Trump Pardons Scooter Libby


Liberal heads are exploding all over the country right now. I hope to see more Comey associated pardons as things get uglier between the two.


Testing the waters for Special Counsel pardons. I like it. Let Mueller do whatever he wants. This sends a message that Trump will immediately pardon. Like it never even happened.


If recent events involving the FBI is any indication on how they operate I can foresee many more pardons ! The FBI has far too many bad seeds at the top and has become a political weapon for the left . It is time for them to go away .


After the FBI’s gift to Hillary and company who can ever think they care about the LAW or justice ?


This is one pardon I don’t agree with . He perjured himself and has been rewarded by two presidents. What chance would a low level CIA have of receiving either a commutation and or pardon .
This was a personal act of REVENGE. against Plames husband for exercising his 1st Ammendment rights . By outing Valerie Plame , her career as a CIA operative was over.
This pardon is DIGUSTING


Does anyone believe Trump even knew who Libby was a week or two back? This pardon did not go through the usual channels and was clearly intended to send a specific message - don’t cooperate and then I’ll pardon you. That message was presumably directed to Cohen, with Manafort close behind.

So what about the 5th Amendment? If you are pardoned, you can no longer plead the 5th, so potentially pardoning can backfire. But what happens if the person (here Cohen) still refuses to testify? Contempt of court, followed by a new pardon that perhaps specifies that this pardon covers all refusals to testify. Where does this end? Is the President’s pardon power truly unlimited?


Libby has always contended that the inconsistencies in his testimony were nothing more than mistake of wording or memory and he was never charged with or other than superficially accused of actually leaking Plumes name. I don’t know that he should have gotten involved in such a pardon but Libby actually committed a crime other than the ubiquitous ‘Lying to the FBI’ charge that seems to be very popular of late.

You guys are relentless… It’s always about covering his as but it seems that up to now he has cooperated without question and unlike the last president who had the sign over his desk, he has not evoked executive privilege once to ‘cover himself’. I admire the tenacity but it is getting tiring…


This is all about sending Cohen and Manafort a message that he’ll pardon them if they will not flip. I would not be surprised to learn he said as much to Cohen in their conversation.

But they would lose 5th amendment right to remain silent. It would be very risky on both sides of the deal.

Not to mention that Cohen is wired and said conversation will be more evidence of obstruction as if we need more of that.

But he is desperate.


Cohen would not gain protection from state law charges, and would thus still be able to assert the Fifth Amendment on that basis. It’s highly unlikely that his conduct would be found to only violate federal law, with no possible charges under state law.


That’s a good point. The likely state charges thus cut both ways and Trump is still net better off after a pardon.


Anyone can be pardoned after conviction regardless of pleadings prior to trial.


What state charges?

The raids — part of an investigation referred by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to federal prosecutors in New York

Federal prosecutors, FBI are not STATE.