Trump needs LSD



It’s no secret that Donald Trump is an egomaniac. That’s pretty much a bipartisan belief.

Lol no. What does a doctor know about persuasion tactics and (now political) showmanship, being so stuck in academia for so long, and that he knows better than the President and his own personal medical staff that he could afford either through through his wealth or through the White House?


In fairness to the OP I would say that perhaps with the exception of Jimmy Carter, their hasn’t been one modern president that didn’t come to office with a superior image of himself… and Trump is no exception. Anyone who would consider anything less of Obama’s condescending manner and superior attitude would be deluded… The egos are the same… the expression of that ego is different in each.


The point pushed by this article is as delusional as the delusions the author accuses the POTUS of living under. To think that the POTUS doesnt have his priority straight and the author indeed knows better, and somehow Trump is just born into this presidency and business successes.

This article exemplifies the smugness that the leftist in general, and academia that think they know better than everyone else. This is how they will continue to alienate voters while radicalizing their own base for more and more “radical means” of interacting with people that think differently than they do.

This often leads to spiritual or metaphysical experiences that help reframe life priorities, beliefs, and worldviews. And if there’s anything that Donald Trump needs, it’s a reframing of priorities. A single dose of LSD along with psychotherapy may be all that’s required for him to see that constantly monitoring TV and media for mentions of himself is not more important than attending national security briefings. It may allow him to see reality from other viewpoints, like those held by the Muslim refugees and Mexican immigrants he’s working so hard to keep out, who only want a chance at a better life.

I cannot imagine how scary a Trump trip could be, considering the many delusions he lives under, as well as the fact that his ego seems to influence his perception of virtually everything. I’m sure there is a lot of mental baggage to unpack, but I’m also certain that he’d come out of it a better person and a better president because of it—one that is more self-aware, compassionate, focused, and honest.

The article, summarized:



What’s going to happen to all of these anti-Trump people when we reach 2028 and Trump is still president? I don’t think they are going to last that long.


Trump doesn’t need LSD. Trump needs to be removed from office immediately by special counsel Robert Mueller who is going to LOCK HIM UP!


That’s never going to happen. The only thing that Mueller claims to have is dirt on Manafort which turns out to be absolutely nothing other than being critical of his lifestyle and manner of dress. I’m not a lawyer but I think that’s what they call circumstantial evidence. It has nothing to do with President Trump or the Trump campaign. I also think Mueller should be responsible for reimbursing the taxpayers all of the money that he wasted. If you can’t afford to do that then maybe he should serve some time in jail.


So when did you stop using ?? :roll_eyes:


If Trump is president in 2028 then all the fears one might have had about Obama not leaving office just might be realized in Trump… 2 terms 4 years each… max…


This likely eludes the minds of those who cannot add. Trump can serve for 8 years max…

1 2017 (minus most of January)
2 2018
3 2019
4 2020
5 2021
6 2022
7 2023
8 2024 (plus most of January 2025)


How could that happen???


When has Mueller held a presser and declared anything that he’s got?


For what j-walking ? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Delusional liberals think Mueller’s band of demoRATS are going to find collusion and Russians in every closet of Trump Tower !! When will the REAL investigation begin ? The DNC , Hillary and top FBI brass colluded with the Russians , paid for dirt and used it to get FISA warrants . Hillary gained millions from Uranium One , smashed cell phones , lied , obstructed justice , passed classified emails to a perv , deleted classified email from her private server , and washed the hard drive . WHEN in the fu*k will that be investigated ?:thinking: Mueller has NOT found any collusion , Russians , only 200 year laws nobody enforces ever ! :laughing::laughing:


Amazing how some can diagnose a person recommend treatment with out ever talking or meeting them

Some would call it malpractice



Being delusional is treatable and the aca covers it

Removal would be interesting as apparently he has done squat as nothing has been identified to date


Soon Mueller and the investigators need to be investigated for their own conflicts of interest, as if we need special-special or really, really special prosecutors. Special investigations often quickly turn Soviet, in the sense of “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

The investigation is venturing well beyond the original mandate of rooting out evidence of Russian collusion. Indeed, the word “collusion” is now rarely invoked at all.
Leaks from the Mueller investigation are calibrated to create a public consensus that particular individuals who are currently under investigation are guilty. FBI investigator assigned to the Mueller investigation of Russian collusion. Strzok and Lisa Page !! Strzok was also responsible for changing the wording of the official FBI report on the Clinton email affair. He crossed out the original finding of “grossly negligent,” which is legalese that under the statute constitutes a crime, and replaced it with “extremely careless,” which does not warrant prosecution.
Senior Justice Department official, Bruce G. Ohr, connected with various ongoing investigations under the aegis of the Justice Department, was partially reassigned for his contact with the opposition-research firm responsible for the Clinton-funded, anti-Trump “dossier” — which was the catalyst for the original FBI investigation of “collusion” and thus additionally might be the reason cited to request FISA orders to surveil Trump associates during the 2016 campaign. It was never disclosed that Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, whose expertise was Russian politics and history, actually worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign. yet another person on Mueller’s legal team, Aaron Zebley known in the past as Mueller’s “right-hand man” Zebley represented one Justin Cooper , he was the IT staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s illegal and unsecure server at her home, and who smashed Clinton’s various BlackBerries with a hammer in fear they would be subpoenaed !
Where is the Russian collusion ? :thinking: Russian individuals, Russian banks,Russian money, Russian payments ??? :roll_eyes:


Mueller has filled a motion complaining that Judge T.S. Ellis III had unfairly admonished them in front of the jury.


Maybe, a BIG maybe. It would require impeachment first, and even if democrats took back congress, how are they going to get to 67 in the senate. Only if Trumps usefulness to the GOP expires.


The gop dislikes trump as much as you do


Trumps a fascist POS, but to be fair I don’t think he is going to live that long, go Cheeseburgers!