Trump is announcing the largest arms deal in history so the Saudis can fight the terror groups they fund


Yes, because dumping weapons in the Middle East has been working so well for us and our soldiers who get sent there.

We should be giving nothing to Saudi Arabia. I don’t care if they are buying the weapons from us, the message should be - those weapons are not for sale.

I give it less than six months before these weapons get into the hands of ISIS.


Well… I’m not so worried about ISIS… while many of its members will live to harrass another day, they won’t ever be allowed to form as they did before. But this Arab NATO thing is interesting… I guess it is one way to get the Muslims to settle the Shia / Sunni dispute… A bit more divide and conquer…


I’m fine with giving them everything they need to kill one another. Just as long as we don’t get pulled into it. We don’t need their oil. They’ve got nothing for us any more.


Yes, ISIS can use the F-15’s and the command and control systems so well.


Never under estimate the excellence of our flight schools, the porous nature of our borders given the ‘give a shit’ attitude of our previous POTUS and … Microsoft flight simulator… combat edition :grin:


This is much more than an arms deal.
Saudis are sensing an imminent attack from Iran and are seeking an alliance with USA . this weapons deal gives them USA involvement for ten years. It gives them the back up to stem any threats from Iran.