Trump’s approval rating tops Obama’s at same point in presidency


I thought for sure Monte would jump on this one.

President Trump’s approval rating in one of the major daily tracking polls has improved significantly and is now higher than President Barack Obama’s on the same date of his first term.
The Rasmussen Reports daily survey released Thursday shows that Mr. Trump’s approval rating is at 48 percent, statistically tied with his disapproval rating of 50 percent.
Until late last week, his disapproval rate has been above 50 percent every day for 10 months. But Thursday marked the fifth consecutive day his approval rating was 48 percent or 49 percent, after sometimes dipping into the 30s.
And this week’s Rasmussen numbers even top Mr. Obama’s comparable figures.
On Feb. 8, 2010, Mr. Obama had a clear majority disapproving of his performance as president — 54 percent versus just 46 percent approval.
That disparity raised the eyebrows of Thomas Lifson at the conservative blog American Thinker.
“Given the overwhelmingly negative coverage President Trump has received (in the 90% negative range) and the overwhelmingly positive coverage President Obama enjoyed (remember the late night comedian who complained that there was nothing to joke about early in Obama’s presidency?), these approval polls reveal a public that has tuned out the mainstream media’s nattering against the president,” he wrote.


His numbers can only go up as more working Americans become aware that having a President Trump on their side is having a positive effect in their lives !


After a year of silence on approval ratings the trumpian finally has something to point to. Watch for the next polls since the TIC defended a wife beater in his White House.


Well… you have done all the talking on this point but the reasons that Trumps numbers have met with the exalted Obama’s is interesting. Obama entered office with high numbers driven by a hysterical and swooning media and then people realized what they had elected taking his numbers down accordingly. Trump on the other hand has been given 95% negative press coverage with little objective reporting and has been pummeled by the DNC Russia narrative and just like the media hype that saw Obama’s early ratings so high, people saw threw the BS and are coming to the realization that they are being conned by a publicity machine that wants them to believe something very different than reality.

I got a question for you… I know you won’t answer it… fear I suspect… but Just what would you do if you woke up one morning and came to the realization that the ‘reality’ that you have been spoon feed for the last 50 years was a lie… could you admit it to others?.. for that matter, could you admit it to yourself?


Guilty because someone said so.

A sad commentary even from you.

What would you do if someone leveled an accusation against you that you abused women you worked with???


I agree that approval rating are skewed by the MSM one sided coverage of the Trump Presidency .


Wait , wait ,wait … polls are ALL Johnny has left , you are taking that away too !!! :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


The polls are what they are, you didn’t see many polls however coming out of Fox News all year on the TIC’s JAR, for obvious reasons.


The guy was accused, the guy was fired. Trump complained of mere allegations being able to ruin someone’s life. As to polls, I put no stock in them anymore as the major polling ‘services’ generally ‘find’ the results the payer is paying for. As to Trump’s popularity, he, or the republicans wil never win over someone so hard left that they put on a pussy hat and parade around in it. shrug.



Questions written by? Biased?
The people polled/ A cross-section of the country or a city?


They aren’t “mere allegations”. Black eyes and court ordered protective orders aren’t “mere allegations”


Until something is proven in court it is exactly an allegation.


Monte goes with the new standard of justice.

Guilty until proven innocent.


It was a court that issued the TRO, shrug.


All it is is an accusation until someone is convicted .
But don’t let due process get in your hate based rhetoric !


Lol, the court issued a protective order against him. :wink:


Get it???

Shrug as you prefer guilty period.


But don’t ignore due process. The wife beaters ex followed due process, taking the matter to the courts and getting a protective order against him. McGhan and Kelly knew about this and swept it under the rug, a demonstration of the lacking quality and integrity of the people that the fat ass TIC is surrounding himself with. Not until a British news paper uncovered this was the White House forced to act. Which is what we’ve been forcing this despicable White House to do from the beginning as we watch the dominoes drop, while draining that swamp.


And did the court judge him guilty or did they take the road to separate the combatting parties???


Besides the fact that it was none other than the abusive Rob Porter that has ruined his own life. Of course you’re not a woman that has ever been beaten by a cowardly man and so you can dismiss this as mere allegations, but a judge, far more intimate with the details than you, saw fit to order the wife beater to stay away from her.