Trump Immigration Plan Released


If DACA were to go all the way to the Supreme Court it very well maybe rule an unconstitutional act by Obama and the mass deportations will begin . :heart_eyes:


Speaking of which, looks like a Democrat from El Paso has snuck up on him from way behind, within single digit now.


I feel Betrayed by PRESIDENT TRUMP he Traded the SECURITY of America’s citizens for LAWBREAKERS that sneak into our country? what happened to putting America First? there goes the thing that made our country GREAT the SAFETY that our LAWS GAVE US> now we are no more than a lawless third world Nation


The Dems aren’t going to take the deal. Even if they did, we get over a million flooding in a year. We’d be at the 1.8 million number in less than two years and that’s not counting the ones already here. Plus they can’t do a single thing wrong for 12 years and they have to work. I’ll take the hit on the 1.8 for everything else.


the DEMOCRATS are breaking FEDERAL LAWS in their fraternizing and as such deserve the fullest extent of the punishment the LAW carries! the cute name of Illegals? ENOUGH of the word games and time to call them what they are and treat them as so. NOT all the amenities that our veterans returning from combat? TRUMP betrayed AMERICA giving these LAWBREAKERS Amnesty


Hard working and with good moral character…?



Well that’s certainly Brietbart’s take. And if this happens it will be the second time for a Republican to grant amnesty. Someday people will get wise to the Republican Party. Maybe


No… I am pretty sure that the first time was well intientioned… I think Reagan actually believed that Democrats who were the ones pushing for the amnesty would keep to their word on enforcement. As for this time… the deal is far from done but if it goes as written, Trumps base will most certainly feel betrayed…


There will be NO deal ! Did you see the loathsome faces the dems had though out the entire speech ? If this go’s to the Supreme Court DACA will be declared unconstitutional and they will ALL get deported ! Why do the true republicans see a need to compromise with the dems , time and the LAW are on their side , let the Supreme Court decide the matter and put an end to all the BS . Canada wants all 24,000,000 illegals no longer welcome here , put those loud mouths to the test ! :wink:


Just try to put on a happy face like so many other Trumpers are doing. Put a spin on it to make yourself and others feel better.


And what exactly gets your motor running… ??


What? Oh that, ha, like his Mexico paid for wall and his promise to lock her up and repeal the PPACA in the first hundred days. Duped. There is thereapy for this however, midterms and 2020. Vote independent and give something different a try. You already know what you get with the smart ass and the dumb elephant.


With your lack of concrete thoughts on most policy issues, I would assume that you are saying ‘any port in a storm’? If it has an ’ I ’ by it … ‘what do you have to loose’?


Typical partisanship. By allowing precedent to be established when you ignore instances of republicans violating federal law, you suffer the consequences.

Under his program, President Bush could probably be charged with wiretapping not 17 but thousands of people without having obtained a court order authorizing the taps as required by federal law, in violation of FISA.Jan 31, 2007

Think Snowden disclosures.


I just asked this very question of another thread. Could you show me an example of republicans creating and ‘Original Precedence’ in violating federal law… It would be enlightening to me… please school me.


Americans are finally getting rid of all the goddam spicks? Hoorah!


Typical America hating troll.


They do. But show some integrity and call it out everytime it happens.


Do you recall when the republicans were violating law? Do you remember the time that Bush sought to take advantage of a very sick and hospitalized attorney general John Ashcroft. And James Comey’s noblest intervention. This was about abuse of FISA warrants and warrantless wiretapping’s. The same thing that house republicans are all in a boil over and have a “memo” to prove impropriety during the Obama administration. How can we clean up Washington corruption if we’re only offended by it in the opposing party??


Hey dic, this is not the metoo thread. Democrats are scum as seen during the sotu speech. Imprison them all.