Trump Pushes Bump Stock Ban


Because he was suppose to after the Las Vegas shooting where it was used. And he’s always supported the assault weapon ban until he ran on the right.


I have some worries with this bump stock ban. My fear it will never stop there. Now the dems are targeting the credit card companies and pay pal etc. So they will NOT allow you purchase guns with their card. It just never stops.


Good news right there, thanks for sharing.


See @Montecresto1 … I knew it wasn’t JUST about the big bad AR15’s…


I know you’re not accusing the TIC of playing politics???


He has kind of been pushed into that game wouldn’t you say? I mean, I don’t know how many times you point out how good it is to have people around him to push him in this direction or that… :man_shrugging:


The Liberals have had a BIG HARD ON for gun control for a long time and now their attempting to play on people’s emotions to succeed with their agenda.
Yes, improvements are needed starting with enforcing laws that we have and improving the background check process.
Like the predators they are along with their media allies, they won’t settle for anything less than a total weapons ban.