Trump Moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem


Maybe they actually have an interest in the peace process.


And we all thought that what several president before him PROMISED to do , too bad President Trump is a man of his word and KEEPS HIS PROMISES !!! shrug …:wink: quack quack …:laughing::laughing::laughing:


And…every voice in the region, all those with first skin in the game, (save Netan Nut-Who) oppose this and are warning the TIC of its folly. But the FM, as the SOS referred to him, doesn’t care because he’s maga.


I think it is more they are not liking what they hear… Switch over to Breitbart and get the other half of the story…:grin:


Some times… you just got to do what you feel is right. Look this is the second time we see a politically devious congress waving their arms and saying “Do This… Do This” and then when someone says they are going to do it, they wave their pompoms to the chant “Do It… Do It”… then the guy does it and all of a sudden they want no part of it… but the thing is, it is firmly in their voting records…


President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is the perfect response to President Obama’s benighted decision to change American policy by engineering the United Nations Security Council Resolution declaring Judaism’s holiest places in Jerusalem to be occupied territory and a “flagrant violation under international law.” It was President Obama who changed the status quo and made peace more difficult, by handing the Palestinians enormous leverage in future negotiations and disincentivizing them from making a compromised peace.

It had long been American foreign policy to veto any one-sided Security Council resolutions that declared Judaism’s holiest places to be illegally occupied. Obama’s decision to change that policy was not based on American interests or in the interests of peace. It was done out of personal revenge against Prime Minister Netanyahu and an act of pique by the outgoing president.

See, it’s all Obama’s fault, not that you would recognize the steps take to disrupt a Trump administration by el presidente,


You guys just hate it when someone thinks independent of the partisan mandate. There are some few Jews, I’ll inform you, that acknowledge the only way to peace is a two state solution and a completely autonomous Palestinian people. Nobody here has even attempted to defend the notion that Israel has a right to statehood and Palestinians don’t, much as you guys make the claim. :roll_eyes:


If we view every single thing that Trump does as a distraction from the inevitiable exposure of the corrupt and criminal enterprise that he has woven over the decades, then everything comes into focus.

I think this move is pure distraction, with the added benefit of being a sop thrown to Pence and his Dominionist theology that calls for the acceleration of what they view as the End of Days.


That, and Trump’s ego driven need to keep his name in the headlines for something other than Russia. He needs to be pro-active to do that, and it really does not matter what the “active” is, or whether he or anyone else thought about a strategy or the consequences.


Love how youre saying taht white ignoring the Clinton crime syndicate.

The CriticalFeeler has spoken. Projecting your massive ego onto Trump again. If every 6 months, that someone go up to your face and say “Mr President, you have to decide to either waive or proceed with this promise signed by presidents long before you, and if you waive it, see you in 6 months”. President Trump is an efficient person, and waiving it once is all he needed.



It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic for the country that the farther we travel down this road in an attempt to nullify a presidential election, those calling for it cling to little more than made up facts and hyperbole for their arguments while each and every day show the ‘investigators’ to be more and more bias and compromised… while Clinton gets a free pass by these armwavers… and by, it would see, the very same investigators who are working tirelessly to distract everyone from the real problem… Washington is corrupt… and that happened long before Trump came to town.


Given that, their should be no Lebanon and no Jordan either… Palestine was a region not a country and never an autonomous people. The temple mount was in fact built in Israel in 9XX BC and Israel itself was established a couple of centuries earlier… The had since been overrun by the Byzantines and the Ottomans. History did start before WWI and the first attempt and a NWO in name of the failed League of Nations…


That right there…


Don’t completely agree with anyone here, nor completely disagree with most.

The demographic argument is a red herring. Israel has created Palestinian Bantustans and intends to keep their population, however large it grows, confined to them. There will never be an Arab majority in the State of Israel under existing demographic trends.

There is one Palestinian demand that has been so far irreducible, and sufficient to prevent any agreement: the “right of return”. Simply returning to the Green Line, even if this was rigidly adhered to without modification, was never enough.

Israel will never agree to “right of return” (for the above demographic reasons if nothing else) and with the passing of the last of the Palestinians displaced by the war of Independence the demand has become quite untethered to reality. Demanding the right of descendants, perhaps removed by several generations, born in other countries to return is quite different from demanding the right of the original refugees to return.

If Palestinians insist this must be part of any deal, there will be no deal.

This demand was one of the core reasons that the 2000 Camp David deal failed. There were other reasons, but this one was sufficient by itself.

And this attempt to strike a deal was the last, best chance of one.

Arafat had a legitimacy that no other Palestinian leader is likely to ever have, Barak was more forthcoming than any Israeli leader is ever likely to be again. Sure Palestinians argue that it was still not good enough from their perspective (such as the right of return) and so Arafat was right in rejecting it - and yes, they didn’t think it was good enough.

But it was the best deal they would ever have the opportunity of getting.

The problem for Palestinians is that Israel has the power in this situation, and has successfully nullified the only power the Palestinians ever had - that of terrorism (which however actually worked against their interests - it got them a wall, not Israeli concessions).

If anyone disagrees with this, can they imagine any means by which a better deal could be elicited from the Israelis in the lifetime of anyone reading this?

It is a bit like expecting a sudden change of heart from Republicans toward sharing power with Progressives.
The next move here is, I think, a worldwide recognition of a Palestinian state. A number of nations already do so, but a groundswell to make this virtually universal (e.g. everyone but the U.S.) is a possibility.

But to be recognized by the UN the United States will have to not veto the resolution in the Security Council though. Perhaps a future U.S. government will agree not to oppose it.

International pressure is never going to get the Palestinians a better deal than what Arafat rejected, but it can in time modify current Israeli behavior.


And why would they do that?

Did you forget the last 8 years?


I don’t know in substance that the U.S would be opposed to a 2 state solution but as long as groups who run and drive the Palestinians insist on the irradiation of Israel, Israel will never agree to a permanent internationally recognized state on its borders… particularly which Gaza on one side with a seaport and the west bank on the other.

While one might say that this move by Trump is reckless, it is quite possible that peace and stability in the western Arab states hinges on acceptance of Isreal’s peaceful coexistence while containing Iran’s Shia empire to the east…


Indeed, and the US has seen to that.


That’s what friend do ,jackass , SHRUG ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


So… Tell me about the hardships Arabs have in Israel… and just how powerless they are in a Jewish dominated land… and about that right to return thing…

While Nazareth is located within Israel proper rather than Palestinian Authority territory in Gaza and the West Bank, a majority of its inhabitants are Arabs with Israeli citizenship.

At a little over 30 per cent of the population, Christians are a significant minority — but are dominated by the Muslim majority which voted Salam into power.

And of course just how much we should for a country that ‘hates’ the presence of Israel so badly that they would cause their people to exile over a selfie with a competitor…?

Yes… Israel is the problem…