Trump Is Desperately Looking For Anything That Says REPEAL To Sign


But Graham-Cassidy’s bill is not it… Rand Paul is the only member to stand fast on principle … yet more pork… business as usual… and the deception is no different.


Might Graham-Cassidy be a poisoned chalice for the GOP? If by chance it does pass, I think it will swing many seats over the next few elections. Whatever gets passed now can be overturned in three years.

In particular, any House GOP members from the states that get hurt will be walking dead. This bill would be passed without debate and in an indefensible manner. I really don’t think any GOP senators or reps from swing states can survive voting for it.

Yes, there will be real costs to healthcare, but most of those are in the future and can be reversed.



I think Trump and the Republicans are going to lose in 2018; but, this could really put it over the top. In which case, it’s well worth it.

If this were followed by a significant Democratic win in 2020, we could see historic changes for the better. It might not happen; but, it’s a hope.


Again, this bill does nothing to address the runaway costs in medical delivery that helped drive us into the arms of insurance in the first place… It does not address the blockades to free market remedies that will, if allowed by the government getting out of the way, actually lower the cost of healtcare… You are right though, this is almost some kind of compulsion on Trumps part to sign something that appears to undo the monstrosity known as the ACA but if it isn’t done right… even if it induces momentary pain to users, republicans will pay… but I am positive that some Democrats are sitting over in the corner egging them on…


The Republicans apparently are happy to kill thousands or millions for political advantage. It is a high priority to save those people, and the Democrats are trying to do so. I, for one, would happily forego the political benefit in order to avoid having so many people suffer and die unnecessarily.

I went to hear Ted Lieu talk a few weeks ago, and he said (paraphrased), “As good as it would be politically [for the Democrats] if the Republicans succeed in repealing health care, for humanitarian reasons I hope they don’t.”


Actually, minus what appears to be Trumps capitulation on some of his core issues, I think that group of people that put trump in offices is growing, not shrinking… Trump might not survive a rather profound change in the way Americans are seeing their country. The left has harmed itself immeasurably by pushing social justice to the fringes and its insistence that government is the answer to everything… people know better. I think a test for republicans and for the movement that saw Trump to the Whitehouse will be the Senate election in Alabama… The establishment has thrown everything they have into that election… including it would appear, friends in ‘resist’. … If Moore wins… their will be strong momentum into 2018 but as I said, Trump may not be part of that in 2020…


You want paid healthcare regardless the cost, regardless who pays for it and just as importantly just how it effects innovation and research in the future… No one wants to kill anyone as advertised by hyperboles like but just like with most buy now, hope for the best later Great Society plans… few of them actually deliver over the long term…


@Scott we are already paying for healthcare. I want everyone covered. I want everyone to receive quality care. I want everything streamlined into one system. Single payer.


As I said: You want paid healthcare regardless the cost, regardless who pays for it and just as importantly just how it effects innovation and research in the future… It doesn’t matter to you that it is and has been government meddling in the market and the workplace for decades that got us to this point…


Correct. We already have single payer for 60 million Americans and it works magnitudes better than PI. It just needs to be expanded to all, and it will be, the hiccups of the Trump administration notwithstanding.



Over the course of 2017’s string of hasty Republican bills, the rhetoric of these organizations has escalated. Physician groups have actively implored their members to reach out to legislators directly. This week, the AMA wrote that doctors cannot support the bill as it “violates the precept of ‘first do no harm’”—a guiding tenet of the profession.

This is a call for the entire profession to clarify its fundamental principles, and to recognize where policies are doing harm, and to engage with the political system in a way consistent with the ethos of being a doctor.

These groups are not historically liberal—not progressive idealists who demand universal coverage. The AMA has been critical of the Affordable Care Act, and this week asks only that Congress “work in a bipartisan, bicameral manner to increase the number of Americans with access to quality, affordable health insurance.” Similarly, the mental-health professionals wrote, “the APA is ready to work with members of both parties to craft a bipartisan solution that stabilizes the health-insurance market and ensures Americans have access to quality, affordable health care.”

This of course is the salient point… from now one all measures in healthcare will be judged based on ‘insurance coverage’ and not lowering cost or the downstream affects of using insurance as a vehicle for primary care, the excessive cost of which is exasperated by the need for insurance in the first place and the market destroying interference of government. This letter is no more than a form of capitulation that we have established yet another entitlement program and regardless its deficiencies in both cost and detrimental affects of future medical advancement, if a change would remove anyone from its coverage, it is damaging and therefore objectionable… A cop out to the true problem and yet another head in the sand to the solution.


Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill Pass or not = no difference

When I hear people talking like defeating the latest Trump-Care bill I want to yell at someone. The Republican party is committed to getting rid of the ACA at any cost. It doesn’t matter how many people die, go bankrupt, or forgo medical treatment. It doesn’t matter what the Republican voters think.

If the bill passes healthcare will be in the US will be destroyed for millions of people. If it doesn’t pass Trump and his administration are committed to destabilizing the entire system.

If I didn’t know better I might think Trump and the Republicans are committed to eliminating anything and everything Obama did in 8 years. They weren’t suscessful making Obama a one term president, so it seems they want obliterate everything he accomplished. Hoping, I think to eliminate him from the history books.

Our goal as progressives has to be make them pay a price in the 2018 and the 2020 Presidential elections.

I am not saying we should go down easy, but Healthcare for all is doomed until progressives control the presidency. With Trump selecting Supreme Court Justices, even that might not be enough.

I seem to be alone with my pessimism (realism I think), but we need to keep our eye on making every single Republican everywhere own the dismantling the ACA.


Not if they oppose such measures. Alienating allies doesn’t advance our program. Having GOP voices saying the same thing as Dems makes some voters more receptive to the idea that the Dem positions are good.


The original ACA was a lost leader in the first place… it was a poison pill to force the issue of single payer… the only thing the right may or may not be doing is following the script that Obama intended to force on the people of the US… This isn’t about good health care it is about big government… it is about control of peoples health and ultimately their habits… Don’t be so pois, not one republican voted for your ‘we have to pass it to see what is in it’ boondoggle … no republican supported the many executive changes forced on the American people and of course now that you have poor people insured and subsidized, the middle class that can’t afford the deductible can just screw themselves… If you actaully looked at the number of people who can get access to medical care verses the number of people insured, I don’t think it would look much better than it did when the left hatched the ACA in the first place … so don’t blame the people who didn’t like it or support it for not furthering its agenda… Obama is no longer in the Whitehouse…


True enough but I have a feeling that many of those ‘receptive voices’ are in a bit of a sweat… the Alabama special election could send a strong message that they get to hell with the program and regardless of the information Trumps entourage is feeding him, a loss by Strange will tell him, in no uncertain terms, exactly what his base is thinking…


YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT. If Obama did it, its bad period, even if it has some good and some bad, its bad. Baby out with the bath water. If the Republican Party really cared about the country over the party, they’d have done what Pelosi and Shumer offered from day one of the Trump administration. Dispense with the notion of repeal and replace of a bill that brought a lot of good with it and set at the table and hammer out solutions to the problems that came with it that so many people on each side acknowledge exist. Amend it!


Nothing is free in life regardless if what you progressive friends tell you.
That includes healthcare as well as the freee offered by your democrat friends in congress.

It’s called deferred payments. Yes we get no charge physicals, BC pills, colonoscopies and a hundred other services and the cost of the freee services are packed into the premiums.

Then you like all good little progressives dream healthcare cost to much. Thing this is expensive wait until you get no cost single payer.

As republicans found out you cannot revise a welfare/entitlement program without more freee programs.

hows that medicaid working for you???


You mean do precisely what conservatives (those who are true fiscal conservatives) do and have done with progressives for the last 100 years? This is the way the left operates. We all know that single payer is the goal, just as we know that the control of the means of production by all knowing government committee is the goal. No one from the republican party voted for the monstrosity that is the ACA and the ONLY reason that their is a problem with getting it repeals is that the left has turned it into yet another third rail issue. The metrics for medical care access has changed and affordability really is no longer the issue.

So the democrats pushed through an intentionally damaged bill, tagged republicans as being the uncaring bastards for not, 1) throwing new money at a program to save it (This is part for the course - see the first sentence) 2) forcing the needle to a federal run, top down, unconstitutional approach that real constitutional and fiscal conservatives cannot abide by.

The only thing that drives the lefts attempts at ‘bi partisanship’ is the knowledge that if they can get the right to meet half way in any given year… they are half way closer to their goal than they were the year before… The intention at writing was to force the issue of ‘saving it’… The individual mandate was the only objective of the ACA… who one and who lost was irrelevant.

I don’t know if you remember the discussion at the outset… 45million Americans are without insurance… you don’t hear that the uptake to the ACA (I would say ‘Obamacare’ but its just to long to repeat) has been about 22 million … you never hear about the other half…

As for your response to @LEFTY above… No one in the republican party voted for the ACA, why should it seem at all unusual that they would all want to see it gone… The only problem as I said, the left have moved the political goal post… its no longer about affordability… its about coverage and it one person looses coverage in a process to address affordability… they are hateful, uncaring republicans…


Not to mention the majority of Americans did not want it.