Trump’s approval rating tops Obama’s at same point in presidency


Monte, how long has it been since you stopped beating rent boys?


Well, woman aren’t feeling much like they have President Trump on their side. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Are you a woman? If not then you don’t speak for women. I live in coal country here in wild and wonderful WV. The jobs are coming back. That’s good for women.


No, I don’t speak for women, but the “metoo” does. :joy::joy::joy:


#METOO is most likely not found in much of the flyover states… As far as your NYTimes article… I think they already had a list of ‘yes women’ from their last trip to Alabama…


John speaks for no one but himself.

Loves to make stupid statements backed y his opinion.



Backed by OPINION.


Maybe you can get an in with the pollsters and vote 10K times.


#MeToo is a joke. More of the victim class mentality. Real women don’t have time for that. These bitches can sit around and cry about the one time a guy might have touched their boobs when they were making out and they weren’t ready for it. Who cares.


Of course everything posted on #metoo is the truth.

As everything posted by monte/johnny is the truth.


This is the founder of #MeToo

Can’t you just see all of the guys lining up to harass her! She’s a real beauty isn’t she. This has nothing to do with playing the victim at all.

This is something I have had experience with and a hard slap in the face helps to prevent fresh behavior from boys. #NotAVictim :rofl:

Anything past fresh behavior - that’s what the 2nd Amendment is for.


Yawn a protective order is NOT a conviction . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Ok…well you certainly are welcome to your opinion, but to the multitudes of women in America who have suffered abuse from men, of course it’s not.


Millions I tell you, hundreds of millions. Maybe billions in the US alone.


And a conviction isn’t needed to kick the wife beater out. He’s gone in case you didn’t notice. But a judge was satisfied that he had abused his wife and that’s why he provided her with the needed protection.


And did the court judge him guilty or did they take the road to separate the combating parties???

Could it be???


How does this work ?
Mr. Porter is a American citizen who has not been convicted of anything he works every day seems to pay his bills and taxes . Yet you are giddy over costing him his job because of something that was reported to have happened fifteen years ago ?
On the other hand we have illegal immigrant’s many who don’t work some are gang members and those that do work are all willing to work for less then American citizens and you defend them ?


And I’ve heard nobody suggesting that he should go to jail without a conviction. Unlike the TIC and his cronies that attended his rallies and chanted “lock her up” before a conviction. So far, it’s the felon that led the rally chants that’s facing conviction. :blush:


Boring yawn !!!


I understand as there’s not much one could say to that. :blush: