Trump Moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem


Are you saying that the Palestinians aren’t??


I see you don’t want to answer that question. No need. Your previous statement indicates that you do not believe that the Jewish people have a right to exist in Israel. Where I come from they call that anti-semitism.


I could give two fucks where you come from. The Israeli State was created at the expense of Palestinians. That’s the problem. Creating a state for Israel that wouldn’t have come at the expense of others would have been fine with me, and others that object to the status quo.


Well… maybe ‘creating’ is the wrong word… maybe reestablishing is more appropriate.


I see that you are adept in the ways of civilized discourse. Very good.

It’s a real shame that so many on the left are anti-Semitic.


Where you come from or what you people think about those who sympathize for the plight of Palestinians is wholly irrelevant, sorry.


So yank, answer my question. Do Palestinian peoples deserve a state, hmm?



Why do people think that Jews are deserving a state and Palestinians aren’t?? The same partisan bullshit extending to USFP too. :roll_eyes:


They are Sunni Muslims. Why can’t Saudia Arabia take them? They have plenty of land and it’s the home of their black box. Palestinians have no claim.


Why should the Palestinians have been displaced to make a state for Israel. Perhaps the people who were determined to give Israel a state at the time should have donated the space. Btw, do you think that the Palestinians deserve a state or not??


That’s pathetically ignorant of Palestinian history and the history of the “land of Palestine”!!!


If they can take the land. Sure. Let them try. Although I think they already did, and it resulted in Israel mopping the floor with them.


The Jews took it from them, you have no understanding of the history of the land of Palestine, referred to as such as historically as the New Testament. Have you heard of the Palestinian Mandate created at the conclusion of WW1??


Islam is a supremacist ideology that breeds entitlement to what other people have, and anger when isn’t produced. Without Islam there would be more happiness in the world.


When President Trump announced the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the Palestinians should have realized Trump is ready to deal.

Instead they riot.


I’m surprised so many Israeli citizens in our Congress are against this.


A pretty amazing list. Largely democrats.

One thing it does prove, anything Trump does will be condemned by the democrats.

p.s. Eric Cantor may be a Repub but is not in the House of Representatives.
Which leaves 100% democrats and no republicans which proves my assertions.


Lol, another prejudiced world view. Perhaps the silver lining in the TIC’s presidency is that he’s smoking out of the woodwork and identifying what Americans didn’t know was among their midsts. With his meager 32% job approval rating however, Americans obviously aren’t liking what they see.


At least Americans in the cities as well as the bernie bots.