Trump Moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem


This is the larger point: the scale of time.

The world was once very sympathetic to Israel. Which was created out of the horror of WW II.

But now world opinion has switched. Using the uber-loaded word “apartheid” to describe Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, was once taboo. Now it;s common usage.

In our lifetimes we will not see peace in I/P. (I told my father that in 1978 after visting Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt.) I was right then. I think I’m right now.

But in historical time Israel will have to face a one-state solution. Official religion will have to vanish. The nation will have to be plural.

Two states won’t work. Right of return will not be abandoned. Israel’s unimaginable military strength will not impose peace, only dominion, until the power runs out. Maybe 50 years. Maybe 100 years. Maybe 150 years.

Add to this the fading of religious identity in the western industrialized nations, and the educated generally. The first hints of this are visible in Israel, where the secular, in ever greater numbers, hate the “religious.” This a 100-year phenomenon. That is, it will take 100 years for idea of religion to loose its grip on a significant fraction of the population of ME.

But in the end either Israel becomes a federal state with no privileged religion or “people” or it will die.

Israel’s approach, like the US’s, is on the wrong side of history.


So list for me the plural secular states that exist in the world. If not for religion, race or ethnicity, most countries are deeply rooted in something. While you may be right that as more people are indoctrinated into the secular enlightenment and chips are implanted to guarantee compliance… things will change… but whether that puts the population of this planet on the ‘right side of history’ remains to be seen… The Klingon’s have yet to come and impose their particular religion on our compliant, independence loathing, loved up population…

P.S. the world opinion hasn’t shifted so much as the narrative being taught in liberal colleges and spouted by a liberal media… No one in the BBC for instance would ever say a bad word against a poor Palestinian suicide bomber… some people just get absorbed in the noise…


Rah Roh… backpedaling…





So now you want to listen to a catholic pope ? Are you trying to get a God in your miserable life ? :laughing:
Just explain why the past presidents PROMISED to do exactly that and signed off every 6 months afterwards .
Embassies almost always located in the capital city, (b) where the Ambassador’s office is located, and © USUALLY the seat of all of the other functional sections, including political and regional affairs, economic affairs, consular affairs, commercial affairs, cultural and public affairs, the military attachés’ offices, the defense cooperation office, and many others. TDS is difficult for most !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Good job Mr President.Fuck all those Palestinian terrorists.Jerusalem is Israel territory.Why support terrorists that receive US tax dollars while killing Israeli people
The PLA will never recognize Israel’s right to exist
God bless Netanyahu


Our supposed European Allies France and Germany are spineless pussies
So afraid to do anything
There isn’t a reason why they shouldn’t support Israel in their fight against PLA terrorism especially after what has happened with Radical Islamic Terrorism in Europe.The USA is always alone fighting Radical Islamic Terrorism. They should unconditionally support Israel against their enemies who want nothingless than Israel’s destruction


Supporting Israel is one thing, and something France and Germany as well as the United States have done for 70 years. But this move accomplished NOTHING, is no benefit to the United States or our allies and serves nothing more than a stick in the eye to Muslims and many Christians. But hey, like the SOS said, Trump’s a fucking moron, and this will all be repaired when the TIC gets primaried by his own party.


President Trump is the only leader of the Western World that has the Balls to put pressure on the PLA to recognize Israel’s right to exist and sit at the table with Israel and reach a compromise agreement
President Trump doesn’t care alot about what people have to say.He is his own man and who better to be our President. God bless President Trump!!!


That’s a two way street. Israel is going to have to recognize a Palestinian State if they want to be recognized and accepted.


President Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that recognizing Israel’s right to exist is a prerequisite for starting the negotiating process. How hard is that!!! When will they finally accept that that they will never defeat Israel and that President Netanyahu doesn’t care about public opinion.


Yes I understand his unwillingness to budge, but he can’t be running Israel forever. Sooner or later both parties will agree that each other has a right to exist or the nonsense fighting and bickering can continue on for another century.


And it will continue as long as there is an Iran financing the missiles being fired into Israel.

And yes it will continue as Israel will continue to retaliate when required. After turning the other cheek didn’t work so well.


I’m not surprised but most of you don’t have an understanding of what this decision means or what things are like on the ground. Israel controls West Jerusalem while Palestine “controls” East Jerusalem. If any of you were to look at a map of most of the settlements in the West Bank (Palestinian territories) you would see large areas set for illegal settler posts. Israel recently attempted to annex all these settler posts to “Greater Jerusalem” but Netanyahu said it would be best to wait for US backing.

In comes the US and gives Israel the thumbs up to continue their colonial settlements in land that is, according to 67 and Oslo Accords, not theirs. It also allows for Israel to pretty much annex the settlements that are laughably too far away to be considered part of Jerusalem.

So the nations of the world opposed this move, as it is seen as a break from a two state solution to a one state solution with apartheid regulation.

This is also why South Africa is pulling their embassy from Israel entirely.

This vote was mostly symbolic. The US was going to veto it anyway because AIPAC has bought America up, but for diplomacy - this showed how out of touch America is. Even within the caucuses, Haley’s remarks of “the US is taking down names” and Trump’s bully tactics failed.


I understand and agree with this completely.


Geographically it’s Israel’s land . If the PLA think their smart enough or tough enough militarily let them take on the IDF.Israel recognizes Jerusalem as the seat of their govt. The PLA with support from Tehran continue to make up any excuse necessary to smear Netanyahu and Israel to suit their needs