Trump Is Desperately Looking For Anything That Says REPEAL To Sign


Nov. 2018 is 13 1/2 months away- a millenium in politics. Meuller has nothing but some tangential stuff on Paul Manafort.
What ever he will invent or stretch to attack Trump will fail miserably. The GOP needn’t fear Mueller, they need to fear inaction; if their rallying cry is Chuckie the rat Schumer wouldn’t let us do anything’ they’re toast.

Otherwise, the Dems are going to get hammered again, for the simple reason that Dems. and especially the progressive wing, are individually, insufferably self important a-holes- the one category everyone hates.


Without the 17 major cities in the US the progressives are nothing.

What w have today is much like the Hunger games with the capitol demanding the outlying rural states support their excess.



Susan Collins says she’s a no vote on Graham Cassidy likely killing the umpteenth time the GOP fails to come up with something better than the PPACA.


The 70th incarnation of R&R of PPACA is DOA… again. :blush:


We of course thought you would be thrilled about that… rather strange position of ‘throw all the bums out of corrupt Washington’… but keep just enough of … apparently good guys… to force at gun point the funds to finance some form of single payer… and just enough other good guys to manage the vast medical industry, it pharmaceuticals and of course cutting edge R&D… I guess we will see how that works out for the betterment of medicine and taming the bureaucracy that exists in Washington… One day, the world will applaud the progressive effort to flatten the medical industry and drive off any real advanced research… :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


You believed the TIC, you actually thought that the GOPer’s would come up with something better. No, there’s nothing better than the PPACA. I’m a medical biller and I know.


Man… I like that… such assuredness… such confidence… so much bravado !..

I’m a medical biller and I know. :muscle:t3:

Nothing better for your business model than depends on being one more leach in the medical industry…but hey… whatever pays the bills…


R&R is dead dude, lol.