Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks



You really have to be deeeeep into the ideological weeds to even post this tripe. This information was obtained (probably leaked by an unnamed source) from information Don Jr. turned over to congress long time ago… A grand total of 3 nothing tweets that have no relevance to anything except for the left (of which I include you) shitstir with…


The messages exchanged with WikiLeaks add a second instance in which Trump Jr. appears eager to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton, despite its provenance.


In April 2017, CIA director Mike Pompeo, a Trump appointee, described WikiLeaks as “non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”


I’ve seen some articles and tv programs (like Sky News this AM) say Don Jr ‘released’ his messages with WikiLeaks. no. @juliaioffe reported on them and THEN he released them.


President Donald Trump’s oldest son on Monday released a series of direct messages he received from the Twitter account behind the WikiLeaks website, including his responses to the communications.

Donald Trump Jr.'s release of the messages on Twitter came hours after The Atlantic first reported them.


Regardless, they were inconsequential in their content and initiated by wikileaks.

If you go on twitter and find a message by someone who says John, I think you are vulnerable to these people because of this and you reply thanks … and they reply with I think you should do this… and this … and this… Does it make you a collaborator?.. does it rise to the level of collusion?

One interesting thing in the exchange is a point made by wikleaks that if Trump were to loose the election that he shouldn’t concede but instead spend time challenging the media and any other types of rigging that occurred…

So Clinton sends Podesta out to concede on her behalf quickly followed up by a comprehensive list of all the various people and groups that cost her the election followed by a book tour of ‘What Happened’. Coincidence? Perhaps wikileaks was talking to Clinton as well.


Looks like Mueller’s building quite a case here. Sessions in the very uncomfortable hot seat as he testifies today that NOW he remembers the meeting that he denied in an earlier testimony, had even taken place. Whew!!!


He got free opposition research out of WikiLeaks. It wasn’t Trump’s fault that Hillary ran an illegal email server or that John Podesta emailed his weak password out to staffers. If Trump had made bad decisions like that, the DNC would have been all over it.


It was not illegal, Obama changed the rules that allowed it. He shouldn’t have done that, in my opinion it was foolish and allowed for a national security risk, but she broke no law.


The law didn’t change because military members and government workers still get prosecuted for doing the same thing Hillary did.

Oh…and you completely ducked answering my post.


I am still amazed by how many people want to skewer Trump over the slightest grievance, justified or not, but are simultaneously willing to give the corrupt 0bama/Clinton regime a free pass.


Obama denied its existence even as he used a pseudonym to communicate over it. And he never could have changed the rules of custody of classified information… you don’t use unsecured devices to communicate and store classified information and it was clearly found that even with his attempt at reclassifying things Top Secret documents existed not only on her server but the convicted pedophile husband of her assistant…

Comeys own admission says that she broke a law… the difference between careless and negligent is the only thing that diverted the subject enough to keep her out of hot water but the problem is, careless is no cover under the statue for mishandling classified material… Comey’s rewrite of his own position (which he concluded months before he even interviewed key people) shows how he was very cognizant of the legalese in his wording…


Point me to the law that HRC violated.


What would that be, that politicians in BOTH parties are hypocrites, shrug?


Do you ever have anything to add… other than you screaming ‘INDEPENDENT’, which is so bogus it is laughable, you are really shy on depth or solution… other than , of course, disbanding the military and turning all of those funds over to social programs which you whole heartedly endorse as an… ‘independent’…

And yes this is a personal attack because this is exactly how you come across. If it was only me I would have to say that I somehow fail at engagement… but it seems like you butt up against damn near everyone… Stop it.


Clinton should be in prison, too bad trump won’t keep that campaign promise either.


Indeed, because along with the Russians, WikiLeaks was working to help the TIC win as well.


I think you can only say that Wikileaks was helping Trump win because he actually won. They weren’t helping Trump win. They were exposing a corrupt presidential candidate for exactly what she was. That’s called a public service.