Trump Is Desperately Looking For Anything That Says REPEAL To Sign


You know what’s odd to me? I’m a conservative and I’m aware that most people aren’t, even if they claim to be – when they get to voting, they say conservatives are wrong on social issues, etc. So then they put in a bunch of moderates. Then they act shocked that they act moderate. Very odd to me.


No, he doesn’t, nor does his party. 7 years of hollering about repeal and replace and they’ve come up with something that can’t pass in regular order and that with the WH and both houses of congress can’t deliver. That’s because the AARP, the AMA and healthcare providers across the country hate it. And they won’t give the CBO time to give it the F score it will get. Nothing they’ve come up with is better than what’s in place.


Ding ding ding ding ding, we’ve got a winner.


No he’s not. A, it’s not a repeal, just ask Rand Paul, and 2, it doesn’t make healthcare better than what’s in place. He’s also sick of the congresses failure to be able to accomplish anything in regular order. So he doesn’t see anything better.


I tend to have a pretty strong conservative value base but I am also a constitutionalist when it comes to our government. I don’t believe that the constitution gives me the right to impose my personal values on someone else. I can preach those values… I can have conversations about those values on forums like this, but when it comes to creation of law, conservatives attempt to impose on a free society just as much as the left does but in a different way. The problem here is that people tend to run away from the authoritarianism and ‘believe’ that that answer lies somewhere in the middle when in actuality they just put themselves and this supposedly ‘free’ society squarely in the middle of two competing authoritarian ideologies.

I’ll give you an example where the conservative right got it wrong in our Constitutional Republic. Gays. First we created, at the state level and quite in contravention to the 10th amendment, sodomy laws. I get the impulse to create these laws and I get the reason why but the fact is, the constitution does not grant government the right to tell anyone what they can get up to in the privacy of their own home… Of course this went to the supreme court and the states lost. Then came the issue of marriage. The state is not the sanctifier of holy matrimony… church is. That the state chose to recognize that union to the exclusion of anyone elses union flies in the face of ‘equal representation under the law’ . I.E. If the state will recognize the contract between two people compels the state to recognize a contract between ANY two people. The Christian right, in an attempt to impose its own personal values on everyone else created this problem. Of course the backlash is that the left feel that they too can impose their ‘attempt’ at moral values on everyone.

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right… here we are. Actually it is time to put big authoritarian government in its place… Our political spectrum is considered liberal left / conservative right but actually I see both as being part of the authoritarian left… its not hard to see why people describe our two party system as being opposite sides of the same coin…

@Anarchy above has it right ’ There is no two party system. The Democrats and Republicans are one party devoted to globalist elites.’ . What I would add is that they are both authoritarian and whether they are nationalist or globalist, the concept of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ is not part of their lexicon…


I don’t know what the ultimate outcome will be for this current ‘at-bat’ for Senate republicans… It’s pretty clear they would love to have some kind laughably inadequate “repeal and replace” bill pass through congress. Something they could point to, with a signing ceremony and with another Rose Garden beer party. (Coors Light!)

It’s pretty clear, even if they don’t pass Graham-Cassidy, they will continue to subject the ACA to Death by a Thousands Cuts. Piecemeal attacks on ACA funding, removing the regulatory underpinnings or simply by not enforcing the mandates and letting people who flout them walk off w/ no repercussions. All of these activities are well within the purview of the current administration and most of them are being actively and enthusiastically pursued by Price and his cabal. So your point about it making no difference is well founded from where I sit. And while the ACA’s performance continues to degrade, they get the bonus of yelling over and over, “See! We told you it was unsustainable. It’s too expensive and it simply doesn’t work!”

The one upside I can see is that by spending all of September in chasing G-C, successful or not, this is critical time that is NOT being spent on tax reform legislation. My sense is that McConnell and the rest think they have a better chance to pull off the longshot G-C bill, than to bring anything like meaningful tax reform to the floor of the Senate, even if they weren’t wasting all of September to do it. Remember, they still have a bunch of stuff to finish this month. At this rate, I seriously doubt that a tax package will be submitted in the well of the Senate by mid December… And what will be submitted will be a laughable tax cut bill and, if it actually comes up for a vote, it will only after the Christmas break and sometime into 2018. They will have given the D’s an incredible set of campaign talking points heading into the the teeth of the upcoming election.


