Trump Pushes Bump Stock Ban


President Trump announced Tuesday that he is banning "bump stock" accessories for semi-automatic firearms in the wake of last week's school shooting in Florida. Mr. Trump said he signed a directive ordering Attorney General Jeff Sessions to craft regulations banning "bump stocks" and other devices that turn semi-automatic firearms into automatic weapons. He said the new…

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When Progressives Exploit School Shootings

Let the cuckfest begin.


Get yourself some 7075-T6 Aluminium .0050 - 0.063 thick. Make a few bends. Drill two holes.

You can also mill your own 80% lowers and make your AR full fun with some basic hand tools. No way of telling if it is pre-ban or not. Just make it period correct.

Of course…that’s all for educational purposes only.


Why is it that we don’t hear about the Las Vegas shooter anymore? It was the largest mass shooting event in US history and there weren’t any protests in the street or news anchors going crazy about banning guns. It all waited until this. Why?


I don’t know. I have been thinking about devises that take a legally produced item (any item) and turns it into something illegal. Whether you believe that the line for civilian ownership of a firearm is one that is one pull, one discharge and a fully automatic weapon, the law says that to own a fully automatic weapon, you require a particular license.

Defeating that law… is defeating the law and other than all out insurrection, I don’t believe that anyone can justify the civilian need for an automatic weapon and if their is, let the debates begin and the move to repeal that ban start. I am most certainly a defender of the second amendment but creating after market devices that can potentially harm the user or others unintentionally because they are less than well tested or to skirt the law just doesn’t go with my understanding of the constitution.

Of course some will say that the constitution places no restrictions on what a private citizen can have in their possession… we can have that discussion too… I am sure at least one person will chime in loud and clear.


You just got to love when the government tells people what they can or can’t buy.


Trump is selling out on gun control. He is going along with the new world order communist plan to disarm US citizens. To hell with him. He’s a gun grabber.


You didn’t know that before you voted for him. Prior to his announcement to run for president in 2015, he was always pro assault rifle ban. Would you like for me to list for you all the other positions he set aside to get your vote in the 2016 election? I’m happy to oblige!!!


I’ll bet there’s something that you’re glad the government won’t allow people to buy.


Nah. I’m good. I still support him. Just don’t agree with this at all. At the end of the day Hillary is not President and Bernie got sidelined like an old politically inept bitch…so…still winning.


The big problem is the enforcement of laws that we have.I support the ban on bump stocks but we need to people responsible for there actions.
Why aren’t there protests at the FBI office that would’ve investigated this man. We are seeing more and more violations of protocol all the time which Liberals aren’t discussing. Everyone always wants to make the easy choice which requires little if any thinking but gets good headlines. The hard choices require too.much thinking ability and politicians are afraid of offending certain groups of people .


That’s been a good thing too.


Well I figured but thought I’d check anyway.


Namely the NRA…


8 years under Obama and NO NEW GUN RESTRICTIONS. Trumps Second year, he wants to ban Bump Stocks.


I’m not a big fan of this move, frankly, but if the bump stock was a clever way to get around the automatic weapon issue, then it would make sense to harmonize. But I’m negative on the move because screw the anti-gunners.


The number of suicides by guns far exceeds those of gun crimes.Should we have a Nationwide Ban on suicide??? Why aren’t you and your Liberal Cohorts publishing those figures.
As I’ve said before , every gun show I’ve attended ,gun dealers have a laptop to do a background check with Available information before a sale is made.
Although a NRA member,I don’t agree with everything they say. You’re avoiding my questions.


The Florida shooter didn’t even use a bump stock lmfao.This isn’t going to appease CNN or the Kill Whitey brigade. Why would you do it Trump?


Bump-stocks are cheap, plastic garbage. They don’t achieve the rate of fire, control or accuracy of the real thing and I think they’re a shabby product.

Once you get good on the trigger and learn breath control toys like this will be pointless to you.

As far as this move by Trump; its just politics. Let them talk this through and come up with whatever legislation they want, the Supreme Court will deal with it in the end.


Agree with you. Total garbage, but this is about the slippery slope and the actions like banning them can eventually lead to. Can’t let that happen.