14 million illegals and the left only has to say… “They have been here for years, what are you going to do, round them up?”… and the meek voice returns with… “Well, No”.

But… Trump is keeping his “Build That Wall” promise…


I would say that he pretty well has… If they don’t force the issue with federal voting standards for national positions, starting in 2020 dems own the house cause Trump is going to get no kudos for this…


Oh, translation: “We’ve got him now”, number 4591.


I don’t know the full strategy, but I think part of this is running out the clock so DACA will end on its own and the Democrats have to explain to their brown base why they didn’t save it.

The expansion from 800k to 1.8m is for future sound bites. “I offered them even more than they wanted, and they still wouldn’t work with me”


This. Hes playing to liberal bases now (as inspired by “you wont let us dream, we wont let you sleep” shenanigan at Schumer’s house). Dems will turn this deal down, and the Trump admin. assumes the moral high ground. Remember when Trump “failed” to repeal Obamacare twice last year?


Regardless, Trump and Congress are either going to kick the can down the road and the border will become as congested as it was and visa overstayers will continue to disappear and the status of illegals will remain as it was. I truly believe that he has always considered some resolution for the DACA bunch but I am not sure that he has thought through the parents and families and relatives etc that come with them… he raised the bar in peoples minds… 650K to 1.8m and an end to chain migration that would NOT be retro active…

I’m not sure how he can unsay these things… the only thing he could add that would be beneficial would be retro active E-Verify and I think that he has been sufficiently captured by the cheap labor crowd that he won’t even bring it up… Call me surprised if he did.


Dems will sacrifice 1.8 million illegals for the 10s of millions they get through chain migration and status quo immigration. The dems will hesitate to go for this, because it hurts them long term. Its a setup IMHO to make the Dems look bad a create dissention in their party. The party is so diverse and radical that they wont be able to hold ranks.

Im not 100% sure, but this is my theory on the situation. Trump has all the leverage and doesn’t need to offer anything really. He doesn’t even need them for wall funding (he can do that via other means).