This is exactly what they have been doing since the inception of the ACA while they sit back and are allowed to get in front of the cameras and lie about how bad Obamacare was and that it was collapsing under its own weight. The media allowed this to be stated over and over and over without calling them out on their BS and lies. I have talked with many of my friends about the Colorado HealthOp Exchange that Rubio and Cory Gardner helped defund at the last minute. It had some 85,000 members mind you and the republicans stopped the corridor funding from Coops, which was money to go to the Coops reserve. This was after 3 years of building this Exchange and was projected to be profitable the coming year. Their premiums were somewhat less than other Insurance companies as well. But our great so called democratic governor and the state insurance director would not allow the ColoradoHealthOp 30 days to get alternative funding for the required reserve because the other big insurance companies had helped elect Gov. Hickenlooper. To me, there is one hell of a lot of difference if this disastrous bill would pass. I know it would hurt the republicans, but when we see all 50 states Medicare and Medicaid directors come out against this, this nation should take a step back and do some real researching and work on fixing the ACA or move toward Universal healthcare or single payor or a combination to address healthcare. Damn, we have many other countries to look at, but we have this right wing stubborn, ignorant, political party that does not give a damn about the American people, but about winning and destroying everything our first Black President did. It is amazing to hear some of these ignorant assholes actually state that since they have been telling the public that they were going to repeal the ACA for 7 years now, by God they had better get it done. We hear senator Grassley state that there are 10 good reasons not to vote for this bill, but he is still on board. We have a party in control of this nation that is completely out of touch with reality and the American people, but they keep getting elected. The next thing is that their rich donors are threatening to stop their funding if this is not repealed. Cory Gardner, senator from Colorado had a meeting with these big donors and it is sited as the reason for this last big chance to repeal the ACA. Gardner of course was helped in his election by the Koch Brothers and is beholden to them. Colorado is still blue and I hope the Coloradoans wake the hell up and throw this puppet man out of office the next go around.


John McCain is a moron with a quarter of a brain left , his fatass daughter has been whining for over two years about the OUT-OF-CONTROL costs of Obamacare claiming they are increasing by 125% with deductibles near $ 9000 and premiums of $900 per month and how we MUST repeal Obamacare and the moron votes against it . Who the f*** cares about Arizona John surely doesn’t !! And at least the GOP are carefully reading the bill unlike the democrats who said " WE HAVE TO PASS IT TO FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT " WTF :laughing::laughing::laughing
The only thing Obama is credited with is spying on 5,000,000 Americans , releasing several very dangerous TERRORIST from Gitmo , handing over $150,000,000,000 to one of the most terrorist friendly Countries in the WORLD !!!


Oh McCain has wanted to repeal and replace the PPACA forever to be sure. The repeal part is easy, he’s just seen that his party has been impotent to come up with any replace that’s superior to the PPACA. :blush:


What a joke ! :laughing::laughing::laughing: My dogs vets plan is far superior !! :laughing::laughing:


Well that’s why the party in control of the WH and both houses of congress has been so successful. :joy::joy:


When he was ranting and raving about how audacious democrats were for the process they used to pass the ACA, one would have thought that he might have developed a fairly clear picture of an alternative. Of course, any alternative approach that someone might have fell had merit back then is no doubt null and void given that America now has a new entitlement and for better or worse… you never repeal an entitlement… that’s just going backwards…


And will be in CONTROL for a very long time to boot ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:
I don’t need a straw poll to KNOW that fact ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Repealing a deliberately contrived entitlement to the screams of “your killing 3.75 billion people…” (yes I know that was an exaggeration :roll_eyes: ) but then again so are most of the claims about people dying in the streets…


But no R&R lol…


Btw. 150 billion frozen Iranian assets were released. Obama didn’t give them anything. The P5+1 being his only sound foreign policy move.



I understand from other sources that the funding was stopped as it was an unsound business model. This was done in 2014 by Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). The amazing thing is that Obama signed it.

The Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, or CO-OP, program was aimed at spending as much as $6 billion to help launch nonprofit health insurance carriers. It came into favor with Democrats when it became clear that a government-run plan, known as the public option, could not gain enough political support.

