Trump Is Desperately Looking For Anything That Says REPEAL To Sign


In part this is what John McCain had in mind when he shut down the last vote. No republicans on board for PPACA and no democrats on board for any of the repeals. America has never been more polarized and it’s manifesting itself in the congress as well and he wants a return to general order. Still the best thing is to set at the table with the democrats as they’ve responsibly offered to do all along and come to an agreement on reparations to the things that proved less desirable after implementation and use, that couldn’t have been foreseen when it was being created.


Are we talking about housing projects in economically destitute areas of major cities?.. or families broken apart by programs that disincentivizes having a father at home… or perhaps you are talking about the longterm debilitation programs that incentivizes cheap labor while simultaneously paying otherwise capable Americans from working and then passing legislation to force companies to raise wages… er… you probably weren’t talking about … those things…

Besides, like I said… the ACA was nothing more than a foot in the door for single payer… and sitting at the table is no more than a step in that direction…


Dems have flipped some seats in places that Trump carried in the 2016 race so that’s possible.


Not happening anytime soon there are about 5 repubicrats holding out !


I would say that that certainly use to be true but polarization has never been worse, not so sure that works today.


Not at the federal level… state legislators come and go and as you well know, none of those ‘wins’ changed the balance of any legislature in any state thus far…


Montecresto15m CriticalThinker
I would say that that certainly use to be true but polarization has never been worse, not so sure that works today.

The perfect example of polarization.

The refusal to engage.


What do you mean by that?


More of your Hillary type polls ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


538 is objective, no shill for the crook. Lock her up.


Because yo happen to agree ? :laughing::laughing::laughing: The left is DONE ! The dead and illegals will only get you so far . :laughing::laughing::laughing:


You got to love this article… talk about pulling on straws.

The article opens with this bit of optimism… The left threw a lot of publicity into Gianforts exchange with a reporter right before the election in hopes of getting any political traction at all :

Republican Greg Gianforte’s 6 percentage point win in last month’s Montana special election was just ambiguous enough that both sides could find something to like. Democrats pointed to the narrowness of Gianforte’s win in a state that President Trump won by 20 percentage points as evidence that an anti-Trump wave is building for 2018. But to hear Republicans tell it, after Gianforte reportedly assaulted a reporter, anything short of a Democratic win should be considered an underperformance.

Followed up with this:

Since Jan. 20, Democrats have won 12 special legislative elections, and Republicans have won 11.3 But because so many special elections take place in safe districts, win-loss records can only tell you so much.

Then we finish with the award loosing fivethirtyeight using an algorithm created by the Daily Kos to surmise… with a very special ‘weighted average’ that Democrats did fabulously…

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I :joy::joy::joy::joy: Can’t Stop :joy::joy::joy: Laughing…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I would be delighted to see both be done but I haven’t such faith in my countrymen.

Here’s how the declining numbers look.

APRIL 7, 2015
Trends in Party Identification, 1939-2014
For more than 70 years, with few exceptions, more Americans have identified as Democrats than Republicans. But the share of independents, which surpassed the percentages of either Democrats or Republicans several years ago, continues to increase. Currently, 39% Americans identify as independents, 32% as Democrats and 23% as Republicans. This is the highest percentage of independents in more than 75 years of public opinion polling. Report: A Deep Dive Into Party Affiliation


It is what those independents are thinking that is what is important and while their are many libertarian types that allow for considerable latitude in the social topics, I think that the SJW movement has alienated many of those who were once sympathetic… and again with government regulations and top down governance… libertarians have always held the independent ground here and are not liking the top down trends and I would suspect the antics of the progressive left are causing moderate democrats to find a home with their libertarian cohorts… none of which, in my opinion bodes well for the statist aspirations of either party…


That’s not the only reason. But glad to see John McCain voting by conscious and not with a partisan wag. He’s being attacked by the alt right as not being true republican but he pointed out that he can’t support a rushed bill that doesn’t allow ample time for him to determine the impact on his constituents. And if the rest of the GOP had their constituents in mind ahead of their party power, they’d do the same. Funny the bribe for the Alaskan senators vote is she can keep her Obama Care, lol. And the Koch brothers have closed the dallas piggyback to the GOP until they deliver on healthcare. So this is what it takes to overcome the most damaging repeal bill offered up by the GOP yet, bribes and threats and back room deals to overcome opposition by AARP, the AMA, health providers and medical billers across the country and the CBO says they haven’t been given the time to evaluate. These two parties that have been running America forever SUCK!!!


Well, I don’t want to be reaaaally cynical but two points… It is open knowledge that John McCain had a personal and financial relationship with George Soros… In the build up to the original vote on the ACA we know that Soros pumped money into think tanks that pushed for its passage. I hold Senate members to the same standard as I do representatives… to many repeal votes, too many veto threats not to have something prepared and ready to bring to the table. He has no ideas but he has bought into the metric that if anyone gets hurt by the repeal regardless if it is, in the long term, for the greater good… it is politically unpalatable…John McCain is a politician and has been able to find himself re-electable by saying exactly what will help ‘him’ survive… If he beats cancer, their is always another election…


Guess the debt created by the ACA and healthcare waste (sorry spending) that is hurting people everyday doesn’t count.

If he beats cancer, their is always another election…
As a side note, the odds are against him as well as age.


Let’s see HIS healthcare “solution” — oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have one.

I think this was a big ruse so little Lindsey Grahamnesty could appear to be doing something - knowing full well that his BF was going to oppose ANYTHING that was put on the table.


He’s a traitor and a liar. How many times did he vote to repeal Obamacare when he knew obama would veto it? His previous campaign was run on how bad obamacare was for his state and he was going to repeal it. He’s a liar.


McCain is the worst, but he’s not alone and things couldn’t be more clear…

For 8 years, the GOP has soapboxed their intent to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Now that they control the White House, the Senate, and the House, they freeze.

There is no two party system.

The Democrats and Republicans are one party devoted to globalist elites.

The whole system needs to be scrapped.