Trump Immigration Plan Released


And no e-verify, pathetic.


I completly agree,E verify must be a.part of the equation!!!


Too much resistance from farmers and rangers claiming they will fold without those WILLING to do that type labor . And other businesses that want cheap labor are also contacting their reps .


That’s not going to happen. He could commit murder in broad daylight on fifth avenue and he’d loose no supporters…he said so. :blush:


But if they do, which is more likely than not, the TIC will sign a Bill that gives amnesty to nearly two million illegals, something none of you guys ever believed would happen as he was pandering for your votes during his candidacy. Then he said, the ONLY path for DACA is deportations straight back to Mexico where they’ll have to get in line and come in the legal way.


Whether he hoodwinked us or not… was their any other choice?.. even with your independent Gary Johnson…


How is it you know all about “what we thought would never happen”? Playing with crystal balls?


Gary Johnson was/is a loon!


Too many republicans oppose that and the Freedom Caucus numbers about 30.

“DACA is inconsistent with the rule of law, inconsistent with the president’s own promises, and inconsistent with the president’s principled stand against illegal immigration,” the Kansas secretary of state and national immigration crusader Kris Kobach wrote in a Breitbart op-ed this week. “It must end.”

As to the wall, the left should swallow that. First, nearly 3/4’s of the land along the border is private, and many property owners will fight the administration over it. The land could in the end be confiscated by imminent domain (something that true conservatives typically have issues with) but a lot of the 25 Billion trust fund would be consumed just doing all that. If pices of a wall are eventually built, Trumps gone by then, and immigrants put a ladder up and tunnel under. ITS a big fat waste of tax payer money.


Well go ahead and tell me that you knew at the time that Trump was blowing smoke up your ass and that what he really would do is sign amnesty for nearly 2 million as president.


Unfortunately he was he loser of all our evils.

Even the Bern was a distant 2nd place.


What about you Freedom, want to join the group in acknowledging that your pic for pres was evil, just less so than the alternative. That’s the pathetic state of the union, the best that could be put forward to run the country was two evil POS’s.


What’s interesting is he is no less evil than the last 3 or 4 presidents.


Again, never a shred of proof to back up your lies.


The best and the brightest no longer want to serve the people in government, as we see with Trump’s treatment by the left, right and media, it’s just not worth it.


Your quoting an opinion post and asking for proof??? That’s very odd.


Word games, again…


Monte,I supported Ted Cruz during the Primary.When Trump won the Primary, I had no doubts to support him. He was clearly the best choice over HRC. Like all of us,he.isn’t perfect , but his leadership skills are Miles ahead of HRC. I had hoped he would have nominated Ted Cruz. for AG which would’ve been alot better than Jeff Sessions.I regrets supporting President Trump at all.


I’m not sure which post this is responding to. But yeah, what you’re saying about Trumps leadership skills of course is subjective as his poll numbers support. And telling me that he’s better than HRC isn’t comforting either, as she’s so bad that doesn’t take much. I remain disgusted that the best America could run is a narcissistic tv personality and five time bankrupt real estate developer against a sleazy criminal that really ought to be in prison. We are badly in need of another option that challenges this two party system.


You name me ANY other individual in the US that you think would have brought the kind of pressure on the establishment that this man has?.. You may not like his methods but we have a corruption problem that needs to be purged. As far as his narcissistic personality I think that while others my handle it better, every single person elected in the last one hundred years… except perhaps for Carter were all grade A narcissists and I don’t know any… include Trump who used the words Me, Myself and I more than the last one.

It is, as you point out with Mueller, early days but I don’t think that anyone else could have stood up against an establishment and an opposition as intense as he has and continue to prevail day after day. You have to be in a position of being beholden to no one and the ability to care less about what people say, to pull it off…

Unfortunately I think his is falling into the mold that is most comfortable… compromise… While it might be the smoothest road to harmony, it doesn’t necessarily solve problems the right way…