In theory, nonprofit health plans could offer lower premiums, which would put pressure on private insurance companies to cut their rates. But over the past three years, the program has come under congressional investigation as Republicans questioned whether the nonprofit plans would make good on their loans, or go belly-up like the solar panel company Solyndra. That manufacturer borrowed more than a half-billion in federal loans, only to go bankrupt in 2011.

A bill proposed by House Leader Rep. Eric Cantor on Dec. 19, meant to cut $100 billion in federal spending, included a provision eliminating the CO-OP program’s remaining funds. That legislation passed the House but died in the Senate.

A more detailed version of this proposal resurfaced in the final fiscal cliff deal negotiated by Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). But it remains unclear why the White House agreed to the provision, and a White House spokesman on Tuesday did not respond to several requests for an explanation.

Even some Affordable Care Act supporters had doubts about whether the start-ups could succeed. They would have needed to repay their federal loans within five years.

“This program didn’t do a lot to get these guys the resources they needed,” said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. “These aren’t grants; they’re loans, and there was a really fast time frame for loans to be repaid. You’d have to cobble a lot together incredibly quickly.”

The Department Health and Human Services had already sent out nearly $2 billion to 24 CO-OPs. Those plans are scheduled to begin accepting their first customers in October, when the new health exchanges launch for open enrollment.

The CO-OP program’s funding was cut from $6 billion to $3.4 billion in a previous budget deal. The fiscal cliff deal cuts nearly all of the program’s unobligated funds, about $1 billion, leaving only a small portion of money to administer the CO-OP loans already granted.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the change will generate $200 million in savings by 2017.

Perhaps they knew they could not repay their loans.

As a Colorado resident, the co-op required massive amounts of taxpayer dollars and was an unsound business model.



All the better watch it ROT and the dems OWN IT !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I don’t think they’re too concerned with that.


The first general consideration is that the next election is over a year from now We’re talking about roughly 100 news cycles. These guys and gals just don’t think 100 news cycles in advance, and news cycles are the only thing in the universe they plan around.

To fill out this general consideration with some details:

  1. The Senate is the bottleneck for ACA repeal. Only 1/3 of the Senators are at any risk at all in the 2018 elections, and the selection for 2018, exactly which 1/3 is at risk, favors the Rs, a lot. Most R Seantors don’t have to worry until 2020 or 2022. Many, many news cycles!
  2. This latest ACA repeal scheme isn’t particularly front-loaded. Even insofar as it causes some voters pain before 2018, the timing on implementing that pain could be delayed – in last minute alterations to this bill, in future legislative tweaks, and by selective implementation by the administration. Price knows his job. Well, his political job, anyway.

Secondly, public policy details, no matter how much even a small detail can work enormous good or evil in the real world, are not something these people pay any attention to, compared to immediate “Whose winning the current news cycle?” politics. They can’t be too openly free and loose with public policy ideology, which is why they have to have a different bill for this latest go at ACA repeal, even though this bill is worse than their earlier efforts in terms of public policy, and therefore, potentially, long-term politcal hurt to its authors. But this bill’s substantive, content, public policy defects are of no concern to them, because they have a very immediate political catastrophe to avoid.

Recent developements in Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation make it imperative for the Rs to normalize Trump, to make it seem that their party and its leader, the president, are large and in charge. That’s what got Reagan and his administration through Iran-Contra, despite the damning revelations of very high crimes and misdemeanors, that Reagan was perceived as successful and in charge. Congress punted on subjecting him and his administration to any serious consequences because that’s what Congress does, avoids taking responsibility. Removing an elected president is an awful resonsibility.

Their team needs a win, now, because if they don’t get one soon, Trump-Russia revelations will force them to seriously consider removing Trump. If it comes to that, there will be no safe choice for them to make. They fear having to vote yes or no on removing Trump more than they fear what the fanatic preachers said was going to happen today (9/23/17). Those of them for whom religion is not completely a conscious sham rightly fear His judgment, but know that can’t be escaped in the end anyway, so they have made peace with that. But the wrath of the MAGAnistas if they vote to remove, or the unhinged reaction of Trump himself if they vote to leave him in place? Those are things to fear in the here and now, wraths and judgments that they might hope to escape by clever footwork